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The Daily TIP: NC County Official on Sarsour Speech: "Other Well-Qualified Women" Could Give Talk Instead

Posted by Tip Staff - March 22, 2019

NC County Official on Sarsour Speech: "Other Well-Qualified Women" Could Give Talk Instead
Women's March Leader Blames Jews for NZ Mosque Terror Attacks
In Historic Settlement, California State University Admits Zionism is Part of Jewish Identity
Israeli Veterinarian Performs Emergency Surgery on Gazan's Parrot

NC County Official on Sarsour Speech: "Other Well-Qualified Women" Could Give Talk Instead

Linda Sarsour will be the keynote speaker on March 31 in Hillsborough, North Carolina at an event sponsored by Orange County's Department of Human Rights & Relations and The Orange County Human Relations Commission (HRC) of NC “in honor of women’s history month.” The event will be a part of the “Courageous Conversations” series.

Orange County Commissioner Earl McKee told me, “The Human Relations Commission extended the invitation and she [Sarsour] will be paid $5000 plus expenses.” McKee continued, “I only know that I had no part of any of this and am sure that many other well-qualified women could have been asked to speak. Perhaps a question to the Chair at the meeting on April 2nd would be appropriate although I doubt you would get an answer…This type of conduct will continue until folks rise up and put a stop to it, either through public pressure or at the polls.”

A former HRC chair told me that Sarsour is being paid an “extreme amount of money” to be a guest speaker at the Hillsborough event.

In a press release, Orange County announced it suggested that Sarsour speak on the topic of “Intersectional Feminism.” Sarsour’s intersectional feminism is obsessed with demonizing and delegitimizing Israel – the only Jewish majority country on the planet and the only democracy in the Middle East. For example, Sarsour has declared that Zionists cannot be feminists, alienating many Jewish women. Having gained fame and power as a Women’s March organizer, Sarsour uses this position to promote boycotting Israel as an intersectional feminist cause.

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Women's March Leader Blames Jews for NZ Mosque Terror Attacks

Bob Bland, one of the original chairs of the Women's March on Washington, appears to have blamed the American Jewish establishment's objections to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks as the cause of the far-right mosque attacks in New Zealand last week.

Bland shared a post by activist Jesse Rabinowitz on her Facebook page Sunday in which he claimed that “the same language and hate that folks spew against Sisters Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar killed 54 Muslim's [sic] in New Zealand.”

Rabinowitz continued: “You can't stand in solidarity with the Muslim community and simultaneously disavow Muslim women for speaking their truths.

“American Jewish Establishment, I'm looking at you.”

Bland shared the post after the Women’s March has been embroiled in months of controversy over allegations of anti-Semitism. Tablet Magazine reported in December that during the first meeting of the Women’s March in November 2016, leaders of the organization endorsed virulent anti-Semitic tropes, claiming that Jews were “leaders of the American slave trade” and “bore a special collective responsibility as exploiters of black and brown people.”

Zioness Movement, a progressive female Zionist organization, sharply criticized Bland for blaming Jews for the far-right terrorist attack in New Zealand.

“Women's March, Inc. is attacking Jews again. Somehow, we still aren’t desensitized to their never-ending cycle of deeply anti-Semitic slurs,” the group said on its Facebook page Thursday.

“Calling out antisemitism is not bigotry against Muslims,” the organization stressed in a statement. “We’ve witnessed this enough times: the zero-sum game these women are playing literally leads to horror. Jews and Muslims are in fact targeted by the same heinous actors within the white nationalist movement across the globe, which is why Jews and Muslims of conscience have come together in solidarity during crises like we witnessed in Christchurch and in Pittsburgh.”

Read more at The Tower.

In Historic Settlement, California State University Admits Zionism is Part of Jewish Identity

California State University (CSU) has settled a landmark lawsuit – Volk. v. Board of Trustees – with two Jewish students regarding anti-Semitism, issuing a statement Wednesday acknowledging Zionism’s importance to Jewish identity, the Jewish Journal reported.

Liam Kern and Charles Volk, two San Francisco State University students (SFSU), sued the CSU Board of Trustees and SFSU for allegedly engaging in anti-Semitism against them. The students charged that officials had prevented the campus Hillel chapter from participating in an event called “Know Your Rights.”

Kern and Volk also alleged that the university failed to effectively respond to anti-Semitic incidents on campus – a violation of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act, they argued. The students were represented by The Lawfare Project and Winston & Strawn LLP.

As part of the settlement, CSU agreed to issue a statement affirming “it understands that, for many Jews, Zionism is an important part of their identity” and to protect the rights of all students at SFSU, including Jewish and pro-Israel students.

SFSU must also hire a coordinator for Jewish student life and refer cases of religious discrimination to an outside investigator, in addition to allocating $200,000 toward “educational outreach efforts to support education outreach efforts to promote viewpoint diversity.”

“California State University’s public recognition that Zionism is an integral part of Jewish identity represents a major victory for Jewish students at SFSU and across the country,” Lawfare Project executive director Brooke Goldstein said in a statement. “Today, we have ensured that SFSU will put in place important protections for Jewish and Zionist students to prevent continued discrimination. We are confident that this will change the campus climate for the better.”

Read more at The Tower.

Israeli Veterinarian Performs Emergency Surgery on Gazan's Parrot

Gaza resident Abdullah Sharaf doesn’t know much Hebrew. But he knew that Israelis would be better equipped than local veterinarians to save his African Grey parrot, Koki, who had a life-endangering hole in his throat after accidentally swallowing bleach.

Veterinarians in Gaza advised him to euthanize Koki. Refusing to give up on his prized pet, Sharaf found Israeli wildlife sanctuary L’Maan Chayot Bar (For the Wildlife) on Facebook and sent a message in Arabic. The sanctuary’s owner, Avihu Sherwood, used Facebook’s Google Translate feature to read the message in Hebrew.

Sherwood immediately called Dr. Shlomit Levy, the only veterinarian in Israel solely dedicated to the care of parrots and other birds.

“I said, ‘Sure, I’ll come,’” Levy tells ISRAEL21c.

Levy, as well as Sherwood and veterinarian Dr. Ofer Zadok – who lent his mobile clinic to the cause — had to apply for permits just to get to the Erez border crossing on the Israeli side of the boundary. They had the necessary papers within 24 hours.

An official from the Israeli government’s COGAT (Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories) agency came to the rescue, going over the border to take the year-old exotic parrot from its anxious owner and bring it to Levy in the mobile veterinary clinic.

All communication between Sharaf and Sherwood was via Facebook Messenger in two languages.

Sherwood and Zadok assisted Levy in the lifesaving surgery, which took under an hour. She would have liked to take Koki to her Ra’anana clinic to watch his progress and administer antibiotics, but that was not possible.

But the message Levy wants to emphasize from the Koki incident is all about human beings.

“I want people in Gaza to see that we in Israel really do care for them, and I want people in Israel to see that there are real people on the other side of the border — people who care for their pets just like Israelis do.”

(via Israel21c)

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