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The Daily TIP: In "Special Initiative," German Painter Renovates Apartments of Israeli Holocaust Survivors

Posted by Tip Staff - October 12, 2018

In "Special Initiative," German Painter Renovates Apartments of Israeli Holocaust Survivors
For First Time in Nearly 20 Years, U.S. Navy Ship Docks at Ashdod Port
Pompeo: Paris Bombing Plot "Lay Bare" Iran's Continued Support for Terror
Tel Aviv's Shuk Levinsky Ranked as One of the World's Best Markets by Condé Nast Traveler

In "Special Initiative," German Painter Renovates Apartments of Israeli Holocaust Survivors

A German professional house painter travels to Israel once or twice a year, where together with other professional German craftsmen, he renovates for free the apartments of Holocaust survivors.

The heart-warming story was shared by Rabbi Zalmen Wishedsk on social media on Monday in a post that has since gone viral. The painter, introduced as 54-year-old Roland from the south of Germany, is seen smiling in the window seat on a flight from Switzerland to Israel in a photo shared by Rabbi Wishedsk.

Roland described his work in Israel as extremely rewarding and redeeming because it brings joy to those who survived the worst atrocity in the history of the Jewish people. For him, it’s important to show that Germany is not the same country it was 70 years ago and to foster a dialogue between the Israeli and German peoples.

According to Roland, some of the Holocaust survivors even speak to him in German, a language many of them had refused to speak for many decades.

Rabbi Wishedsk, in an interview with Tablet Magazine, said his meeting with Roland happened on Monday on a 6:15 flight from Basel to Tel Aviv. The painter, he explained, volunteers with a non-for-profit organization called “Zum Leben,” which seeks to strengthen bilateral ties between Germany and Israel through social and cultural initiatives. On their website, the group says, “The Saxon Friends of Israel help Jews personally, Jewish organizations and Christian partners in Israel.”

The rabbi, who was born in Israel but now works with Chabad in Basel, Switzerland, told the magazine that, “I think it’s a very special initiative.” He said that Roland would be spending four weeks in Israel and had been volunteering in the country for the past five years.

For First Time in Nearly 20 Years, U.S. Navy Ship Docks at Ashdod Port

The U.S.S. Ross became the first United States Navy ship to dock at Israel's port of Ashdod, underscoring the "deep alliance" between the U.S. and Israel, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Reuters reported Thursday.

While U.S. Navy ships usually prefer to dock in Haifa, the choice of Ashdod "potentially signaled Washington’s interest in broadened berthing options for its Mediterranean Sixth Fleet," Reuters noted.

"We are here for the first visit by an American destroyer to Ashdod in 19 years. This visit is very significant. It symbolizes the deep alliance between Israel and the United States," Netanyahu said in remarks aboard the ship.

"This destroyer operates against the terror in Syria, and the alliance between Israel and the United States is very tight in so many fields but it is especially tight in the security field."

The prime minister added that the docking of the Ross at an Israeli port showed President Donald Trump's "full support" of Israel's determination to defend itself from an Iranian military presence in Syria.

In a similar vein, U.S. Sixth Fleet spokesman Commander Kyle Raines told Reuters that the destroyer's visit "reinforces the strong and enduring partnership between our two nations."

Commander David Coles, the commander of the Ross, introduced Netanyahu to offer remarks in honor of the Navy's 243rd birthday and recalled his first visit to Israel when he was a graduate student. Coles said the allliance between the U.S. and Israel “is born of shared values and vision. It is personal.”

In his remarks, Netanyahu paid tribute to the role the service plays in protecting freedom around the world.

Pompeo: Paris Bombing Plot "Lay Bare" Iran's Continued Support for Terror

After France accused Iran's Ministry of Intelligence of plotting a bomb attack on an exiled opposition group's rally outside of Paris, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that the plan “lays bare Iran’s continued support of terrorism throughout Europe,” and justifies the Trump administration’s re-imposition of sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Pompeo praised Germany's decision a day prior to extradite an Iranian diplomat to Belgium on charges of his alleged role in the bomb plot. The Iranian official, Assadollah Assadi, who worked for the Islamic Republic’s mission in Austria, stands accused of handing a bomb to attackers who were targeting Iranian opposition supporters in France.

“The scale of this plot, which involved arrests of numerous suspects across Europe – including in Belgium, France and Germany – reminds us that Iran remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism,” Pompeo said. “We support our European allies in exposing and countering the threat that Iranian-backed terrorism poses around the world.”

The State Department recently released a report on Iran’s “destructive activities,” highlighting the country’s role as the leading state sponsor of terrorism.

“After a brief lull in the 1990s and early 2000s, Iran has ramped up its active involvement in worldwide terrorist plotting and attacks, with numerous terrorist operations uncovered or disrupted in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia since 2009,” asserts the report.

The paper was published on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York last month, where the Trump administration lobbied European allies to support nuclear-related sanctions.

Tel Aviv's Shuk Levinsky Ranked as One of the World's Best Markets by Condé Nast Traveler

Condé Nast Traveler included Tel Aviv’s Levinsky Market (Shuk Levinsky) in its list of “The Best Antique Stores and Flea Markets, According to the Pros,” published September 21.

“Across the globe, from Tel Aviv to Sicily, lie nondescript storefronts, one-day-a-week markets, and crumbling warehouses filled with the sort of treasures most of us never knew to covet. So we turned to the people who scour these places for a living — interior decorators, prop stylists, designers — for their best-kept secret spots for scoring your favorite souvenirs,” wrote Lale Arikoglu and Mara Balagtas.

“Shuk Levinsky is my favorite market in Tel Aviv,” reported one of their consulted experts, travel and fashion maven Leora Elituv, who splits her time between Tel Aviv and New York City and runs a swimsuit and intimates business called Kisuii (Cover).

“I love going there on a Friday morning, as it’s full of energy as people prep for Shabbat,” Elituv told the magazine about the market adjacent to the hipster Florentin neighborhood. “Look for dried fruits, coffee, and nuts, mostly of Greek, Persian, and Balkan origins. Plus, they have the best and most exotic spices in the city!”

She added that Levinsky Market is “a local gem” that is “lesser known to tourists” than other Israeli outdoor markets such as Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market or Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda.

The other seven markets that made the list are in Pennsylvania, Mexico City, London, Sicily, Peru and Kyoto.,

(via Israel21c)

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