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The Daily TIP: Nick Cave: Performing in Israel is a “Principled Stand” against Boycotters

Posted by Tip Staff - November 20, 2017

Nick Cave: Performing in Israel is a “Principled Stand” against Boycotters
Abbas Threat to Prosecute Israel Could Lead to Closure of PLO’s DC Office
Justice Department Set To Announce Charges Against Iranians in HBO Hacking Case
Bridesmaids at Serena Williams' Wedding Wore Israeli Designer Galia Lahav's Gowns

Nick Cave: Performing in Israel is a “Principled Stand” against Boycotters

Australian rocker Nick Cave spoke about his admiration for Israel and his decision to perform there as a stance against the anti-Semitic Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) movement, The Times of Israel reported Sunday.

Speaking at a press conference before his Sunday and Monday night sold-out performances in Tel Aviv, Cave told reporters that “I love Israel and I love Israeli people,” adding that he wanted to take “a principled stand against anyone who tries to censor and silence musicians. So really, you could say, in a way, that the BDS made me play Israel.”

The musician said he formed a special bond with the Jewish state during a trip years ago. “People speak about loving a nation, but I felt a kind of connection that I couldn’t really describe,” he said. Cave first visited Israel to play in a concert in 1993 and has returned twice since.

The musician explained, however, that he had not played in Israel for two decades because of pressure applied by members of the music industry that support BDS efforts. “If you do come here….you have to go through public humiliation from Roger Waters and his partners and no one wants to embarrass themselves publicly,” he stated.

But Cave maintained his pro-Israel position throughout the years and explained that he refused to sign an ‘Artists for Palestine’ petition, calling for artists to refrain from coming to Israel.

Radiohead played a concert in Tel Aviv, after lead singer Thom Yorke blasted BDS as "patronizing.”

Abbas Threat to Prosecute Israel Could Lead to Closure of PLO’s DC Office

In response to Palestinian calls for Israel to be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court, the Trump administration on Friday advised the Palestinian Authority (PA) that its PLO Mission in Washington D.C. will be closed unless the PA engages in "direct, meaningful negotiations with Israel."

The Secretary of State Rex Tillerson determined that "certain statements made by Palestinian leaders about the ICC," put the PA at odds with the existing law, the Associated Press reported.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas said in his September 2017 address at the United Nations, "we have called on the International Criminal Court to open an investigation and to prosecute Israeli officials for their involvement in settlement activities and aggressions against our people."

According to the State Department, should the PA engage in "direct, meaningful negotiations" with Israel within 90 days, the mission could be reopened and all U.S. restrictions on the PLO would be lifted.

In 1993, the PLO committed to negotiate with Israel and reject terror in its effort to achieve statehood. In 2011, Abbas wrote in an op-ed that he was seeking to "internationalize" the conflict and seek ways to "pave the way for us to pursue claims against Israel," instead of negotiating.

While refusing to negotiate with Israel, the Palestinians have pursued this policy of joining international organizations and treaties, and, by doing so, have adopted a "scorched earth" policy whereby the PA evades direct negotiations and instead hijacks the missions of international organizations to wage diplomatic warfare against Israel.

Justice Department Set to Announce Charges Against Iranians in HBO Hacking Case

In the wake of President Donald Trump's decision last month not to certify the nuclear deal with Iran, on grounds that the sanctions relief was not "appropriate and proportionate" to Iran's behavior, the Justice Department is poised to announce charges against several Iranian suspects in connection with HBO hack this past summer, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

Trump announced last month that he could not certify the deal. The deal, according to the Corker-Cardin legislation, now goes before Congress to determine how to proceed and whether or not to impose new sanctions on Iran.

Since the deal was implemented nearly two years ago Iran has been acting more aggressively in the Middle East, exerting greater control over Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, threatening American allies in the region, and coming close to completing a land bridge to the Mediterranean that would directly threaten Israel. Iran is also continuing development of its ballistic missile capability in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolution 2231 which implemented the nuclear deal and refusing to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect nuclear sites where it is suspected of developing technology for nuclear weapons.

The HBO hack was reported to have uncovered scripts of the popular Game of Thrones series and e-mails of a company executive. The hackers told news organizations that its goal was to extort money from the entertainment giant in exchange for not revealing additional proprietary information.

Bridesmaids at Serena Williams' Wedding Wore Israeli Designer Galia Lahav's Gowns

The entire bridal party at tennis star Serena Williams’ wedding on November 16 wore cream-colored custom gowns from the Galia Lahav bridal and evening couture design house in Tel Aviv.

Williams wed Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in New Orleans wearing a white dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, and changed into a Versace gown for the reception.

Her six attendants, including tennis champ sister Venus as maid of honor, were greeted with rounds of applause as they walked down the aisle bedecked in Galia Lahav creations made in Israel.

“She talked to all of us and just kind of let us have creative control as to what dress fit our personality,” bridesmaid Val Vogt told Vogue magazine.

Lahav is known for her “illusion” backs, cascading silk tulle skirts and Italian ivory lace details on gowns sewn in Israel and sold in more than 40 stores in Europe, Australia and the United States. She has frequent trunk shows across the world — this weekend in the United States, Germany, South Korea and Hong Kong.

(via Israel21c)

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