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The Daily TIP: Israel Offers to Share Water Technology with Iranian People to Save “Countless” Lives

Posted by Tip Staff - June 11, 2018

Israel Offers to Share Water Technology with Iranian People to Save “Countless” Lives
Hezbollah Flags, Speech Calling for Israel to be "Wiped from the Map," Mark London's Quds Day March
Israel Accuses Hezbollah of Arming, Training Hamas
Intel Announces Israeli-Developed 8th Generation Processors

Israel Offers to Share Water Technology with Iranian People to Save “Countless” Lives

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made what he termed an "unprecedented" offer to Iran - or to the people of Iran - whom he described as "victims of a cruel and tyrannical regime that denies them vital water." Netnyahu offered to share Israeli water saving technologies with them, in a two-minute video released Sunday.

In order to help Iranians, Netanyahu announced the launch of a Farsi-language website with instructions on how to extend their water resources.

Citing Iran's meteorological association, Netanyahu explained that 96% of Iran suffers from some level of drought meaning that some "50 million Iranians could be forced out of their homes due to environmental damage."

He added that "millions of Iranian children are suffering due to mismanagement, to incompetence, and the theft of vital resources by the Iranian regime."

Netanyahu explained that Israel had the knowledge necessary to "prevent environmental catastrophe in Iran," and was willing to "share this information with the people of Iran."

However, because Iran won't allow Israelis to visit, Netanyahu said, that Israel would have to be "creative."

"We will launch a Farsi website with detailed plans how Iranians can recycle their waste-water," Netanyahu explained. "We will show how Iranian farmers can save their crops and feed their families."

"The Iranian regime says, 'Death to Israel.'" Netanyahu continued, "In response Israel shouts, "Life to the Iranian people.'"

The prime minister concluded by saying that the "good and decent" Iranian people "shouldn't have to face such a cruel regime alone." Israel, he said, is "with you."

Hezbollah Flags, Speech Calling for Israel to be "Wiped from the Map," Mark London's Quds Day March

Flags of the Iranian-backed, Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah were waved at Sunday's annual Al-Quds march in central London, where one speaker said Israel should be "wiped from the map,” The Jewish Chronicle reported.

Addressing the crowd, Shaikh Mohammad Saeed Bahmanpour vowed that Zionists' “days are numbered.” Nazim Hussein Ali, who charged last year that there was a connection between the Grenfell Tower fire in London and “Zionists,” once again led the march.

Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters chanted “free, free Palestine” beneath the yellow flag which is adorned with an automatic gun. Some wore badges which read “Free Palestine Boycott Israel.” Their banners said, “End The Killing, End Israeli Apartheid” and “Stop Gaza Genocide.”

In between the speeches, protesters burned the Israeli flag.

London police had confirmed earlier this month that they would not stop protesters from flying the Hezbollah flag. London's mayor, Sadiq Khan, had called on the Home Office to ban the organization's flags, however because Britain only designated Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist organization, authorities said they had no legal ground.

Hendon MP Matthew Offord said: “We should not have to be here on the streets of London protesting against a terrorist flag.” He added: “We hear there are two wings to Hezbollah, the political wing and the military wing. There is not.”

Some 200 counter-protesters yelled “the hate-filled flag of Hezbollah has no place in London”. Some held banners which read, “Standing United Against Terror” and “Terrorist Flags Off Our Streets.”

Israel Accuses Hezbollah of Arming, Training Hamas

Israel accused Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terrorist group based in Lebanon, of arming and training Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip bordering southern Israel, The Jerusalem Post reported Sunday.

The Post cited a report that appeared in the Lebanese paper Al Joumhouria that said that Israel had sent a letter to the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly charging that the two terror groups were building missile factories and bases for training thousands of fighters.

The letter requested that the U.N. intervened because the activities of the two terror groups constituted a "blatant violation" of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah, and stipulated that there should be no armed groups in Lebanon except for the army.

"We are witnessing the implications of the Hamas terror regime in Gaza and now Hamas is strengthening its ties with Hezbollah. With the approval and support of Iran, Hamas is working to establish its capabilities in Lebanese territory as well,” the Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon said.

“The cooperation between Hezbollah and Hamas crosses borders. Israel does not intend to sit idly when facing new and old threats and will do whatever is necessary to protect its citizens,” he added.

According to the report, deputy leader of Hamas Saleh al-Arouri, who is based in Lebanon, regularly meets with Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah to coordinate the military and political campaigns of the two terror groups.

Intel Announces Israeli-Developed 8th Generation Processors

At COMPUTEX Taipei 2018 this week, Intel announced the launch this fall of two new-generation processors developed in Israel: the Whiskey Lake for laptops and Amber Lake for 2-in-1 computers.

These processors will enable a double-digit performance improvement and support 1Gbps surfing. They’ll be integrated into 140 models of computers, according to a statement from Intel.

Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake are part of the mobile lineup of eighth-generation Intel Core processor family and will be released in October 2018.

“With Intel’s 50th anniversary next month, it’s a perfect time to celebrate one of the most important technologies of Intel’s legacy: the PC. As we transition to the data-centric era, the PC remains a critical facet of Intel’s business, and it’s an area where we believe there are still so many opportunities ahead,” said Intel Corporate Vice President Gregory Bryant.

Intel established a presence in Israel in 1974 in Haifa with five employees. Today the company directly employs about 10,000 Israelis at development centers in Haifa, Yakum, Petah Tikva and Jerusalem, as well as manufacturing-related facilities in Kiryat Gat and Jerusalem. Some 60% of Intel’s Israeli employees are in R&D, while half support high-volume manufacturing of microprocessors that power the world’s computing devices.

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