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The Daily TIP: Hezbollah Officials, Advanced Missile Parts Targeted in Reported Israeli Airstrikes on Damascus

Posted by Tip Staff - December 26, 2018

Hezbollah Officials, Advanced Missile Parts Targeted in Reported Israeli Airstrikes on Damascus
Germany Won't Grant Foreign Aid to Organizations That Promote Anti-Semitism
IDF Destroys Fifth Hezbollah Terror Tunnel, as PM Netanyahu Says Northern Shield is “Mostly Behind Us”
Israeli Chef Re-Opens Flagship New York Restaurant

Hezbollah Officials, Advanced Missile Parts Targeted in Reported Israeli Airstrikes on Damascus

Airstrikes, attributed to Israel, targeted some officials of Hezbollah, as well as a shipment of GPS components that would make the terrorist group's arsenal more accurate, Ynet reported Wednesday.

Based on a report in Newsweek citing an unnamed senior Israeli military officer, Ynet reported that there were several airstrikes around the Damascus airport targeting arms depots and that the Hezbollah officials had just boarded a plane when it was struck.

Newsweek's source also said that Israelis had targeted advanced GPS components that would have allowed Hezbollah to transform rockets in its arsenal into precision-guided missiles, making them more of a threat to Israel.

Three weeks ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that despite Hezbollah's efforts to upgrade the accuracy of its rocket arsenal, Israeli efforts had managed to limit the terrorist group to just "a few dozen," rather than the thousands that Hezbollah Chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah intended.

According to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the reported Israeli airstrikes targeted three weapons depots in Damascus and injured three Syrian soldiers.

On Tuesday, a Fars Air Qeshm 747 flew from Tehran to Damascus, reportedly to transfer soldiers and arms to Syria, landing at the Damascus International Airport 7:45 in the evening. The airline is associated with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

"I told President Putin that we are continuing our policy: We will not allow Iran to establish a military presence in Syria," Netanyahu told a cabinet meeting two weeks ago. "We will continue to take action against the precision weapons in Lebanon, and we will complete the operation to foil the tunnel threat."

Germany Won't Grant Foreign Aid to Organizations That Promote Anti-Semitism

The German government has announced that it will not back organizations that operate abroad unless they sign contracts to ensure they don’t engage in anti-Semitic activity. The country’s Commissioner for anti-Semitism made the announcement on Thursday.

Dr. Felix Klein, who took on the newly created post in May and works for the German Interior Ministry, said foreign aid will be conditioned on combating anti-Semitism by having organizations enter into binding contracts.

The official confirmed that these contracts will extend to German-funded projects in Palestinian cities and “all over the world.”

According to the new policy, any organization found to have been promoting anti-Semitic activity or failing to act to ensure that its funding does not support such activity will be denied further aid by the German state.

Dr. Klein also said that he would push for the amendment of Germany’s anti-discrimination law to include that foreign entities would not be allowed to show bias against Israelis on Germany territory.

The official alluded to a case in which Kuwait Airways had to pay a “substantial” settlement to an Israeli woman whom it had refused to board a flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok. A lawsuit filed against the carrier in Germany was dismissed by the court, which said the case did not violate the current language of the law.

Dr. Klein also unveiled a new center to allow German citizens to report acts of anti-Semitism. Germany already operates such a center in Berlin, but the new institution will have an online reporting mechanism and is slated to have offices nationwide.

IDF Destroys Fifth Hezbollah Terror Tunnel, as PM Netanyahu Says Northern Shield is “Mostly Behind Us”

The IDF announced that it had located and destroyed a fifth cross-border terror tunnel built by Hezbollah just after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Operation Northern Shield, the effort to protect northern Israel from the tunnel threat, is "mostly behind us."

The Israeli military announced that it had located and neutralized the latest tunnel a few days ago, The Times of Israel reported Wednesday.

The IDF said that it had reported the existence and destruction of the tunnel to UNIFIL, the United Nations peacekeeping force in the area. The army also said that it held the Lebanese government responsible for the tunnel, which was a "blatant violation" of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. The resolution ended the 2006 war between Israel and Hezbollah and prohibited the operation of any armed groups near the Israeli border except for the Lebanese army.

On a tour of Israel's northern border with the security cabinet, Netanyahu said, "This operation is almost entirely behind us,” The Times of Israel reported Tuesday.

“There is exceptional work being carried out here that has disarmed the Hezbollah tunnels,” the prime minister added. “It [Hezbollah] invested heavily in it and we destroyed it.”

However, a senior IDF officer suggested that the operation still had a ways to go, telling journalists, "We are not restricted by time. It can take days, weeks, months. We will find all of them."

Three weeks ago, Israel announced that it was launching Operation Northern Shield to seek and destroy the terror tunnels that Hezbollah had built, allowing terrorists to cross into Israel from Lebanon.

After the first tunnel was discovered, a senior IDF officer said that the Israeli army assessed that Hezbollah’s goal was to allow infiltrators to enter Israel and cut off the northern city of Metulla from the rest of Israel.

Israeli Chef Re-Opens Flagship New York Restaurant

Chef Einat Admony is familiar with the stress of opening a new restaurant, having opened 13 restaurants throughout her career. But the days leading up to the reopening of her latest eatery, Balaboosta, felt more intense than usual.

”We had a short amount of time to pull everything together. But with our brand-new menu and beautiful setting, we are excited to continue the Balaboosta institution,” Admony tells ISRAEL21c.

In late September, the Israeli-born chef and her husband reopened Balaboosta, which offers New York City diners a selection of dishes that express Admony’s unique take on modern Israeli cuisine.

“Balaboosta has been an institution for nine years,” Admony explains. “It’s not just a restaurant. It’s a kind of community where people create memories – that first date, birthday celebration, anniversary and so on. We wanted to keep that energy going after a short hiatus,” she explained.

Admony enjoys exploring new ideas, playing on Israeli and Middle-Eastern classics while continuing to innovate with ingredients, flavors, and techniques. “This is what makes my Israeli cuisine so exciting.”

Located in New York’s West Village, home to her Taim Falafel and Kish-Kash restaurants, the new Balaboosta finds inspiration in Admony’s Yemenite and Iranian roots.

Indeed, Balaboosta’s website features a photo of the chef’s mother, Tziona, originally from Iran, riding a motorbike in Tel Aviv in 1968. “Balaboosta” is the Yiddish word for the ideal mother and homemaker.

While Admony opened her first restaurant in Miami, New York has served as her base for much of her career. She first opened the falafel joint Taïm (tah-eem) with her husband in Manhattan’s West Village in 2005 and in 2010, launched Balaboosta. In 2018, she opened Kish-Kash, a West Village Moroccan couscous bar-eatery named after one of the kitchen utensils, a sieve, used to hand-roll couscous.

In addition, today there are four branches of Taim, which was aided by last year’s financial investment and new management, originally from Chipotle, the Mexican fast-food chain.

Admony, who grew up in Bnei Brak, authored the well-received cookbook, Balaboosta: Bold Mediterranean Recipes to Feed the People You Love. Her restaurants have been positively reviewed by The New Yorker, New York Magazine and the New York Times and she has also made television appearances.

(via Israel21c)

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