The Tower

The Tower, founded in January 2013 as a project of TIP, encompasses daily news blog, The Tower Magazine and The Tower Tomorrow Fellowship.

Readers of the get the benefit of daily fact-based updates and analysis from our staff based in the Mideast and Washington D.C. Each day, features real-time updates and analysis of geopolitical, security, economic, social and other events and trends affecting the Middle East and America’s interests in the region. Each month, The Tower publishes a long-form magazine offering original in-depth essays, reviews and reportage to give a broader perspective on Israel and the region—helping to set tomorrow’s agenda. Bringing together world-class writers with stunning photographic imagery in a digital, monthly format, The Tower Magazine brings the Middle East with a depth and power never seen before. 

tower_inline2.jpgThe Tower Tomorrow Fellowship offers a select group of university students (undergraduate and graduate) a challenging summer aimed at educating future journalists, writers and advocacy professionals in research, analysis, writing for publication, strategic communications and media management. Working with world-class writers and media professionals, Fellows learn about coverage of Israel and the region, meet with journalists, scholars, and diplomats, and undertake an intensive eight-week course. Tower Tomorrow Fellows participate in a rigorous writing seminar led by David Hazony, Director of the Tower Tomorrow Fellowship and Editor of The Tower Magazine. Every week, Fellows write and revise 2,000-word nonfiction articles on Israel and the Middle East and receive detailed individual feedback. Fellows also practice short-form writing and gain an understanding of strategic communications and messaging by composing daily blog posts on current events in the Middle East.

The Tower aims to cultivate and new generation of pro-Israel leaders in policy, thought, media and advocacy. Accordingly, following the conclusion of the Fellowship program, Fellows are eligible to apply for monetary grants to help them establish campus publications, through which they can build on the experience and tools they gained during the summer, while relying on continued TIP resources and training. The first recipient publications of these grants are the Northwestern University Middle East Review and ProgressME.