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The Daily TIP: Top PA Negotiator: U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley Should “Shut Up”

Posted by Tip Staff - February 05, 2018

Top PA Negotiator: U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley Should “Shut Up”
Tillerson Says U.S. and Argentina Will Cooperate to Fight Hezbollah's Illicit Activities in Latin America
Israel Intercepts Explosive Chemicals Hidden in Shipment of Medical Supplies to Gaza
Israel Sending its Largest-Ever Winter Olympics Delegation to South Korea

Top PA Negotiator: U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley Should “Shut Up”

Senior Palestinian Authority official and lead negotiator Saeb Erekat insulted United States ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Saturday calling her “impudent” and said she should learn to “shut up” and refrain from criticizing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Times of Israel reported that Erekat, who serves as the Palestine Liberation Organization's secretary general, claimed that in a recent speech that Haley gave to the U.N. she called for the "overthrowing" of the Palestinian leadership.

“Nikki Haley needs to shut up and realize that the Palestinian leadership is not the problem,” the top diplomat said in an interview with the Al-Watan Voice news website.

Erekat charged that the “[U.S.] ambassador is accusing him of lacking courage and is calling for replacing him.”

“The Palestinian people are loyal to their martyrs, prisoners, wounded, struggles, steadfastness, and heroism. This is the reality,” Erekat said. “The Palestinians are the only ones who are entitled to hold their leaders accountable.”

Abbas, who was elected to a four-year term as president in 2005, recently began serving his fourteenth year. No subsequent elections have been held. A significant majority of Palestinians want Abbas to resign.

The Palestinian Authority's 2017 budget revealed that payments to the families of “martyrs,” often terrorists who have killed Israelis, increased by 4% to 687 million shekels ($197 million) in 2017.

In her speech last week, Haley slammed Abbas for peddling “outrageous and discredited conspiracy theories” during an angry speech last month in which he denounced Trump.

Tillerson Says U.S. and Argentina Will Cooperate to Fight Hezbollah's Illicit Activities in Latin America

The United States and Argentina announced on Sunday that they will be working together to tackle Hezbollah’s financial networks in Latin America.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Argentinian counterpart Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie confirmed during a news conference that they will cooperate to drain the Iranian-backed terror organization’s financial resources, The Times of Israel reported.

Tillerson said that the two countries agreed to “attack and eliminate” the presence of Hezbollah in the region as well as its illicit activities which include money laundering and drug trafficking that serve as a means to finance their terror activities.

Iranian intelligence has been operating in Latin America since at least the 1980s, soon followed by Hezbollah. The networks these two established helped carry out the 1992 bombing at the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the 1994 bombing of the AMIA, a Jewish community center in the country’s capital.

Hezbollah has used Latin America as a base for its terror-financing network for years, taking advantage of lax law enforcement, fragile institutions, and corruption. According to a 2016 report by The Washington Institute, Iran and Hezbollah continue to be “hyperactive” in the region. Meanwhile, Hezbollah operates terror cells in well-known hotspots such as the Tri-Border Area and its logistics, financing, and planning efforts are also ongoing elsewhere.

The announcement of U.S.-Argentinian cooperation in confronting the threat posed by Hezbollah comes just a few weeks after the U.S. Justice Department announced that it was creating a team to investigate Hezbollah's drug trafficking.

Israel Intercepts Explosive Chemicals Hidden in Shipment of Medical Supplies to Gaza

Israel broke up an attempt by Hamas, the terrorist organization that maintains complete political and military control over the Gaza Strip, to smuggle chemicals that can be used to create explosives which were hidden in shipments of medical equipment, The Times of Israel reported Sunday.

Israel’s Crossing Authority found containers of chemicals a week earlier.

A statement from the ministry said, "the boxes included dual-use chemicals that are meant to create explosives and make explosives more powerful, which were hidden in a shipment of medical gear that was bound for the Strip."

Both Israel and Egypt have blockaded the Gaza Strip since Hamas took control of the territory in a bloody coup in 2007, to prevent the terror group from importing weapons or even dual-use items that could be used for either terrorist or civilian purposes. Dual-use items such as fertilizers are subject to special screening procedures to ensure that they are only used for peaceful purposes.

The chemicals that were intercepted were discovered at a new laboratory constructed at the Kerem Shalom crossing through which most good and humanitarian aid pass into the Gaza Strip.

Last week, Jason Greenblatt, the American Special Representative for International Negotiations, blasted Hamas for prioritizing the building of “tunnels & rockets” at the expense of “getting the lights on, the water flowing & the economy growing” for the people of Gaza.

Israel Sending its Largest-Ever Winter Olympics Delegation to South Korea

Ten Israelis athletes will represent Israel in four sports at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, February 9-25: short-track speed skater Vladislav Bykanov, Alpine skier Itamar Biran, skeleton racer Adam (AJ) Edelman, and figure skaters Alexei (Oleksii) Bychenko, Daniel Samohin, Evgeni Krasnopolsky, Paige Conners, Adel Tankova, Ronald Zilberberg and Aimee Buchanan.

This is Israel’s largest-ever Winter Olympics delegation since its first participation in the Games in 1994. Three of the current teammates also competed in 2014: Bychenko, Krasnopolsky and Bykanov.

Israel has never won a medal in a Winter Olympics. This year, many fans have their hopes pinned on Bychenko, who earned the silver medal in the 2016 European Figure Skating Championships and is known for mastering difficult moves such as the quadruple jump.

Only three of the 2018 Olympics teammates (Biran, Samohin and Zilberberg) are Israeli by birth. Bychenko, Bykanov, Krasnopolsky and Tankova are Ukrainian natives, while Edelman, Conners and Buchanan were born in the United States.

Edelman took up skeleton racing – where the athlete rides prone on a small sled down a frozen track — only four years ago and is self-coached. He was quoted as saying that whether or not he comes home with a medal, “The most important thing to me is that there will be a lasting image of another Israeli walking behind the flag.”

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