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The Israel Project Applauds Maryland Governor Larry Hogan for Opposing BDS

- October 23, 2017

TIP applauds Maryland Governor Larry Hogan for opposing BDS; MD Becomes #23 to stand up against anti-Semitism

(WASHINGTON, D.C., October 23) – The Israel Project today applauded Maryland Governor Larry Hogan’s decision to sign an executive order barring Maryland from contracting with companies participating in discriminatory practices against Israel.

Under the new executive order, state agencies will not do business with companies participating in the discriminatory BDS movement, and no Maryland tax dollars will go to support this form of anti-Semitic hatred.

Responding to Governor Hogan’s decision to sign the order, TIP CEO and President Josh Block issued the following statement:

“The Israel Project applauds Governor Hogan for his leadership in fighting this insidious form of anti-Semitic discrimination and for calling out BDS for what it is: a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  For years, Israel – and only Israel – has been targeted by this deceptive attempt to delegitimize its very right to exist. Hiding behind laudable rhetoric on human rights, BDS proponents do not seek a better life for the Palestinians, nor do they aim to create a political environment favorable to a lasting peace between Israel and its neighbors. Their true aim is Israel’s destruction.  From the Atlantic to the Pacific – and with strong bipartisan support – lawmakers in 23 states have now declared BDS a form of hate and sent a clear signal that their states will not tolerate or condone taxpayer dollars going to subsidize a hate movement.”


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