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The Daily TIP: TIP CEO: Iran-Backed Terror Group Hezbollah "Has No Respect for Human Life"

Posted by Tip Staff - December 13, 2018

TIP CEO: Iran-Backed Terror Group Hezbollah "Has No Respect for Human Life"
Fatah, Hamas Praise Terror Attack That Killed 2, Wounded 2
Illinois Board Concludes Airbnb's West Bank Ban Violates State's Anti-Boycott Law
Jerusalem Ranked as Fastest Growing Tourist Destination in World

TIP CEO: Iran-Backed Terror Group Hezbollah "Has No Respect for Human Life"

The Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah “has no respect for human life—whether Muslim, Christian or Jewish,” Joshua S. Block, CEO and President of The Israel Project, wrote in an op-ed published by JNS on Wednesday, as he warned that Israel has no choice but to preemptively defend its border with Lebanon.

Reflecting on the strategy that prompted Israel to launch Operation Northern Shield last week to expose and neutralize cross-border attack tunnels, Block noted last year that Hezbollah uses “civilians as human shields and intentionally operates from within urban centers to maximize civilian casualties in any future conflict with Israel.”

The first of several attack tunnels discovered by the IDF originated under a civilian building in Kfar Kila, a city in southern Lebanon. According to Block, this is “proof of Hezbollah’s tactic to use civilian infrastructure to protect its military buildup.” He explained that if the IDF had not destroyed the tunnel, Hezbollah could have cut off Metula, the most northern town in Israel, from the rest of the country.

UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, stipulated that there be no armed groups in Lebanon except for the Lebanese Armed Forces.

Consequently, Block argued, Israel had no choice but to act in self-defense because Hezbollah, which exercises complete political and military control over Lebanon, wanted to seize parts of Galilee and, as part of their operation, carry out kidnappings and atrocities inside Israel. He also warned that “Hezbollah is believed to possess an arsenal of at least 130,000 rockets and missiles capable of striking virtually anywhere in Israel.”

To illustrate the severity of the threat, Block cited an interview The Israel Project had conducted with a resident of Metula, Michael Mezeika. He explained that residents had been hearing digging noises for years and “been waiting for something like this” to happen. Mezeika noted that “not a lot of people in the world have to deal with the fact that there is a terrorist group less than 100 meters from them trying to dig tunnels under their bedrooms.”

Fatah, Hamas Praise Terror Attack That Killed 2, Wounded 2

Both Fatah, the main Palestinian political party, and Hamas, the terrorist group that exercises full political and military control over the Gaza Strip, praised a West Bank terror attack that killed two soldiers and wounded two others, The Jerusalem Post reported Thursday.

The attack took place at Givat Assaf, about a mile away from Sunday night's terror attack in Ofra, when a man, reportedly wearing an IDF uniform, got out of his car and started shooting at a crowd.

Two soldiers were pronounced dead at the scene. The Times of Israel reported that one of the injured is a soldier, in critical condition, suffering from a bullet wound to the head. The other person injured is a female civilian, who was shot in the pelvis.

Fatah, the party headed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, called on Palestinians "to commemorate the Martyrs and to realize our goals." The political organization also warned that "the continued bloodshed and aggression that will lead to a stronger confrontation."

"Hamas praises the numerous resistance attacks as well as the citizens of the occupied West Bank and the revolutionary youth," a Hamas spokesman named Abdel Latif al-Qanou said. He added that the attack, "is in response to the crimes of the Zionist occupation in the occupied West Bank. Our members will stand against the occupation and will resist it - until it ends."

Overnight, the IDF reported that it had killed two terror suspects.

Salih Barghouti, the suspected shooter in Sunday night's terror attack, was killed as Israeli security forces attempted to apprehend him. Four other suspects were arrested. Previously, it was reported that he had been critically wounded.

In a separate operation, Israeli security forces killed Ashraf Na’alowa, suspected of murdering two co-workers, Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel and Ziv Hajbi, at the Barkan Industrial Park in October. The Shin Bet charged that at the time he was killed, Na'alowa was planning another terror attack. The suspect had fired at the officers, who had come to arrest him. They fired back, killing him.

Illinois Board Concludes Airbnb's West Bank Ban Violates State's Anti-Boycott Law

An independent board in Illinois ruled Wednesday that Airbnb’s ban on listing rentals of Jewish-owned properties in the West Bank violates state law, The Associated Press reported.

Airbnb, the online vacation marketplace, announced in November that it would change its policy regarding home listings in what it calls occupied territories, singling out the West Bank. The decision sparked fears of discrimination and was viewed as an endorsement of the anti-Semitic boycotts campaign against the Jewish State.

In response to the ban, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, who called the decision “highly disturbing,” requested that his state’s Investment Policy Board opened an investigation into Airbnb's policy. He vowed that Illinois “must not — and will not — remain silent when we detect discrimination of the sort being practiced by Airbnb.”

The board decision means the state could now ban investment in Airbnb, if it offers public stock.

JNS reported on Thursday that Airbnb is facing further backlash, after the town of Surfside, Florida, condemned the rental giant for violating an agreement with the town that prohibits discriminatory boycotts against Israel.

Since Airbnb announced the ban, several U.S. states and cities have said that they would investigate whether the company had broken state laws. Last month, the city of Beverly Hills unanimously passed a resolution calling the practice “discriminatory,” and called “upon all civilized people across the globe to boycott Airbnb until such time as they desist from these despicable anti-Semitic actions.”

Forbes reported that Miami is considering a similar resolution, and Florida Governor-elect Ron DeSantis stated that he would examine whether Airbnb violated laws barring U.S. companies from engaging in boycotts.

Jerusalem Ranked as Fastest Growing Tourist Destination in World

Jerusalem is the fastest-growing tourism destination among 100 cities, and is expected by the end of the year to break its own record by achieving a 38 percent growth in tourism. Israel’s capital city had a 32% tourism growth rate in 2017.

This data comes from the “Top 100 City Destinations” report from UK-based Euromonitor International.

Wouter Geerts, who conducted the research, predicted that Jerusalem will lead growth in inbound tourists and is one of the top four cities to watch in terms of tourism popularity; the others are Mumbai, Porto and Osaka. Israel’s capital city placed 63rd on the list of 100 most visited cities in 2018. The top spot went to Hong Kong.

The Euromonitor report also showed an increase of 47% in the number of overnight stays in Jerusalem from incoming tourism. Jerusalem offers about 20,000 hotel rooms.

Last month, the all-time 2017 record for incoming tourism to Israel was broken by surpassing 3.6 million tourists. The Ministry of Tourism expects that by the end of 2018, at least 4 million tourists will have visited Israel — a 15% increase compared with 2017. It’s estimated that 85% of incoming tourists visit Jerusalem.

“We are very happy to see that the world placed Jerusalem at the same line with the top tourist destinations, such as Barcelona, London and Lisbon,” said Ilanit Melchior, tourism director of the Jerusalem Development Authority, pointing out that the city offers a range of accommodations from 5-star luxury to youth hostels.

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