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The Daily TIP: Hamas Leads Violent March, Using Human Shields, at Israeli-Gaza Border

Posted by Tip Staff - March 30, 2018

Hamas Leads Violent March, Using Human Shields, at Israeli-Gaza Border

Middle East Expert: "Regional Empire Building" Spurred Iran’s Involvement in Syria

Former Students, Faculty Members Call on Oberlin to End "Concerted Hostility Toward Israel"

Israeli, Palestinian Doctors Work Together to Save Baby Born with Heart Defect

Hamas Leads Violent March, Using Human Shields, at Israeli-Gaza Border

In a deliberate attempt to provoke a violent confrontation with Israel over the Passover holiday, the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas, which is in complete political and military control of Gaza, is trying to break through Israeli defenses with a violent march at the Israeli-Gaza border, The Times of Israel reported Friday.

The Israel Defense Forces estimated that 20,000 Palestinians were taking part in “March of Return” demonstrations along the Gaza border. Seven Palestinians were killed and some 500 were wounded when Israel retaliated.

Jason Greenblatt attacked Hamas on Friday over its actions saying, “Hamas is encouraging a hostile march on the Israel-Gaza border.” He noted further that the group “should focus on desperately needed improvements to the lives of Palestinians in Gaza instead of inciting violence against Israel that only increases hardship and undermines chances for peace.”

Omri Ceren, a managing director at The Israel Project, warned that Hamas is using civilian protests as cover for a massive military operation, risking widening instability and potential conflict. Ceren said, "The Israelis will do everything possible to prevent escalation and avoid casualties, but this is the kind of thing that could go really bad really quickly," he explained.

The U.S. State Department said that it was monitoring the situation closely and emphasized that it considers Hamas a terrorist organization. "Our position on Hamas has not changed," the official said. "It is a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization. Any use of human shields is absolutely unacceptable."

Middle East Expert: "Regional Empire Building" Spurred Iran’s Involvement in Syria

In a conference call with The Israel Project on Tuesday, Dr. Jonathan Spyer, a Middle East journalist and analyst, said that Syria has “become a subcontractor for the ambitions of outside powers,” notably the Islamic Republic of Iran. Spyer explained that Iran's involvement in Syria is a key part of its "regional empire building program," which it views to be of "critical importance."

Dr. Spyer said the Syrian uprising against Assad was now “without any hope” of success. But “in the moment of victory,” the Assad regime, rather than being victorious and strong, “was absolutely depended for its victory and continued existence on its patrons, Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He addressed the emerging conflict between Israel and Iran in southwest Syria. Spyer said Iran “played a crucial role in the preservation of the Assad regime, now seeking to push its project westwards towards the Golan Heights.” Israel, meanwhile, is “determined to stop that process in its tracks.”

Spyer stated that the JCPOA, the nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers, played a significant role in cementing Iran’s totalitarian and hegemonic agenda in the Middle East.

The million-dollar windfall from sanctions relief “strengthened and broadened the Iranian hand.” Dr. Spyer insisted, even before the deal was signed “Iran still managed to find billions of dollars to prop up the Assad regime in Syria, to finance the Shiite militias in Iraq, and the uprising of the Houthi movement in Yemen.”

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Former Students, Faculty Members Call on Oberlin to End "Concerted Hostility Toward Israel"

More than 90 alumni of Oberlin College called on the university on Wednesday to end “the concerted hostility toward Israel,” saying Jewish students face a challenging environment on campus, Shiri Moshe reported for The Algemeiner.

“The stream of negative messages about Israel creates the distorted impression that Israel is a unique evil in the world,” warned the alumni in an open letter sent to the Oberlin President.

The campaign was organized by the group Oberlin Alums for Campus Fairness — which opposes the BDS campaign against Israel. They observed that “there were eight times as many events portraying Israel negatively as there were portraying Israel positively” at the school during the fall 2017 semester.

While defending the right of veteran BDS activist Ali Abunimah to speak, “we do object to professors endorsing his position by offering extra credit to students who attend…We also believe that without offering students the opportunity to hear counter-narratives and robust debate and dialogue, Oberlin College is engaging in political indoctrination rather than offering rigorous education.”

In 2016, the same organization issued a letter in which the group expressed concern over “the continued intimidation of Jewish students and the many other forms of antisemitism occurring on campus.”

The Tower reported that an assistant professor at the college, Joy Karega, posted on social media blaming “Israeli and Zionist Jews” for the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015. She was later dismissed, but concerns have persisted over the college’s failure to adequately address a history of anti-Semitic incidents.

Israeli, Palestinian Doctors Work Together to Save Baby Born with Heart Defect

Doctors at both Israeli and Palestinian-operated hospitals joined forces to save the life of a Filipino baby boy in Jerusalem, The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

On February 14, Francis Joseph was born at the Red Crescent Hospital in East Jerusalem with a rare and serious heart defect, which required a complicated and risky open-heart surgery. The so-called “Jatene procedure,” which the Palestinian-operated hospital did not have the facilities to perform, was however possible in Hadassah Hospital.

When Dr. Julius Golender, a pediatric cardiologist at the hospital, received an emergency call from his colleagues at the Red Crescent Hospital, Golender consulted immediately with his fellow pediatric cardiologists from Hadassah, Dr. Juma Natshe and Dr. Sagi Gavri, who together came up with a plan to save the baby’s life.

“I was surprised when suddenly these experts from Hadassah showed up at the Red Crescent Hospital, and in my view it was a miracle,” said Nina, Francis Joseph’s mother.

The successful surgery took a little over five hours, according to the hospital.

Nina thanked the doctors and the hospital for stepping in and performing the life-saving surgery on her son. “We were undoubtedly very lucky that Hadassah got involved and saved my child and my family,” she said.

A few weeks after the surgery, Francis Joseph was allowed to go home. When he returned to the hospital for a checkup, his doctors said he was “in good condition, active and smiley.”



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