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The Daily TIP: Three Killed as IDF Responds to Escalating Attacks from Gaza

Posted by Tip Staff - July 20, 2018

Three Killed as IDF Responds to Escalating Attacks from Gaza
Israeli Media: Mossad Gave Europeans Critical Intel to Thwart Iranian Terror Attack in Paris
How Lacrosse Connected Me to Israel
Israeli Woman Wins International Dog Photography Contest

Three Killed as IDF Responds to Escalating Attacks from Gaza

After coming under attack from Gaza, the IDF struck at a number of Hamas positions killing three terrorists, The Times of Israel reported Friday.

Clashes have been reported along Israel’s border with Gaza, with Palestinians firing mortar shells, and throwing other explosives at the IDF. The IDF has been returning fire.

The latest escalation along the border between Israel and Hamas-ruled Gaza comes in wake of a meeting among top Israeli security and defense officials to discuss the threat coming from Hamas, the terrorist group that exercises complete political and military control over the Gaza Strip, following the sounding of several warning sirens in southern Israel.

Those officials at the meeting included Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot, the heads of Israel’s southern and central commands, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), as well as members of the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security organization.

Israel has seen stepped up threats emanating from the Gaza Strip in the past week. Hamas and other terror groups fired nearly 200 projectiles into Israel last Saturday. An employee of Israel’s National Parks Authority on Monday found a dead falcon that had been outfitted with an incendiary device after he put out a fire in Habesor National Park in southern Israel.

The Trump administration’s Middle East diplomatic team charged that “Hamas’s leadership is continuing and needlessly prolonging the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza,” in an op-ed published Thursday in The Washington Post.

Israeli Media: Mossad Gave Europeans Critical Intel to Thwart Iranian Terror Attack in Paris

The Israeli intelligence service Mossad helped thwart a major Iranian terrorist attack in a Parisian suburb last month, The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

The cell also consisted of two Belgians of Iranian origin, arrested by Belgian authorities with 500 grams of the homemade explosive TATP and a detonation device found in their car. The Mossad, in conjunction with their counterparts from Belgium, France, and Germany, led a successful manhunt across several European borders, tracking the suspects. .

The arrests were made days before Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani traveled to Europe to save the nuclear deal signed between Iran and six world powers in 2015 from which the United States withdrew earlier this year.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alluded to the Mossad operation ahead of Rouhani’s trip.

“There is a meeting this week by the P4 without the United States…” and “the P4 invited Iran’s President Rouhani to attend,” Netanyahu said.

“This Iranian terror plot was planned on the soil of Europe on the same week that the European leaders are supposed to meet the president of Iran about circumventing the sanctions on Iran,” Netanyahu added.

How Lacrosse Connected Me to Israel

Growing up in Princeton, New Jersey, to two Zionist parents I was no stranger to Israel. My family traveled to Israel annually, but the frequency of our visits almost led me to resent the country. “There are so many places in the world, why do we always come here?”

I felt I was living my parents’ dream, not mine.

It wasn’t until later in life that I found my first true connection to Israel: Lacrosse. A McGill University teammate had played in the first-ever Lacrosse game in Israel. Six months later – during one of the infamous family visits – I found myself playing Lacrosse at Gan Sachar and Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem.

I was hooked, returning six months after that for a summer internship at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, and grabbed the chance to represent Israel in the European Lacrosse Championships’ Festival in Amsterdam. That summer would exhibit a bigger pattern; the interconnectedness between Lacrosse and the other parts of my life – one pursuit always enabling the other.

Scott Neiss, the Director of Israel Lacrosse, reached out to me again when I was graduating from McGill to sell me on a chance to compete with the Israeli National Team in the World Lacrosse Championships. All I had to do was move to Israel.

My younger brother, Ben, had moved to Israel the year prior to join the Israeli Defense Forces. With Ben leading the way, I had the courage to do the same.

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Israeli Woman Wins International Dog Photography Contest

Elinor Roizman of Ashkelon won first prize in the “Dogs at Play” category of the British Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year competition.

It’s the first time an Israeli has won in the 13-year history of the international contest, which this year drew more than 10,000 entries from 70 countries.

Roizin, 27, founded Dog-Ma Photography three years ago, inspired by the work of Boston pet photographer Kaylee Greer. (Incidentally, Greer won the 2017 Dog Photographer of the Year contest in the same category Roizman won this year.)

“People told me I was crazy to go into pet photography rather than weddings, where the money is,” she tells ISRAEL21c. “I told them, ‘This is what I want. Pets are the most precious thing in my world.’ I do it not to get rich but to do something I believe in.”

The winning shot is from a session photographing a client’s four Pomeranians chasing soap bubbles on a beach near Jaffa just before sunset. Suddenly, the smallest and youngest of the canine siblings, named Lili, “began to jump with pleasure at the soap bubbles and play as if she were a puppy. It was a precious moment full of happiness and true freedom.”

A certified dog trainer with a degree in animal science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Roizman shares her Ashkelon home with three dogs, two cats, a parrot and a horse.

(via Israel21c)

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