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The Israel Project Commends Gov. Jerry Brown for Signing Anti-Discrimination Legislation

- September 25, 2016


The Israel Project today congratulated California Gov. Jerry Brown for signing a bill that bans the violation of civil rights through discriminatory boycotts. The bill follows a dozen similar victories across the nation.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Israel Project today commended California Gov. Jerry Brown for signing a bill that combats discrimination. 

The bill, AB 2844, passed in the California State Senate on August 24th and in the State Assembly on August 30th with overwhelming bipartisan support. The legislation prohibits state contractors from violating civil rights through the boycotting of sovereign nations that are recognized by the United States. 

“By signing this bill, Gov. Jerry Brown is upholding the civil rights laws that are the backbone of American society,” said The Israel Project CEO and President Josh Block. “We thank him for taking this stand and ensuring that prejudiced and hateful boycotts are not funded by taxpayer dollars.”

Similar legislation to ban discriminatory boycotting has been enacted in more than a dozen states around the country.

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