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The Israel Project Thanks Iowa State Legislature for Passing Legislation to Ban BDS Discrimination

- April 27, 2016


The Israel Project thanked the Iowa State Legislature today for passing legislation to prevent BDS discrimination from gaining a foothold in the state. The bill prevents state agencies from working with companies that unjustly discriminate against Israel.

WASHINGTON, April 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Israel Project congratulates the Iowa State Legislature today for its strong stance against BDS discrimination. The legislature passed a bill that prevents state agencies from investing in companies that discriminate against Israel as part of the BDS movement.

BDS is a discriminatory effort to undermine the longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship between the United States and Israel. Its leaders call openly for the destruction of the only Jewish state, and they espouse ugly anti-Semitic views in their effort to unfairly target Israel.

The bill passed today rejects BDS hatred and discrimination, protecting Iowa taxpayers from playing an unwitting role in this pernicious movement. The Israel Project applauds Iowans and their elected representatives for taking a stand against this hatred. 

The bill was sponsored by Senator Jeff Danielson (D) and Representative Quentin Stanerson (R).

Though the BDS movement claims to advocate for a two-state solution, it is in fact part of an effort to delegitimize and ultimately eradicate Israel. For the boycotters, no change in Israeli policy would be sufficient. Fundamentally, this is a hate campaign that questions Israel’s right to exist, not its actions.

“The people of Iowa have a lot to be proud of today,” said The Israel Project CEO Josh Block. “By resoundingly declaring that BDS discrimination has no place in the Hawkeye State, the state legislature took an affirmative stand to ensure no taxpayer money is used to espouse anti-Semitism. We are very grateful for the strong leadership shown Sen. Danielson and Rep. Stanerson and to all of the partners that worked with us to reach this momentous day.

Similar legislation has been passed in seven other states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana and South Carolina.


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