Election Podcasts

Tipping Point Episode 99 - Primary Concern

- January 17, 2019

As Israeli political parties begin to formulate their lists of candidates for the upcoming election, Tipping Point hosts Prof. Gideon Rahat, (Israel Democracy Institute), and Dr. Emmanuel Navon (Kohelet Policy Forum) for a conversation on the pros and cons of the primary system.

Did political newbie and former IDF chief of staff, Benny Gantz – who had until now kept his views on the low – make a beginner’s mistake as he chose to dedicate his first public comments to the Nation-State Law? (02:17) 
What should be the focus of his first major campaign speech (08:17)? And what is the “E” word that would help Gantz topple Netanyahu? (08:55)

How did the primary system begin in Israel? (09:57) Is this process truly democratic or have political sharks found loopholes to use the internal elections to their advantage? (12:48) 
Are parties whose leaders exclusively appoint their candidates any more legitimate? (24:05) Do other alternatives exist and are they applicable in Israel’s tumultuous political environment? (25:45)

January 17, 2019

***The views expressed during the course of this podcast do not necessarily reflect the position of The Israel Project.