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The Daily TIP: Netanyahu Exhorts Security Council to “Condemn Hezbollah's Wanton Acts of Aggression"

Posted by Tip Staff - December 19, 2018

Netanyahu Exhorts Security Council to “Condemn Hezbollah's Wanton Acts of Aggression"
Germany Slammed for Funding PA Textbooks that Glorify Terrorists and Incite Against Israel
Dutch Parliament Cuts Aid to PA by 7% Due to Terror Funding
Artists from Around the World and Israel Participate in Jerusalem Art Festival

Netanyahu Exhorts Security Council to “Condemn Hezbollah's Wanton Acts of Aggression"

Ahead of the United Nations Security Council open meeting on Hezbollah, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the council "to condemn Hezbollah's wanton acts of aggression," in a speech he delivered Wednesday.

Prior to Netanyahu's speech, IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus explained how the army detected the fourth tunnel. Israel was able to determine the location of the tunnel, in part, due to changes in the terrain in Lebanon, including the burning of a tree, and its subsequent absence in a field of vegetation.

The prime minister quickly got to the point, after mentioning that since Israel's Operation Northern Shield started two weeks ago, the IDF has uncovered four Hezbollah attack tunnels. He said that Hezbollah's "goal has been to penetrate our territory, to kidnap our people, including civilians, murder civilians and conquer the northern piece of the Galilee."

Netanyahu noted that this violation of Israeli sovereignty constituted a breach of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701, and that UNIFIL, the UN's peacekeeping force on the border of Israel and Lebanon, had confirmed the existence of the tunnels and ruled that they violated 1701.

The Israeli leader said that given Hezbollah's breach of a Security Council Resolution, the international community must respond.

He said that Wednesday's Security Council meeting had been called at his request. Netanyahu also called on the Security Council "to condemn Hezbollah's wanton acts of aggression; to designate Hezbollah, in its entirety, as a terrorist organization; to press for heightened sanctions against Hezbollah; to demand that Lebanon stop allowing its territory to be used as an act of aggression and its citizens to be used as pawns; to support Israel's right to defend itself against Iranian-inspired and Iranian-conducted aggression."

Germany Slammed for Funding PA Textbooks that Glorify Terrorists and Incite Against Israel

The German government has come under fire for funding Palestinian schoolbooks that praise martyrdom and glorify Palestinian terrorists such as Dalal Mughrabi, who was involved in the murder 38 Israelis, including 13 children, in 1978.

Benjamin Weinthal reported in The Jerusalem Post that a member of the federal parliament urged Chancellor Angela Merkel's administration on Monday to explain why taxpayer funds are being used to sponsor Palestinian incitement against Israel and Jews.

Frank Müller-Rosentritt, an MP for the Free Democratic Party, wrote on his Twitter feed: “Unbelievable, children should receive an education for a better future, not be educated for hate and violence? Federal government must provide an explanation. German tax money should not flow into terror propaganda.”

Germany has allocated €32 million ($36.5 million) to the PA over a four-year period. “We support an independent investigation of Palestinian school books,” said a spokesperson for the German government, adding “The results are already expected in early 2019.”

The British Department for International Development also was criticized this week for politicizing a review of incitement against Jews in Palestinian textbooks, after it was revealed that the investigation will also include an assessment of Israeli textbooks.

The problem of incitement in PA textbooks prompted the European Union's Parliament to pass legislation in April of this year that would prohibit EU aid from funding anti-Israel texts.

Last year, Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) reported that PA textbooks had become even “more radical,” despite assurances from the PA Ministry of Education that they hadn’t. Marcus Sheff, CEO of IMPACT-se, observed, “There is clear evidence of a strategy of radicalization of young Palestinians, devised and implemented by the ministry, which includes a commitment to an Arab Palestine encompassing the entirety of Israel.”

