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The Daily TIP: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt Reject Text Opposing Normalization with Israel at Inter-Arab Forum

Posted by Tip Staff - March 13, 2019

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt Reject Text Opposing Normalization with Israel at Inter-Arab Forum
Israel Says Terrorist Who Killed U.S. Troops is Operating Hezbollah Cell in Syria
Sanders Aide Apologizes For Suggesting Jews Have Dual Loyalty
Google’s Online Museum Features Newton’s Theological Papers from Israel’s National Library

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt Reject Text Opposing Normalization with Israel at Inter-Arab Forum

The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt rejected on March 4 a clause in a statement by the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union (APU), which called for a stop to normalization with Israel, laying bare a growing divide between Arab governments and individual parliamentarians in their approach to the Jewish State.

The speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly, Marzouq Al-Ghanim, had urged the group to include in its final statement at the 29th Conference of the APU, which kicked off on March 2 in the Jordanian capital Amman, a clause that rejects normalization between Israel and the Arab world.

Al-Ghanim slammed rapprochement with Israel as a “political taboo” and emphasized that Arab states must stand united against “our enemy [Israel)” in support of the Palestinians.

His demands, however, were rejected by the speaker of the Saudi Shura Council, Abdullah Al-Sheikh, who noted that, “Calls for stopping normalization with Israel is the authority of politicians not the parliamentarians,” stressing that this recommendation be deleted from the statement. Al-Sheik received support from representatives of the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, who all called on the APU not to include the clause in its final statement.

In recent months, several Arab states – including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Oman – have developed closer ties with the Jewish State.

Israel enjoys unprecedented cooperation with the Arab Muslim world in light of shared security interests and changing dynamics in the region, Joshua S. Block, CEO and President of The Israel Project, wrote in an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal in November. Block concluded, saying, “The rapprochement between Israel and the Arab world will change the region for the better.”

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Israel Says Terrorist Who Killed U.S. Troops is Operating Hezbollah Cell in Syria

After a buildup on social media, the IDF revealed intelligence that Hezbollah set up a cell on the Syrian Golan headed by a terrorist who is wanted for killing five American soldiers in Iraq, The Times of Israel reported Wednesday.

According to the IDF, the Hezbollah cell is made up of Syrian fighters, including some Druze, who are commanded by Ali Musa Daqduq. Daqduq, a Lebanese national, was designated by the United States Treasury Department in 2012 for planning an attack in Karbala that killed five U.S. soldiers.

Israel believes that the current efforts of Hezbollah to establish a military infrastructure in Syria near the border with Israel are a continuation of the terror group's efforts that began in 2013. A January 2015 airstrike that was attributed to Israel killed Jihad Mughniyeh, whom Hezbollah had designated as commander of its operations in Syria, along with a number of other senior Hezbollah officials and an Iranian general. Samir Kuntar, who succeeded Mughniyeh, was killed in December 2015.

The Times reported that Hezbollah has been attempting to establish a military presence in Syria to threaten Israel, but it hasn't had much success. However, the capture of the border area by Bashar al-Assad's regime gives the terror group "an opportunity to again try to establish the necessary infrastructure with which it could threaten Israel near the border."

"It is very significant, except for the fact this is not completely new," Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) Sarit Zehavi, a former IDF intelligence official, said in a press briefing hosted by The Israel Project. "Hezbollah, in the past [few] years, has been trying a few times to establish a military infrastructure in the Syrian side of the Golan, and this is the most updated one that the IDF has decided to reveal.”

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Sanders Aide Apologizes For Suggesting Jews Have Dual Loyalty

A spokeswoman for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign was forced to apologize Tuesday after posting “insensitive” comments on social media suggesting that American Jews have dual loyalty to Israel, POLITICO reported.

Belén Sisa, the senator’s national deputy press secretary, had taken part Sunday in a conversation on Facebook discussing the recent controversy around Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks. “Do you not think that the American government and American Jewish community has a dual allegiance to the State of Israel?” Sisa asked on a thread, stating that, like Sanders, she stood with the Democratic freshman from Minnesota.

"In a conversation on Facebook, I used some language that I see now was insensitive. Issues of allegiance and loyalty to one's country come with painful history,” Sisa told POLITICO when confronted with her comments. "At a time when so many communities in our country feel under attack by the president and his allies, I absolutely recognize that we need to address these issues with greater care and sensitivity to their historical resonance, and I'm committed to doing that in the future,” she added.

Omar has sparked condemnation from lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle, as well as several Jewish organizations, for a series of anti-Semitic comments. The Congresswoman once famously claimed that “Israel has hypnotized the world.”

However, a group of Democratic presidential candidates – Sens. Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren – have all come out in support of Omar.

In 2016, Sanders suspended his Jewish outreach coordinator, Simone Zimmerman, after she referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in vulgar terms.

In response to Omar’s recent anti-Semitic remarks, TIP CEO and President Josh Block, said, “The rhetoric employed by Rep. Omar is blatantly anti-Semitic and must be condemned. The insinuation that Jewish money is used to buy and sell influence in Congress is one of the oldest and most insidious anti-Semitic tropes in history.”

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Google’s Online Museum Features Newton’s Theological Papers from Israel’s National Library

Three collections from Israel’s National Library are featured in a new Google Arts & Culture online exhibition, Once Upon a Try, reportedly the largest online exhibition about inventions and discoveries ever curated.

The show features more than 400 interactive exhibitions, collections and interactive stories from 110 renowned institutions across 23 countries.

Once Upon a Try aims to present great leaps in science and technology progress, the visionaries behind those advancements and tales of epic fails and happy accidents.

The National Library’s contributions to Once Upon a Try include a selection of Sir Isaac Newton’s theological papers from its unique collection of nearly 8,000 of Newton’s handwritten manuscripts.

Newton took a deep interest in Jewish sources, particularly the role of the Jews in the process of salvation. The documents reveal a lesser-known side of the legendary scientist and mathematician, covering topics such as interpretations of the Bible, theology, the history of ancient cultures, the Tabernacle and Temple, calculations dealing with the end of time, historical documents — even alchemy.

The manuscripts found at the National Library are from the collection of Professor Abraham Shalom Yehuda (1877-1951), an expert in Middle Eastern affairs, who purchased the manuscripts at a public auction at Sotheby’s of London in 1936. (via Israel21c)

Another fascinating “Once Upon a Try” collection, entitled “Dye Hard: The Race to Revolutionize the Color Red,” is a unique exploration of how the dye industry – with a specific focus on the color red — evolved throughout history and shaped it.

A third collection featured on “Once Upon a Try” is “Maps of the Holy Land and Jerusalem,” an online collection of treasures from the National Library’s world-leading Eran Laor Cartographic Collection.

(via Israel21c)

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