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The Daily TIP: UK Under Fire for Including Israeli Textbooks in Study of Palestinian Academic Incitement

Posted by Tip Staff - December 18, 2018

UK Under Fire for Including Israeli Textbooks in Study of Palestinian Academic Incitement
IDF Says Hezbollah Trying to Close Terror Tunnels; UNIFIL Declares They Violate UN Resolutions
UN Passes Resolution Condemning Iran for "Severe" Human Rights Violations
Unmanned SpaceIL Craft Taking Time Capsule of Israeli Artifacts to Moon

UK Under Fire for Including Israeli Textbooks in Study of Palestinian Academic Incitement

The British Department for International Development (DFID) has come under fire for politicizing a review of incitement against Jews in Palestinian textbooks, after it was revealed that the investigation will also include an assessment of Israeli textbooks, The Jewish Chronicle reported Tuesday.

“I’m not aware of evidence of any widespread incitement in Israeli textbooks,” Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) chair Joan Ryan said in a letter sent to Alistair Burt, a foreign office minister, in which she described the decision as "shameful.”

DFID had announced the review in July, following reports that Britain was paying more than £20million in aid a year towards a curriculum that incites Palestinian children to hate and kill Jews.

Burt vowed at the time that the review would be “evidence-based and rigorous,” and completed by September 2019, though it has still not been commissioned.

Burt charged last month that the PA had "taken action to help address concerns raised", including "piloting new textbooks.” However, according to research by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se), no significant changes were made in textbooks introduced for the new school year in September.

The report shows that instead Palestinian children as young as five years old are being taught that those who sacrifice themselves will be rewarded with "72 virgin brides in paradise.” The textbooks also glorify Palestinian “martyrs,” a synonym often used for terrorists, and encourage Palestinian children to carry out “attacks” against Jews.

IMPACT-se chief executive Marcus Sheff said: “After being presented with nearly one hundred examples of antisemitism, hate and glorification of terrorism in the Palestinian education system that it funds, the best idea the UK government seems to have is to examine the Israeli curriculum, which it does not fund.”

He added, "The Israel curriculum, while not being perfect, meets UNESCO-derived standards of peace and tolerance. It identifies peace as the ultimate goal, depicting it as highly desirable and achievable.”

IDF Says Hezbollah Trying to Close Terror Tunnels; UNIFIL Declares They Violate UN Resolutions

The IDF said that Hezbollah is attempting to close off terror tunnels, and UNIFIL declared that two of the uncovered tunnels represented violations of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701, The Times of Israel reported Tuesday.

The IDF released a video showing footage from one of the four terror tunnels discovered by Israel so far. An accompanying statement said, "An attempt to seal off the passage can be seen, which we understand was carried out by operatives of the Hezbollah terror group in recent days."

The IDF statement did not specify which tunnel the footage was from.

The IDF spokesman, the Times reported, "refused to comment on how Hezbollah had tried to seal off the tunnel or why this effort had not set off the explosives placed inside the tunnel by the IDF," due to security concerns.

The army has reiterated that the four tunnels pose no threat to the communities in northern Israel because they do not have exits holes, have been lined with explosives, and are monitored at all times.

On Monday, UNIFIL, the UN force charged with ensuring maintaining peace between Israel and Lebanon, corroborated the existence of all four tunnels. UNIFIL also confirmed that two of the Hezbollah attack tunnels crossed the border and verified Israeli charges that they violate UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which was the basis for ending the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah.

"After further technical investigations conducted independently in accordance with its mandate, UNIFIL at this stage can confirm that two of the tunnels cross the Blue Line," the UNIFIL statement read. "These constitute violations of UN Security Council resolution 1701."

In an exclusive video, shot near Metula in northern Israel, The Israel Project gives of view of the threat that the tunnels pose to Israeli security and how the IDF is responding to protect Israeli civilians.

The UN Security Council has been discussing Hezbollah's tunnel threat to Israel, and an open session of the council on the topic is planned for Wednesday.

UN Passes Resolution Condemning Iran for "Severe" Human Rights Violations

A Canadian-backed resolution condemning Iran for "severe" human rights violations passed the United Nations General Assembly by a wide margin, The Times of Israel reported Tuesday.

The resolution passed by a margin of 84 to 30, with 67 abstentions.

Iran was "strongly" urged by the resolution to end its discrimination against women. It also expressed, "serious concern about ongoing severe limitations and restrictions on the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief” in Iran.

The resolution faulted Iran for its mistreatment of minorities, including Christians, Gonabadi Dervishes, Jews, Sufi Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Yarsanis, Zoroastrians and Baha’i. It also called on Iran to release Baha'i leaders, who are currently imprisoned.

Iran was also exhorted by the resolution to end its “widespread and serious restrictions” on journalists, environmentalists, labor leaders, human rights activists, and academics.

The resolution praised Iran for removing the death penalty for certain drug crimes but criticized the Islamic Republic for the frequency it carried out executions, the vague wording of certain capital offenses, and subjecting minors to the death penalty.

The resolution passed a week after hunger-striking Iranian human rights campaigner Vahid Sayadi Nasiri died in prison. Nasiri had been arrested and sentenced to eight years in jail in 2015 for insulting Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The activist had been released in March of this year but was re-arrested in August.

In a statement released Tuesday, Hillel Neuer, the Executive Director of United Nations Watch, hailed the passage of the resolution noting that the 84 votes in favor marked "an increase of three more supporting nations from last year’s vote on a similar text."

Neuer cited the death of Nasiri as signifying "the urgent need for the international community to hold Iran accountable for its human rights abuses." He added that the General Assembly vote "sent a strong message to the fanatical regime."

Unmanned SpaceIL Craft Taking Time Capsule of Israeli Artifacts to Moon

A time capsule containing three disks with hundreds of digital files of documents including Israel’s Declaration of Independence, flag and national anthem, the Bible, and children’s drawings will fly to the moon aboard the Beresheet (Genesis) unmanned spacecraft in February.

Israeli nonprofit SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presented the time capsule on December 17 at IAI’s Space Division in Yehud, where the finished spacecraft is awaiting a specific launch date.

Beresheet will get a ride to the moon alongside other satellites as a secondary payload on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket taking off from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The time capsule, along with the spacecraft, will remain on the moon indefinitely after completing Israel’s first lunar mission. The hope is that the treasure trove of Israeli memorabilia will be found by future space travelers.

“Inserting the disks into the spacecraft, which is a real ‘time capsule,’ indicates the spacecraft’s readiness to blast off from the launch site in a few weeks,” said Ido Anteby, CEO of SpaceIL.

“SpaceIL’s crews and IAI have completed testing of the spacecraft and its systems, and are preparing for the beginning of the amazing and complex journey that exemplifies innovation, creativity and courage. The spacecraft’s historic journey, which also includes a scientific mission, makes a significant contribution to advancing the space industry and the subject of space in Israel.”

SpaceIL is a non-profit organization established in 2011 aiming to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon. The project also aims to inspire children in Israel and around the world to study science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

In October, SpaceIL and the Israeli Space Agency announced a collaboration with NASA that will enable SpaceIL to improve its ability to track and communicate with the spacecraft before, during, and after landing on the moon. NASA will have access to magnetic field data gathered by the magnetometer installed aboard the Israeli spacecraft, developed in collaboration with Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science.

(via Israel21c)

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