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The Daily TIP: TIP CEO: Why is Europe Protecting Iran, the World’s “Top State Sponsor of Terrorism?”

Posted by Tip Staff - February 22, 2019

TIP CEO: Why is Europe Protecting Iran, the World’s "Top State Sponsor of Terrorism?"
Israeli Spacecraft Successfully Launched on Journey to Moon
Anti-Semitism Envoy: U.S. to End Distinction Between Anti-Zionism and Anti-Jewish Hate
Israel Will Host Forbes Summit to "Accelerate the Cause of Women in Leadership"

TIP CEO: Why is Europe Protecting Iran, the World’s "Top State Sponsor of Terrorism?"

In an op-ed published in The Algemeiner on Thursday, The Israel Project CEO and President, Josh Block, slammed the European Union for sabotaging “bipartisan US efforts to hold Iran accountable for its illicit nuclear and non-nuclear activities.”

Block noted that “in the struggle for fundamental freedom, one would expect the European Union — an institution founded on the principles of liberty and democracy — to stand in solidarity with the Iranian people against their oppressors.” Instead, Block said, “Europe has so far sent the opposite message.”

Britain, France, and Germany announced at the end of January the launch of the so-called Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), a central part of European attempts to salvage the 2015 nuclear accord with the Islamic Republic.

The SPV acts as a financial and commercial intermediary for exports and imports between Iran and the EU and will be open to other countries that are trading with Iran. It will use Euros or sterling, rather than U.S. dollars, to minimize the exposure of participating businesses to U.S. sanctions.

“Lured by lucrative trade deals with Iran, policymakers across Europe’s capitals have turned a blind eye to the suffering of peaceful Iranians who are lingering in prison or have ended up in unmarked graves,” Block asserted.

He also noted that “Iran’s behavior just keeps getting worse.” As evidence, he cited “Tehran’s assassinations of political opponents on foreign soil, terror plots in Europe, the fighters and ammunitions it sent to Syria, or inference in Yemen’s brutal civil war.”

“It is truly shameful that European states continue to evade US sanctions as the regime in Tehran continues its march toward nuclear weapons, threatens its neighbors, denies the Holocaust, and suffocates its people,” Block concluded. “It is now up to America to say, ‘no more,’ and for Europe to stop shielding a murderous regime.”

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Israeli Spacecraft Successfully Launched on Journey to Moon

Israel’s first moon mission successfully launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 missile from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Thursday night, Reuters reported. If the mission is successful, Israel will join the prestigious group of only three countries that have so far landed on the moon: Russia, the United States, and China.

The spacecraft went into orbit at a velocity of 22,000 miles per hour at about 8:45 p.m. EST, after what Reuters described as a “textbook” disengagement from the launch missile.

It will take nearly two months for the unmanned robotic spacecraft, called Beresheet – Hebrew for Genesis or "in the beginning" – to reach the moon, with an anticipated touchdown on April 11. A direct flight path from Earth to the moon would cover roughly 240,000 miles, but Beresheet will follow a more circuitous route.

The privately funded lunar lander, which is about the size of a washing machine, was developed by the SpaceIL non-profit organization in cooperation with Israel Aerospace Industries for the low-budget cost of $100 million. It was part of three sets of cargo carried aloft by the Falcon 9 as part of the private rocket fleet of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk.

"We thought it's about time for a change, and we want to get little Israel all the way to the moon," said Yonatan Weintraub, co-founder of Israel's SpaceIL. "We'll keep analysing the data, but bottom line is we entered the very exclusive group of countries that have launched a spacecraft to the moon," added Yigal Harel, head of SpaceIL's spacecraft program.

Throughout the mission, Beresheet will transmit data to the control room in Israel. The spacecraft will collect lunar data and deposit a time capsule that includes children’s drawings, the Bible, and Israel’s Declaration of Independence. Beresheet is also set to place the Israeli flag on the lunar surface and take some snaps before the mission ends two days later.

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Anti-Semitism Envoy: U.S. to End Distinction Between Anti-Zionism and Anti-Jewish Hate

In an address to American Jewish leaders gathered for a conference in Jerusalem on Thursday, the United States Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Antisemitism said that he would work to end the “attempted distinction” between anti-Zionism and anti-Jewish hate, JNS reported.

Elan Carr, who was appointed to the role earlier this month after the post had been left vacant for two years since Donald Trump became president in 2016, said, “I will work to eradicate the attempted distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.” Carr stressed, “There is no distinction.”

The rise in anti-Semitism, the envoy explained, cannot be attributed to a single country or political movement. Rather, he said, anti-Semitism is a global scourge that requires a global response. “This will be a full-court press. We are not going to be ignoring any part of the world or any ideology,” he vowed.

The envoy specified that “there is a greater rise in new anti-Semitism that clothes itself as anti-Zionism. The anti-Semitism of the European street, of the college campus and of those that have embraced the notion that the Jewish people don’t have a right to their homeland.”

The official continued: “There is a lot of good news, too. We have real allies in Europe and in some cases in the Muslim world who are passionate about this issue. They care about the future of the Jewish people.”

Carr, who was in Israel to meet with government officials and members of civil society, is a Jewish-American Army veteran and the grandson of Holocaust survivors. At the conference in Jerusalem, Carr declared that, “Anyone who attempts to deny the Jewish religion its basic faith tenets, its rights to a homeland is wading into anti-Semitism. And I will fight it.”

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Israel Will Host Forbes Summit to "Accelerate the Cause of Women in Leadership"

For Forbes magazine Chief Content Officer Randall Lane, Israel was a natural choice to host the first-ever Forbes Under 30 Global Women’s Summit, set to take place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem from March 31 to April 4, 2019 with 600 participants from 50 countries.

It’s not only because participants rated last May’s first-ever Under 30 Global Summit in Israel as Forbes’ top event of the year, Lane tells ISRAEL21c.

Israel was chosen also because of its track record in making leadership roles available to women, starting in the military.

“Even though the integration of women needs to get better in Israel, as it does all over the world, Israel is a great place to show how we can accelerate the cause of women in leadership,” Lane said, speaking from Tel Aviv where he is enjoying his 10th business trip to Israel – he’s come twice a year for the last five years to set up and execute “Under 30” events.

The global summit will include 200 Israeli and 400 international participants, 80 percent of them female (chosen mostly from the nearly 10,000 names on Forbes’ various “30 Under 30” lists in a variety of categories).

“There are still not enough women-led startups being funded, so we are bringing VCs from the US and Israel to focus on how to get the connections made and the conversation going. The entire last day will be at JVP [Venture Partners in Jerusalem] focused on founders and funders, with workshops and meetings to help create that ecosystem.”

The summit will kick off with a Taste of Israel Food Festival on the beach, featuring female Tel Aviv street food chefs and the region’s best cocktails, beers and wines. The next morning, participants will ring the opening bell at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

(via Israel21c)

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