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The Daily TIP: Netanyahu: With his Anti-Peace Speech, Abbas Has “Torn Off the Mask”

Posted by Tip Staff - January 16, 2018

Netanyahu: With his Anti-Peace Speech, Abbas Has “Torn Off the Mask”
Israel Destroys Third Cross-Border Terror Tunnel in Recent Months
Netanyahu, Modi Sign Nine Agreements Boosting Israel, India Ties
Philippine School System to Implement Israeli Science Curriculum

Netanyahu: With his Anti-Peace Speech, Abbas Has “Torn Off the Mask”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacted to Sunday's angry speech by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, saying that the latter's rejection of United States-led peace efforts and charge that Israel is a "colonialist project" shows that Abbas has "torn off the mask," demonstrating that the biggest impediment to peace is the Palestinian rejection of Israel's right to exist, Ynet reported Monday.

Netanyahu said of Abbas, "He has revealed his true beliefs. He has torn off the mask and shown to the public the simple truth that I have been working to instill for many long years: The root of the conflict between us and the Palestinians is their steadfast refusal to recognize the Jewish state in any borders whatsoever."

In the widely-reported speech to the Palestinian Liberation Organization Central Committee, Abbas charged that Israel was “a colonial project that has nothing to do with Judaism." A report on the speech in The Times of Israel characterized the speech as representing Abbas's "understanding of the history of Zionism" and cast doubt on many of the PA leader's assertions.

Abbas's charge that Israel has nothing to do with Judaism echoes a sentiment in the Palestinian National Charter which asserted that "claims of historical or religious ties of Jews with Palestine are incompatible with the facts of history."

Abbas has, over the years along with many other Palestinian leaders, denied that there is any historical connection between Jews and the land of Israel, often denying that Jewish Temples ever stood in Jerusalem.

Israel Destroys Third Cross-Border Terror Tunnel in Recent Months

The Israeli military said Sunday it destroyed a border-crossing attack tunnel built by the Gaza-based terrorist organization Hamas, the third in recent months, that stretched from the Gaza Strip through Israel and into Egypt, the AP reported.

IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said the tunnel ran underneath the Kerem Shalom border crossing, Gaza’s main point of entry for humanitarian aid. “It was a terror tunnel designed to strike strategic Israel assets,” he observed.

“We completed the destruction of a third terror tunnel,” he told reporters early Sunday morning. “We understand this tunnel belongs to Hamas,” Conricus added, saying the military believed the terror group saw it as a “significant asset.”

The half-mile (900-meter) tunnel extended 200 yards (180 meters) into Israeli territory and hundreds of yards into Egypt. This would have allowed terrorists to use northern Sinai as a staging ground for attacks on Israel.

The army spokesperson credited the discovery and destruction of the tunnel to a combination of “cutting-edge” technology and intelligence. Conricus said the military had been monitoring its construction for some time and an imminent attack on Israelis was possible.

Sunday’s operation marked the third such tunnel Israel has destroyed over the past three months alone. On October 30, the army blew up an attack tunnel that belonged to the Iran-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group. On December 10, the military demolished a second tunnel, this one controlled by Hamas, the group in complete political and military control of Gaza.

Netanyahu, Modi Sign Nine Agreements Boosting Israel, India Ties

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a formal meeting with his Indian counterpart Monday as the two countries signed nine deals to boost bilateral relations.

Netanyahu and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the “dawn of a new era” in their relations after signing agreements in defense, agriculture and aviation.

In natural gas and oil, they agreed to strengthen cooperation in exploration, production and research and development. They will advance academic ties and start-ups. The two countries also signed cooperation deals in cyber-defense, security and science.

Netanyahu said after meeting Modi in Delhi that “India and Israel are living proof not only that democracy works but they demonstrate something deeper – the intrinsic value of freedom which I believe is the intrinsic value of life. India stands out in the community of nations because over 2,000 years the Jews of India have never experienced anti-Semitism as our people experienced in so many other lands. This is a tribute to your civilization, to your tolerance, to your humanity.”

In response, Modi said: “I have a reputation for being impatient to get results and so do you, PM Netanyahu. We will strengthen our cooperation in areas that affect the lives of our people — agriculture, science and technology and defense.”

Netanyahu said the two nations had great potential to work together to improve the lives of their citizens whilst Modi held out an invitation for “more and more Israeli people, businesses and companies to come and work in India.”

(via BICOM)

Philippine School System to Implement Israeli Science Curriculum

Davao, the Philippines’ second-largest largest city, has signed an agreement to implement the Israel Sci-Tech Schools’ i-STEAM education model in one of its public high schools as a model for the rest of the city’s high schools.

The i-STEAM curriculum adds innovation and arts (creativity and humanities) to traditional STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education to prepare students for the jobs of the future. Business organization, marketing and entrepreneurship components also were added to the curriculum.

Israel Sci-Tech Schools, encompassing 206 institutions and 100,000 students, has received international interest — including from the World Bank — for using i-STEAM to transform underperforming schools across Israel, particularly in poorer parts of the county.

The curriculum won the European Training Foundation’s Good Practice Award and has been adopted by schools in Europe and in the United States. Partnerships in other countries including China are expected next.

The Philippines program, called “Excellence in Education: A Lighthouse Project,” is a pilot collaboration between the city and the school network, supported by the Embassy of Israel in the Philippines and coordinated through the national Department of Education’s Davao City Schools Division and the Pass It Forward Foundation.

“Our unique curriculum helps students become the leaders of tomorrow and our hope is that our partnership with Davao City will allow their students to establish themselves as future leaders in technology and innovation,” said Zvi Peleg, director-general of Israel Sci-Tech Schools.

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