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The Daily TIP: Watchdog: UN Report on IDF Response to Hamas-Led Riots Filled with "Muddled Analysis"

Posted by Tip Staff - February 28, 2019

Watchdog: UN Report on IDF Response to Hamas-Led Riots Filled with "Muddled Analysis"
Int’l Group of Mayors Convene in Israel to Fight Boycotts Against Jewish State
Corbyn "Personally" Intervened to Prevent Suspension of Ally Accused of Anti-Semitism
Israeli Study Shows White Blood Cells Could Kill Cancer Cells

Watchdog: UN Report on IDF Response to Hamas-Led Riots Filled with "Muddled Analysis"

A United Nations report accusing the IDF of war crimes for its response to violent Hamas-led riots is marked by a "lack of expertise and muddled analysis," a critique published Thursday by NGO Monitor assessed.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the UN Human Rights Council commission of inquiry (COI) found that "IDF soldiers deliberately shot at children and people with disabilities" in their response to the violent riots at the border with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. The riots, which began March 30 last year, were also known as The Great March of Return.

However, NGO Monitor, a watchdog group that exposes the bias of anti-Israel NGOs, observed that the UN report reflected a "lack of expertise and muddled analysis”

Furthermore, the commission "deliberately focused on five main riot locations during the specific times of protests," the critique noted. This meant that the COI "ignored essential context including that the riots were used as diversions to attacks occurring elsewhere." An IDF report found that the majority of the 1,300 rockets from Gaza into Israel since March 30 were fired on Fridays and Saturdays, “immediately after mass violent riots.”

In addition to its various technical failings, the COI "was marred by a lack of transparency and accountability." Its legitimacy was further compromised by being established by the UNHRC, which is "controlled by dictatorships and authoritarian regimes and known for extreme anti-Israel bias."

“The Israel Project strongly condemns the malicious and disproportionate report issued Thursday by the United Nations Human Rights Council on the State of Israel’s defensive response to violent Hamas-orchestrated Gaza riots,” TIP CEO and President Josh Block said.

“The ‘Investigation’ is the latest in a long series of hostile actions taken by the UNHRC, whose obsessive hatred of Israel is codified in Agenda Item 7 that is exclusively devoted to discussing alleged human rights abuses in the West Bank and Gaza. Israel is the only country in the UNHRC with a dedicated council item.

Block continued: “The ‘report’ falsely equates Israel’s defensive actions with deliberate acts of violence carried out by Hamas that forced Israel to take defensive steps in the first place. Israel, like any other nation, has the inherent right to defend its citizens from attacks and threats to their existence.

As part of its perverse strategy, Hamas sent civilians – many of them just children – to threaten Israel’s security and provoke the soldiers who defend it. The ‘report' maliciously covers up violent excesses committed against innocent civilians by both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The ‘report’ also ignores Israel’s extraordinary and unprecedented efforts aimed at avoiding civilian casualties.”

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Int’l Group of Mayors Convene in Israel to Fight Boycotts Against Jewish State

In response to the increase in global anti-Semitism, an international coalition of prominent mayors has formed to combat racism and counter efforts by the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement to single out the Jewish State for discrimination (German link).

The launch of the new initiative was announced on Wednesday in Tel Aviv by the chair of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, Haim Bibas, together with Gabriel Groisman, Mayor of Bal Harbour, Florida, and Uwe Becker, Mayor of Frankfurt-am-Main.

“This coalition is a powerful statement against hate and hateful movements such as BDS, and will be an important tool for mayors around the world to share ideas and resources in fighting hate of all forms, antisemitism included,” the Florida mayor said in a press release.

“The key message is that we unequivocally condemn all forms of hatred and anti-Semitism that poison our coexistence. The city of Frankfurt am Main in particular has a great Jewish tradition. In many ways, it owes its present role and importance as a city of culture, science and commerce to the work of large Jewish families. It is therefore all the more the task and duty of the city to take action against any anti-Semitism,” emphasized Becker.

After intense discussions with mayors from Argentina, Spain, Israel, and the United States, the coalition announced plans to convene an annual meeting to facilitate a permanent and open dialogue between mayors around the world who have set themselves the goal to eliminate hatred, anti-Semitism, and confront efforts by the BDS movement. In addition, they pledged to take concrete steps to raise awareness, counter the growth of hatred and fanaticism at the local level, and encourage other mayors to join the coalition.

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Corbyn "Personally" Intervened to Prevent Suspension of Ally Accused of Anti-Semitism

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “personally” intervened on behalf of his senior ally Chris Williamson to prevent him from being suspended from the party over a pattern of hostility toward the Jewish community, The Independent reported Thursday.

Corbyn’s unsuccessful attempt to derail Williamson’s suspension happened just days after a group of nine Labour MPs quit the party, citing the leadership’s unwillingness to eradicate anti-Semitism in the organization.

After Williamson was caught on camera telling a meeting of the far-left Momentum group that the party had been “too apologetic” in its response to anti-Semitic complaints, Labour’s chief whip Nick Brown moved to suspend the MP. Corbyn’s office, however, intervened and ruled against the decision.

One shadow cabinet source told The Independent: “This decision was taken off Nick Brown and taken by the general secretary and the leader’s office. They hide behind process, but these decisions are always taken by the leader’s office.”

The MP added: “It was made quite clear by the senior whips that withdrawing the whip would be a good idea and part of the process. The leader’s office said ‘No, we can’t do that’.

“The advice from the whips was very clear from early on that he should be suspended. That advice was given very robustly to the leader’s office this morning and it was ignored.”

Corbyn’s decision was only overturned after several Labour MPs threatened to resign and demanded immediate action against Williamson. The party then announced late Thursday that Williamson had been suspended pending an investigation.

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Israeli Study Shows White Blood Cells Could Kill Cancer Cells

A surprising new study from Israel finds that malignant colorectal cancer cells can be eliminated with eosinophils — white blood cells that originate in bone marrow and may once have killed off intestinal parasites, but which today are responsible for chronic asthma and allergies.

The research, published in Cancer Immunology Research on January 21, was led by Prof. Ariel Munitz of the Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine department of microbiology and clinical immunology and conducted by his doctoral student Hadar Reichman, in collaboration with colleagues in Tel Aviv Medical Center’s gastroenterology department.

“Eosinophils are white blood cells that secrete powerfully destructive proteins,” Munitz said. “They may have played an evolutionary role in combating parasites. But now that most people, particularly in the West, enjoy good hygiene and few parasites, the eosinophils have become destructive agents, causing allergies and asthma.

“Our new research theorized that since eosinophils are capable of killing parasites and can cause damage in the lungs of asthma patients, they might play a role in cancer treatment and would be able to kill tumor cells.”

The largest eosinophil reservoir is situated in the digestive system, so the researchers initially decided to test their theories on colorectal cancer. In the first stage of research, they selected samples from tumors of 275 patients to determine the number of eosinophils in a tumor as compared with the stage and severity of the disease.

“We found that the higher the number of eosinophils in the tumor, the less severe the disease, which represents a clear correlation,” said Munitz. “We identified that the cancerous environment attracts these cells, which infiltrate the tumors and flourish there for a long time.”

The researchers subsequently tested their hypotheses in various mouse models of colorectal cancer. They discovered that eosinophils displayed potent anti-tumor activities and could directly kill tumor cells.

(via Israel21c)

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