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The Daily TIP: The AMIA Bombing: 24 Years Without Justice

Posted by Tip Staff - July 18, 2018

The AMIA Bombing: 24 Years Without Justice
Labour Leader Corbyn Under Fire from His Own Party, Rabbis for Anti-Semitism
Iran Arrests Dozens for “Damaging Public Virtue” on Instagram
Israeli Celebs Making Their Marks on Instagram

The AMIA Bombing: 24 Years Without Justice

This week is the twenty-fourth anniversary of the bombing of the Israeli-Argentine Mutual Association (AMIA) Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, one of the worst terrorist acts against Jews since World War II.

On the morning of July 18, 1994, Ibrahim Hussein Berro, a Lebanese citizen, drove a Renault Traffic van loaded with 300 kilograms of explosives into the Buenos Aires Jewish community center. The van detonated at the entrance of the AMIA, resulting in the death of 85 people and wounding hundreds. Hussein Berro was a member of Iran’s terror proxy, Hezbollah.

The attack brought Iran and Hezbollah to the international forefront, and despite public attention, both continued to develop intelligence and logistical networks throughout Latin America, a practice that had been ongoing since the 1980s.

In a democracy with strong and transparent institutions, the investigation of the deadliest terror attack in the country would not have taken twenty-four years.

The judge handling the case was removed from it in 2003 due to serious irregularities and former Argentine president Carlos Menem, under whose watch the attack happened, was charged with ordering the judge to drop the Syrian connection of the attack. The inability to bring justice to the victims, survivors, and families was nothing short of frustrating and embarrassing. It appears that Iran sought to carry-out an attack in a place there would be no accountability and impunity would thrive.

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Labour Leader Corbyn Under Fire from His Own Party, Rabbis for Anti-Semitism

British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by his own MPs of being an “anti-Semite and a racist,” who turns a blind eye to anti-Jewish sentiments in the Party, Sky News reported on Wednesday.

Corbyn was labelled an “anti-Semite and a racist” by a veteran Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge on Tuesday night as the party was plunged into a fresh anti-Semitism row.

Dame Margaret made the comments three hours after Labour’s highest governing body ignored pleas of the Jewish community and rejected the internationally recognized definition of anti-Semitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). Instead, the party’s executive committee signed-off on a watered-down code of conduct drafted by party officials.

Dame Margaret told Corbyn: “You have proved you don’t want people like me in the party.” The MP’s grandmother and uncle were murdered in the Holocaust. On Wednesday, a spokesman for Corbyn confirmed that “action will be taken” against her.

Earlier on Wednesday, John Woodcock, the Labour MP for Barrow and Furness, resigned from the party and called Corbyn a "clear risk to UK national security.”

On Monday, more than 60 rabbis from across the Jewish community in Britain signed a joint letter saying Labour has “chosen to ignore the Jewish community.” Some of the country’s most senior rabbis – including from ultra-orthodox and progressive congregations – charged, “The Labour party’s leadership has chosen to ignore those who understand antisemitism the best, the Jewish community.

Iran Arrests Dozens for “Damaging Public Virtue” on Instagram

At least 44 Iranians have been arrested in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas for "damaging public virtue" by publicizing their businesses on Instagram, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

Citing an account in Iran's official IRNA news agency, the AP reported that eight women and 36 others in photography, beauty, and wedding businesses were arrested for posting what were considered indecent images and videos on Instagram.

According to the police, those arrested were “damaging public virtue through the organized spreading of anti-cultural” activities.

Iranian authorities regularly crack down on “un-Islamic” behavior, especially by models and others who work in the fashion industry.

In August of last year, six Zumba instructors were arrested after the regime had outlawed the popular Brazilian exercise dance in June.

In December 2016, Iran jailed 12 people working in the fashion industry for "spreading prostitution" by publishing images that authorities deemed to be obscene.

In May 2016, authorities arrested eight models who posted pictures of themselves on Instagram without head coverings.

Despite promises to liberalize society when he ran for president in 2013, there has been no increase in freedoms under Hassan Rouhani. The New York Times reported in November 2015 that Iranians hoping that the nuclear deal would lead to a rapprochement with the West had been “jolted with a series of increasingly rude awakenings,” including increased anti-American activity and a further erosion of rights.

Israeli Celebs Making Their Marks on Instagram

Gal Gadot may be the most popular Israeli on Instagram (with more than 21 million followers), but there are many Israelis whose perfectly filtered and curated feeds are gaining fans in Israel and abroad.

@annazak12, 1.1 million followers

17-year-old Anna Kuzenkova, known as Anna Zak to her more than one million Instagram followers, is one of Israel’s biggest social-media stars. According to the Israeli Internet Association, Zak earned her status in 2017 as the number one most influential Israeli on Instagram, ahead of Israeli model Bar Refaeli. Her posts feature original music, lip-syncing videos and tons of selfies with captions in both English and Hebrew, though her native language is Russian. Her first single, “Money Honey,” was released in August 2017 and currently has more than 3.8 million views on YouTube.

@Talia_Sutra, 363,000 followers

An aggregation of impressive yoga poses, inspiring daily mantras and stunning views of Israeli landscapes, yoga instructor Talia Sutra’s Instagram is the page to peruse for yogis everywhere. She recently returned to Israel after living in New York for the past 17 years and traveling the world hosting yoga workshops and trainings.

@DanaZarmon, 292,000 followers

Dana Zarmon’s feed is a guide to style and travel in Israel and abroad. She started a blog focusing on fashion and lifestyle in 2014, while around the same time landing a role on Israeli reality series “It Girls.” Now she shares her favorite fashion finds and vacation spots with her 292,000 Instagram followers. An impressive resume of brand collaborations includes Chanel, Chloe, Tresemme, Pandora, Samsung and Donna Karan, among others.

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