New Poll on eve of SOTU: Voters Overwhelmingly Support New Sanctions Legislation on Iran

- January 28, 2014


In the lead-up to tonight's State of the Union address, leading pollster Mark Mellman of The Mellman Group briefed journalists on results from a just-completed nationwide survey exploring American attitudes on Iran, its nuclear program and the policy approach of the Obama administration and Congress. The survey also examines what Americans believe should be required of Iran in any final agreement, and explores whether military force should be used to achieve those goals if sanctions and diplomacy do not.

A number of recent surveys have converged on several themes, in particular uncovering broad skepticism regarding both Iranian intentions and various aspects of the current U.S. approach toward the Islamic republic. There is still on-going debate, however, over the underlying dynamics driving such skepticism. This new Mellman Group poll, conducted January 21-23rd, drills down on those issues and provides new insights.


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