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Tipping Point Episode 98 - Generals’ Elections

- January 09, 2019

With a growing number of former senior IDF commanders entering politics, Tipping Point hosts Tal Shalev, Lior Weintraub and Neri Zilber to get to the bottom of this phenomenon.

Can Benny Gantz win the elections without saying a word? (03:19) Can army generals be good politicians and is the experience acquired as IDF Chief of Staff sufficient to become prime minister? (09:32)

In this episode we look at the various generals who tried their luck in politics and evaluate the odds of military newbies in the upcoming elections. (12:46)

Our panelists also discuss Yair Lapid’s efforts to unite the Center-Left under his leadership, while searching for a prominent former security official with whom to join forces. (15:22)

Before wrapping up (21:54), Tal and Neri compare what it’s like covering an election campaign in Israel as a local and as a foreign journalist.

January 9, 2019

***The views expressed during the course of this podcast do not necessarily reflect the position of The Israel Project.