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TIP Statement on the JCPOA Withdrawal

- May 08, 2018

The JCPOA, as currently written, is an unverifiable agreement that relies on Iran to tell the truth about their nuclear program through “self-inspections” of sensitive military sites. This is the same regime that routinely violates U.N. Security Council Resolutions on its ballistic missile development program – a strategic military capability that Iran only requires if its intention is to have the ability to deliver nuclear payloads and other weapons of mass destruction.

According to International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano, who is charged with monitoring and implementing the agreement, the IAEA is unable to verify the nuclear accord and ensure Iran is not working on nuclear weapons, because Iran is refusing to allow inspectors access to key facilities and documents. That is an untenable situation, and is itself proof that Iran is not in compliance with the current JCPOA.

The current JCPOA has substantial flaws that we hoped European leaders would work to fix. Going forward, and in cooperation with our allies, especially, Europe, India and Japan, a new framework can be forged to dramatically increase economic pressure on Iran's weakening economy, that will provide Iran with the choice to change its behavior and again become a member of the international community in good standing, or face increasing isolation and internal unrest that has already spread to over 100 cities across the county where everyday Iranians are seeking regime change and life free of the yolk of totalitarian repression.

Any fix to the JCPOA must include the following: Snap inspections of all Iranian suspected nuclear facilities, including military ones. No more taking them at their word; a verifiable end to Iran’s missile programs, whether long- or short-range; No sunset — a permanent and verifiable end to Iran’s nuclear ambitions; robust limitations on Iran’s research and development on advanced centrifuges; and reinstatement of the U.N. arms embargo on Iran, and sanctions on IRGC officials that were removed under the deal.

Josh Block, President and CEO of The Israel Project, said “The JCPOA was built on false premises and riddled with flaws. It enabled Iran's bad behavior across the region, enriched and empowered the Islamic Republic's military and terrorist operations, and put them on a path to a massive, modern nuclear program with a nuclear breakout time of just weeks in less than 8 years.”

"A new solution must rectify those flaws by ensuring full transparency into Iran’s nuclear program with immediate access inspections without exemption, an end to Iran's work and use of ballistic missiles of any range, permanently end their nuclear pursuit without sunset, and end Iran's terrorism and aggressive regional behavior, including a total withdrawal of all forces and equipment, official and unofficial, from Syria.”