Election Podcasts

Tipping Point Episode 103 - Do the Polls still have a Pulse?

- February 04, 2019

Tune in to Tipping Point’s latest election edition, in which veteran pollster, Professor Camil Fuchs, shares his experiences surveying Israelis over decades of elections (01:43) and takes us back to the “too close to call” vote of 1996. (03:00)

We also drill down into opinion poll methodology and examine whether polls in Israel are biased (05:47), how have they changed over the years, and if they are impacted by social media. (08:08)

Also on this episode:
How do exit polls work (10:19) and do Israelis lie to pollsters? (11:07)
Do polls give a good read of reality or actually determine it? (12:50)

We ask which party will be trending ahead of these elections (15:02) and Prof. Fuchs explains why Netanyahu still has the best chances to form the next government, even if indicted. (16:05)
Did Benny Gantz’s popularity surge too early in the campaign? (19:01) Can he sway voters to move from one block to another? (20:44) And are we witnessing the demise of the Labor party? (22:10)

Before wrapping up, we try to understand exactly when on April 9th we will get a reliable indication of the winners (26:59) and what does Prof. Fuchs plan to do on April 10th. (28:42)