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What do Arab countries really think about Iran?

The further development of Iran's nuclear program and terror outreach through its proxy Hezbollah have created disparate opinions across the globe. Influential Arab experts from Syria, Iraq, and the Gulf joined The Israel Project to discuss what their countrymen think about Iran. The conversation was off-the-record and names have been withheld to protect the individuals. 

In addition, Adam M. Pechter, founder and CEO of Princeton-based Pechter Polls (P3), delivered some of the limited public opinion research available that his firm has undertaken to measure Arab feelings toward Iran and its nuclear ambitions. 

About The Speaker

Adam M. Pechter, founder and CEO of Princeton-based Pechter Polls, has been involved in 34 opinion research projects in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa during the last four years. Adam organized and ran three opinion studies of Syrian opposition activists inside of Syria since the Syrian revolution began two years ago. Earlier last year, he conducted a study in Cairo where he sat behind one-way glass and observed Egyptian civil society activists talk openly about the SCAF, Muslim Brotherhood, the U.S., etc., while that community faced intense persecution by the regime. In 2011, he led a project that trained South Sudanese field teams and conducted the first-ever, credible national survey of South Sudan. Additionally, he has led studies in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, and East Jerusalem, and recently returned from Najaf, Iraq. Proficient in Arabic, Adam holds a BA from Yale, a JD from Vanderbilt Law School, and a MA from Johns Hopkins-SAIS.

April 30, 2013 at 6pm - 8pm

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