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The Daily TIP: Intel Drones Put on a Light Show for Israel Independence Day

Posted by Tip Staff - April 19, 2018

Intel Drones Put on a Light Show for Israel Independence Day
Arab-Israeli, Who Was Wearing a Jewish Head Covering as "Experiment," Attacked in Germany
Israel Prevents Possible Independence Day Terror Attack
Fox Adapting Israeli TV Show; Two Other Series Win Awards at Cannes

Intel Drones Put on a Light Show for Israel Independence Day

Three hundred drones, made and operated by chip-making giant Intel, entertained the crowd at Mt. Herzl Wednesday night with a light show celebrating Israel's 70th anniversary of its independence, Haaretz reported. The 300 drones, called "Shooting Stars" by Intel, used in the display are lightweight, just 330 grams, and can be controlled by a single operator thanks to special technology. The drones are capable of displaying over 4 billion color combinations.

The drones assembled into a multicolored or blue and white image, then disassembled, and reassembled into the next image. Among the images seen during the display were profile of Theodor Herzl, the father modern political Zionism; a boy holding an Israeli flag; an olive tree; a dove with an olive branch; four Jerusalem landmarks; and, finally, a Jewish star, which was later joined by the number "7."

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich was in Israel for the celebration of Israel's anniversary.

“I am excited to be in Israel on Independence Day, in Jerusalem, and to participate in this exciting event,” Krzanich said in a statement. “This year, in 2018, Intel marks its 50th anniversary and the State of Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary. This is a double and moving birthday.”

Intel opened its first Israeli location in 1974 and has invested over $17 billion in Israel since then. It employs 11,000 people in its Kiryat Gat manufacturing plant and three R&D centers, which are located in Haifa, Petah Tikva, and Jerusalem.

Arab-Israeli, Who Was Wearing a Jewish Head Covering as "Experiment," Attacked in Germany

A victim of an anti-Semitic attack in Germany said he’s an Arab-Israeli, who wore a skullcap as an “experiment” to prove wrong a friend who said that wearing Jewish religious symbols in public was unsafe in Germany.

The Times of Israel reported that, in a twist to the story, the Israeli victim later told German media that he had grown up in an Arab family in Israel and was not himself Jewish.

"I'm not Jewish, I'm an Israeli, I grew up in Israel in an Arab family,” Adam Armush said. “It was an experience for me to wear the skullcap and go out into the street,” he added, saying he refused to believe a friend that it was dangerous to dress as a Jew in Germany.

Armush and his friend were harassed in the Prenzlauer Berg area on Monday while wearing skullcaps. A video of the incident, which was later shared on social media, shows the attacker hitting the men with his belt, while shouting "Yehudi!" or Jew, in Arabic.

"I'm surprised something like this happened to me. I'm still in shock," Armush told Israel's Kan television channel. "

"One of them ran at me," Armush explained. "I immediately felt it was important to film because I didn't think we could catch him before police arrived."

A 19-year-old Syrian asylum seeker of Palestinian heritage turned himself in to police on Thursday. Police said the suspect had already been identified from the footage.

Israel Prevents Possible Independence Day Terror Attack

Inspectors discovered explosives hidden in a truck, possibly intended for a large-scale terror attack during Israel's Independence Day, at a checkpoint in the northern West Bank, The Times of Israel reported Wednesday.

In addition to merchandise intended for Israeli settlements, inspectors found explosives in the roof of the truck according to Israel's Ministry of Defense. Sappers defused the bomb.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman commended the “vigilance and professionalism” of the inspectors, saying that their efforts “led to the exposure of an explosive device and to the thwarting of a large-scale terror attack on our 70th Independence Day.”

The chief of the Defense Ministry's Crossings Authority, Erez Zidon, said that he was “proud of the inspectors who acted exactly as we would expect, first identifying the suspicious truck and then identifying the smuggling attempt, which turned to be an explosive device — probably meant for a terror attack during Independence Day.”

In a separate incident, a Palestinian man was arrested by police at the Qalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem. The man, a resident of Gaza who was apparently living in the West Bank, admitted that he had intended to carry out a stabbing attack.

Fox Adapting Israeli TV Show; Two Other Series Win Awards at Cannes

The latest in a long string of Israeli TV formats picked up by Hollywood studios is “Nevsu,” a primetime series about an Israeli family headed by an Ethiopian father and Ashkenazi mother.

For American viewers, the Fox TV network is renaming the show “Culture Clash” as a pilot focusing on a blended family created by an Ethiopian refugee (played by Biniam Bizuneh) and a white Midwestern woman (Beth Behrs) in Minnesota.

“Nevsu” creators Yosi Vasa, Shai Ben-Atar and Liat Shavi have a hand in producing “Culture Clash” along with “Empire” and “Monster’s Ball” producer Lee Daniels and “Modern Family” executive producer Vali Chandrasekaran.

Meanwhile, earlier this week Israeli TV shows won two of the five awards at the inaugural Canneseries festival in France: “When Heroes Fly” (best series) and “Miguel” (best special performance).

(via Israel21c)

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