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The Daily TIP: Syrian Regime Forces Retake Golan Heights Border with Israel

Posted by Tip Staff - August 01, 2018

Syrian Regime Forces Retake Golan Heights Border with Israel
For First Time, Arson Balloon Lands in Be’er Sheva, Raises Concerns of Increased Terror
Family of Palestinian Terrorist Who Murdered Israeli Man to Receive Monthly Salary as Reward
Three Multinational Healthcare Companies Will Expand Israeli R&D Centers

Syrian Regime Forces Retake Golan Heights Border with Israel

Syrian regime forces regained control of the whole border area with Israel in the Golan Heights for the first time in seven years on Monday, sealing its military victory in the strategic southern territories, after ISIS-linked militants gave up their last pocket of territory in the area, The Jerusalem Post reported.

According to state media and opposition-linked war monitoring groups, the ISIS-affiliated organization, known as the Khaled bin Al-Waleed Army, was driven out of the last major villages it still held near the Golan Heights, in an area called the Yarmouk Basin.

The military victory in the area means that forces loyal to the Assad regime, with the backing of Russia, now fully control the province of Daraa, where the rebellion broke out in 2011.

On Monday, Russia’s ambassador to Israel said that his country cannot compel Iranian forces to leave Syria. The Islamic Republic of Iran has sent military personnel and equipment to help Assad in the civil war and has built a significant infrastructure in the war-torn state.

“We can talk with our Iranian partners very frankly and openly, trying to persuade them to do or not to do something,” he said. But asked whether Russia can force Iran out, he answered: “We cannot.”

The ambassador stressed, however, that Russia could equally do nothing to prevent Israel from launching airstrikes against Iranian installments in Syria. “We cannot dictate to Israel how to proceed ... It is not up to Russia to give Israel freedom to do anything, or to prohibit Israel to do anything.”

The Israeli government and military have insisted time and again that Israel will take all necessary steps to counter Iran’s aggressive behavior in the region.

For First Time, Arson Balloon Lands in Be’er Sheva, Raises Concerns of Increased Terror

An arson balloon landed in the major southern Israeli city of Be’er Sheva for the first time on Monday evening, raising fears that the range of terror devices employed by Palestinian terrorists, which have caused numerous fires in Israeli border communities, is increasing.

Police believe the balloon was launched from the Gaza Strip. It would be the farthest distance that an incendiary device has travelled with the city located about 25 miles from the coastal enclave, which is under complete political and military control of the terrorist group Hamas.

Ynet reported that police sappers were called to the Ringelblum Street in the Negev desert’s largest city to defuse the incendiary device.

“It was a balloon that had a suspicious object attached to it. In the majority of cases it relates to an incendiary device, and every object like this must be treated as suspicious with a high-risk capacity,” the police said in a statement.

“In these sorts of cases, the police emergency line 100 must be dialed and you must move away from the area until the conclusion of the police sappers’ activities,” it added.

he Times of Israel reported Tuesday that firefighters were battling seven blazes since the morning sparked by terror balloons and kites launched from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip into Israel.

Since March 30, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have launched hundreds of flammable devices into Israeli territory, starting hundreds of fires, according to authorities. Thousands of acres of agricultural fields, forests and grasslands have been burned, causing millions worth of damage, officials said.

Family of Palestinian Terrorist Who Murdered Israeli Man to Receive Monthly Salary as Reward

A Palestinian terrorist, who murdered a 31-year-old Israeli man in the West Bank community of Adam on Thursday, has been declared a “martyr” by the Palestinian Authority and is entitled to a one-time payment of $1,600, as well as monthly salaries starting at $380, under the PA’s “Pay to Slay Program.”

The 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist Muhammad Tareq Dar Yusuf fatally stabbed Yotam Ovadia, a father of two young children, and wounded two other Israelis, in a frenzied attack in Adam last week.

A day after the murder took place, Yusuf was hailed a “martyr” in an article published in the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Shiri Moshe reported in The Algemeiner on Monday. According to a translation by Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli research and advocacy organization, the same description was used in a Facebook post published the same day by the Bethlehem branch of Fatah, the party of PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

The term “Pay to Slay” refers to a PA law, which assigns payments to terrorists and their families for acts of terror. According to figures released by the Israeli Defense Ministry, the PA in 2017 paid NIS 687 million ($198 million) to the so-called “martyrs’ families fund” and NIS 550 million ($160 million) to the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club — some 7 percent of its total budget.

Last week, Abbas defiantly vowed to continue making financial rewards to Palestinian terrorists and their families, even to the PA’s last penny.

Three Multinational Healthcare Companies Will Expand Israeli R&D Centers

Three life-science giants — Medtronic, GE Healthcare and Change Healthcare – will expand their Israeli R&D centers over the next six years with the help of a ₪120 million ($33 million) grant from the Israel Innovation Authority and Ministry of Economy and Industry.

“Expanding these R&D centers will help position Israel as a leading player in the field of biomedicine, while creating high-quality jobs in the fields of engineering and manufacturing, generating additional exports worth billions of dollars,” said Eli Cohen, Israeli Minister of Economy and Industry.

“These three companies join 320 other foreign multinationals active in Israel, positioning the country as an international leader in innovation and as an attractive hub for global companies,” said Cohen.

Aharon Aharon, CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority, said the expanded R&D centers “will bring unique knowledge and experience to the local workforce and will serve as the basis for the continued growth of Israel’s innovation ecosystem and Israeli companies growing here.”

Change Healthcare is one of the world’s leading suppliers of digital health solutions, with $3.3 billion in annual revenue. Its development center in Israel was established in 1993, with more than 100 employees, developing monitoring and information systems for cardiology.

GE Healthcare, the health division of General Electric, has sales reaching $18 billion annually. It has acquired several Israeli companies since the late 1990s and currently employs 410 people in R&D centers located in Tirat HaCarmel, Tel Aviv, Herzliya and Rehovot focused on systems for ultrasound and nuclear medicine.

Medtronic, founded in 1949, is one of the world’s largest companies in the field of medical devices, employing 85,000 people around the world, with annual revenues around $30 billion. In Israel, the company employs 800 people in Yokneam, Jerusalem, Herzliya and Petach Tikva. Medtronic’s expanded activities in Israel will focus on developing imaging systems for laparoscopic surgery.

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