Dutch Parliament Cuts Aid to PA by 7% Due to Terror Funding

The Netherlands passed a binding resolution on Monday to cut 7 percent of assistance to the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 2019, JNS reported. The Dutch parliament voted 94-56 in favor of the motion.

The 7 percent cut in aid reflects the exact percentage of the PA’s budget spent on terror payments and comes after a series of deadly attacks in Israel that wounded and killed dozens. The PA runs a so-called "pay to slay" program under which terrorists and their families receive generous financial rewards for killing Jews.

“The need for such steps by foreign donors is as relevant as ever as the PA just added four new terrorists’ families to its growing terror rewards payroll,” said Nan Zilberdik, a senior analyst at Palestinian Media Watch. “One terrorist shot a pregnant woman, forcing an emergency delivery, but the newborn son died a few days later.”

Zilberdik continued: “Another terrorist murdered two of his Israeli co-workers. The other two terrorists were killed while attempting to kill Israelis. The families of the four terrorists will now receive monthly allowances for life.”

He said he hoped “the Dutch decision will serve as a precedent for other European parliaments.”

JNS reported Wednesday, that despite growing criticism of the practice, the PA allocated more than $319 million for its "pay to slay" program, which rewards terrorists who killed Israelis, and provides stipends to their families, in 2018.

In September, Belgium cut its aid to the Palestinian Education Ministry, after the PA named a school for notorious terrorist Dalal Mugrabi. The Belgian Education Ministry released a statement saying, "As long as school names are used to glorify terrorism, Belgium can no longer cooperate with the Palestinian Education Ministry and will not give out budgets for the construction of schools.”

Artists from Around the World and Israel Participate in Jerusalem Art Festival

Nineteen artists from around the world have joined 20 Israeli artists for a two-week “ArtBnB” residency in Jerusalem, creating works around the clock in the public space and giving master classes and workshops.

A wandering exhibition on December 20 showcases all the products of the collaborative initiative based at three cultural centers in the heart of Jerusalem – HaMiffal, Beita and the Muslala Terrace on the fourth floor of the Clal Building commercial center.

The selected artists work in a variety of media: painting, sculpture, installation, cinema, sound, theatre, performance, photography, architecture, conceptual art, land art, interventions in the public space, and so on. Participants were chosen by an artistic committee that included the directors of the host cultural centers, and project managers.

“In recent years Jerusalem has experienced an artistic momentum. The ArtBnB project connects Jerusalem to the main artery of the global art scene, and gives artists from abroad the opportunity to live and work in Jerusalem, collaborate with local artists, and leave their mark on the public space around them,” said Shlomo Levy, head of the Jerusalem Municipality Youth Authority.

Participating artists from abroad are Anne Albagli (San Francisco), Michael Beitz (Boulder, Colorado), Francisco Baccaro (Lisbon), Monika Drożyńska (Krakow), Roman Ermakov (Moscow), Marina Fridman and Yuma Yanagisawa (Canada), Lola Gaynutdinova (Kharkov), Amirabbas Gudarzi (Vienna), Lenore Mizrachi-Cohen and Yasmin Gur (New York), Joaquín Jara (Barcelona), Katja Jug (Zurich), Ronnie Kommené (London), Chebet Lesan (Nairobi), Eileen Levinson (Los Angeles), Lieke van der Made (Amsterdam), Sascha Roesler (Zurich) and Octavi Serra (Girona, Spain).

Israeli participating artists are Noa Arad Yairi, Hadas Golan, Tomas Goldsmit, Gilad Grinberg, Daniel Nahmias, Ola Savchuk, Paul Taylor, Nir Artzi, Shem Barel, Hana Ben Haim Yulzeri, Yifat Shtainmetz Hirst, Amit Trainin, Anan Adnan Hamdan, Einat Amir, Galia Armeland, Dorian Levin, Daria Lior-Shoshani, Hadas Ofrat, Matan Pinkas and Tami Zeri.

ArtBnB is a cooperative venture of HaMiffal, the Youth Authority in Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Development Authority and Eden.

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