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The Daily TIP: U.S., Israel Say Jointly-Developed David's Sling Anti-Missile System Passed Test

Posted by Tip Staff - March 20, 2019

U.S., Israel Say Jointly-Developed David's Sling Anti-Missile System Passed Test
Veteran Labour MP Blasts PA for Curriculum that "Glorifies Violence and Promotes Terror"
Suspect in Ariel Terror Attack that Left Two Dead Killed in Shootout with IDF
Colombian Rescue Team Becomes Official Branch of Israel's United Hatzalah

U.S., Israel Say Jointly-Developed David's Sling Anti-Missile System Passed Test

A test of the David's Sling anti-missile system succeeded in averting simulated threats, The Times of Israel reported Tuesday.

The system, which is designed to intercept medium-range missile threats, successfully countered a series of threats, according to Israel's defense ministry.

A statement from the ministry said that David's Sling successfully defended against a simulation of "future threats that the system may face in a confrontation."

The simulated threats were not identified.

A statement released by the United States Missile Defense Agency (MDA), which conducted the test along with Israel's Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), said that the David's Sling system "successfully" completed a series of tests. David's Sling was described as "a missile defense system that is a central part of lsrael's multilayer antimissile array."

It was the sixth test of the system.

According to the statement, engineers are reviewing data from the tests, which will be used "for ongoing development and fielding of the David's Sling Weapon System."

"The David's Sling Weapon System project is a cooperative effort between the United States and Israel to develop a defense against large caliber rockets and short-range ballistic missiles," the MDA statement concluded.

In July, David's Sling was activated when two ballistic missiles were fired from Syria into Israel, but it did not successfully intercept them.

Israel possesses a multi-tiered air defense system to counter varied threats, including defending itself against short-range, mid-range, and long-range missiles that can be fired from Gaza, Syria, Lebanon, and even Iran. Among the components of Israel’s air-defense system are Iron Dome, David’s Sling, Arrow-2, and Arrow-3.

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Veteran Labour MP Blasts PA for Curriculum that "Glorifies Violence and Promotes Terror"

A veteran British lawmaker has blasted the Palestinian Authority (PA) in an op-ed published in The Times of Israel on Wednesday for teaching a curriculum in internationally funded, PA-operated schools “which incites hatred, glorifies violence and promotes terror.”

Dame Louise Ellman, a Labour MP and vice-chair of the Labour Friends of Israel, wrote that “nothing could do more to harm the cause for peace than fostering old hatreds and prejudices in another generation of children and young people.”

In January, the lawmaker introduced in parliament the International Development Assistance (Values Promoted in Palestinian National Authority Schools) Bill, which demands that teaching programs in PA-operated schools sponsored by British aid should promote values such as peace, freedom, tolerance, and non-discrimination.

“Some of the content is truly horrifying,” Dame Louise wrote. “Five-year-olds are taught the word for ‘martyr’ as part of their first lessons in Arabic; 11-year-olds taught that martyrdom and jihad are ‘the most important meanings of life’; and teenagers taught those who sacrifice themselves will be rewarded with ‘72 virgin brides in paradise.’”

“These lessons in hatred,” she said, “are being funded through the Department for International Development’s aid to the PA education budget.” Britain is set to donate £125 million ($160 million) to the PA by 2021, of which £20 million ($25.6 million) will be devoted to the education curriculum.

The problem of incitement in PA textbooks prompted the European Union’s Parliament to pass legislation in April 2018 that would prohibit EU aid from funding anti-Israel texts.

Dame Louise attacked the British government for ignoring months of warnings by the Labour Friends of Israel that British aid money was being spent by the PA on material that incites murder and violence against Jews. “The upshot of this scandalous inaction is that by September, this appalling curriculum will have been taught in Palestinian schools for a third year running,” the MP said.

It was only last week that the British government finally announced a substantial review of Palestinian school textbooks amid concerns that aid money is funding anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate.

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Suspect in Ariel Terror Attack that Left Two Dead Killed in Shootout with IDF

A Palestinian suspected in Sunday's fatal terror attack that left two dead and a third person injured was killed in a shootout with Israeli security forces, The Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday.

Omar Abu Lila was killed in a firefight following a manhunt after he killed a soldier, Gal Keidan, and a rabbi, Ahiad Ettinger, in the West Bank city of Ariel. A second soldier, Alexander Dvorsky, was seriously wounded, but his condition has reportedly stabilized.

Abu Lila carried out his initial attack, then fled the scene in a stolen car and later shot Dvorsky. Security forces, including the Shin Bet, Israel's internal security organization; the IDF; and Yamam, a special counterterrorism police unit, carried out a two-day manhunt for the suspect.

The Post reported that unspecified "special technology" was employed to track Abu Lila.

When he was located in the village of Abwain, not far from Ramallah, Abu Lila shot at the Israeli forces and was killed in the subsequent exchange of fire. No soldiers were reported injured in the exchange.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated the nation's security forces for tracking and killing the terrorist. "The long arm of Israel reaches all those who attack our civilians and soldiers," he said.

In a separate incident, two Palestinians were killed by the IDF in Nablus after they threw explosive devices at Jewish worshippers at the Tomb of Joseph.

“A number of explosives were hurled from a vehicle at Israeli army forces that were securing the entrance of worshipers at Joseph's Tomb in Nablus," a statement from the IDF's spokesperson's unit said.

Soldiers fired at the attackers in response.

“As a result the two terrorists were killed, there were no casualties to our forces,” the IDF statement reported.

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Colombian Rescue Team Becomes Official Branch of Israel's United Hatzalah

Branches of Israel’s United Hatzalah unique localized volunteer emergency response network already operate in countries including Panama, Ukraine and the United States. Now, the grassroots United Rescue Colombia (URC) in South America, modeled after the Israeli initiative, is becoming an official United Hatzalah (UH) branch.

Ambulance response time is too long in Colombia, explained Michael Andorson, the resident who spearheaded the establishment of URC.

“People here are dying every day waiting for an ambulance as the average ambulance response time in the capital of Bogota is 45 minutes. The fact that we are joining forces with United Hatzalah is going to change the lives of a lot of people. This project is so important for Colombia as a country and for the Colombian people,” said Andorson.

The same traffic-congestion problem in Jerusalem is exactly what prompted UH founder and president Eli Beer, in 1989, to recruit neighborhood-based volunteer medics to reach patients quickly by foot or cycle and begin first aid until the ambulance arrives. A registered nonprofit since 2006, UH encompasses 5,000 volunteers across Israel and sends crews to help in other countries following mass casualty events.

Inspired by UH’s model, Andorson began URC independently in the city of Cartagena, with a team of 28 volunteers and five ambucycles – first-aid equipped motorcycles.

“United Hatzalah’s system works. It is a wonderful idea that I saw in Israel and I wanted to implement it here, so I did,” said Andorson. “We are almost at a 3-minute average response time in urban areas where we have a lot of volunteers. We achieve this by combining a network of volunteers from across the city together with the technology and equipment they need to save lives.”

Andorson said the government “looks positively on what we are doing here for the city” and he expects that joining United Hatzalah will help move the project toward the national level.

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