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The Daily TIP: Report: U.S.-Israel Arrive at “Framework” Agreement to Counter Iranian Threat in Mideast

Posted by Tip Staff - December 29, 2017

Report: U.S.-Israel Arrive at “Framework” Agreement to Counter Iranian Threat in Mideast
Three Rockets Fired into Southern Israel; Israel Strikes Hamas Facilities in Gaza
For Second Time This Month, Shiite Militia Leader Visits Lebanese Border with Israel
Israeli Study of Proteins Could Lead to Cure for Alzheimer's

Report: U.S.-Israel Arrive at “Framework” Agreement to Counter Iranian Threat in Mideast

The U.S. and Israel agreed to a joint strategic work plan to counter Iranian activity in the Middle East during a secret meeting between senior officials at the White House two weeks ago, The Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday.

The plan reportedly calls for coordinated action to thwart Tehran’s nuclear program, deal with its ballistic missile program, and manage Iran’s presence in Syria and its terror proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon.

The document, characterized by a senior U.S. official as a “framework” to confront Iranian aggression in the Middle East, follows on U.S. President Donald Trump’s speech in October in which he outlined a new American policy approach to the Islamic Republic and announced he would not recertify the nuclear accord.

Senior Israeli officials reportedly confirmed that the U.S. and Israel have arrived at strategic understandings: “The U.S. and Israel see eye to eye the different developments in the region and especially those that are connected to Iran,” the official said, adding that “We reached at understandings regarding the strategy and the policy needed to counter Iran. Our understandings deal with the overall strategy but also with concrete goals, way of action and the means which need to be used to get obtain those goals.”

The Israeli team was headed by national security adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat and the U.S. team was led by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster. Other participants included senior defense, intelligence and diplomatic officials from both countries.

Three Rockets Fired into Southern Israel; Israel Strikes Hamas Facilities in Gaza

Israeli planes and tanks struck two Hamas facilities in the northern Gaza Strip following the firing of three rockets into Israel on Friday.

Israel's Iron Dome intercepted two of the rockets, but a third fell and damaged a building in Israel's Shaar Hanegev region, on the border with with Gaza, The Times of Israel reported.

The rockets were the first fired into Israel since December 18 after two weeks of rocket attacks earlier in the month.

Hamas facilities were targeted even though most of the recent rocket attacks appear to be launched by other Gaza-based terror groups, because Hamas, which maintains complete military and political control over Gaza, has refused to stop their attacks.

A commemoration in honor of Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul, who was killed in 2014 during Operation Protective Edge and whose body is still being held by Hamas, was interrupted by the "Code Red" alert for the rockets. When asked if the rockets had been fired to coincide with the commemoration an army official said, that it "absolutely could be,” the case. Usually rockets from Gaza are fired during the night, but this time they were fired in the middle of the day.

For Second Time This Month, Shiite Militia Leader Visits Lebanese Border with Israel

For the second time this month, a Shiite militia leader has posed on the Lebanese border with Israel, The Jerusalem Post reported Friday.

Al-Hajj Hamza, a commander of Liwa al-Baqir, a Hezbollah-allied Syrian militia trained by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was seen in pictures posted on social media showing him on the border with Israel. The militia is allied with Hezbollah.

Earlier this month, Qais al-Khazali, leader of the Iraqi militia Asaib Ahl al-Haq, along with members of his militia and Hezbollah, was seen in videos on the border with Israel.

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri called al-Khazali’s visit a violation of Lebanese law.

In response to the incident, Hariri’s office released a statement saying, “Hariri contacted the concerned military and security officials to conduct the necessary investigations … to prevent the person in the video from entering Lebanon.”

Aymenn al-Tamimi, a research fellow at the Middle East Forum said that Hamza’s trip to the Lebanese border with Israel possibly signaled two things. The visit was “in part a rebuke to Hariri over his anger about Khazali’s visit to the border area, but is also intended to antagonize Israel and remind it that in a future war with Hezbollah there will now be a large transnational network of Iranian-backed militias and fighters to support their Lebanese ally.”

Last year an Iranian general said that his country had assembled a Shiite army that “has the objective that, God willing, we will not have anything called Israel in 23 years.”

Israeli Study of Proteins Could Lead to Cure for Alzheimer's

Can neurodegenerative diseases such Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s actually be reversed? New research from Tel Aviv University suggests so. It all has to do with how proteins clump together in a cell.

Let’s use the example of an omelet to explain what’s going on.

To cook an omelet, you have to scramble an egg. Once scrambled, it can never go back to the original egg form. Physiological and chemical changes cause its chemical bonds to break and its proteins to aggregate, restructuring the egg entirely.

However, Tel Aviv University Prof. Martin Kupiec and Kobi Simpson-Lavy at the School of Molecular Cell Biology and Biotechnology recently published a paper in Molecular Cell about a novel form of protein aggregation that seems to be reversible.

Simpson-Lavy noticed that a particular protein he was studying, Std1, which is usually present inside a cell’s nucleus, would appear outside the nucleus in an aggregation whenever glucose was added to the cell.

When the glucose was removed, “the aggregate dissolves and the Std1 protein could be seen again in the nucleus,” Simpson-Lavy explains.

In other words, an irreversible aggregation could be reversed with something as simple as the presence (or lack) of a simple sugar.

“These results could open the way for possible future treatments that may try to change the aggregation from irreversible to reversible,” Kupiec says.

Or, as he adds with one eye in the lab and another in the kitchen, “it may still be possible to reconstruct an egg from an omelet.”

(via Israel21c)

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