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Tipping Point Episode 108 - The Israeli-Arab Vote Explained

- March 11, 2019

In this episode of Tipping Point, Talia Dekel hosts political analyst and campaign advisor Mohammad Darawshe, for a conversation on the Israeli-Arab vote ahead of next month’s general election.

Is there a glass ceiling for Arab parties in the Knesset? (02:40)
What are the biggest issues for Arab voters (03:57) and how does the Palestinian-Israeli conflict factor into the average voter’s considerations? (06:49)
How did Shas and Liberman manage to receive votes from this sector in the previous elections? (10:06)

Next, we put the spotlight on the Druze community and its voting patterns (11:39), before providing a breakdown of each Arab party in Israel, explaining who they represent. (13:56) 
We hear first-hand from the successful Joint Arab List’s former campaigner why it split this time round. (19:43).
We also discuss the possibility of having an Arab party join the next coalition. (24:32)

Also on this episode, Mr. Darawshe reacts to the disqualification of candidates by the Central Elections Committee (28:30), shares his worry about the growing number of Arabs who are likely to boycott the elections (31:59), and predicts who the majority of Arabs would want to see as prime minister of Israel. (36:18)

Finally, we hear about the positive changes to the position of women in the Arab political sphere, just in time for International Women’s Day. (39:41)

March 10, 2019

***The views expressed during the course of this podcast do not necessarily reflect the position of The Israel Project.