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The Daily TIP: Group Launches Database Cataloging Anti-Semitic Campus Activity

Posted by Tip Staff - September 06, 2018

Group Launches Database Cataloging Anti-Semitic Campus Activity
Israel Building Wall to Prevent Hezbollah Infiltration of Northern Border
Pro-Boycott Group Defaces London Bus Stops with Anti-Israel Posters
Three Israeli Universities Make List of Top-50 Entrepreneurial Schools in the World

Group Launches Database Cataloging Anti-Semitic Campus Activity

A new “Antisemitism Tracker” was launched by a watchdog group on Wednesday, which monitors and combats anti-Jewish activity on American college campuses, in the hope to assist the public in navigating incidents that have taken place nationwide since 2015, The Algemeiner reported.

The AMCHA Initiative’s new search engine offers users the possibility to search their database by city, state, zip code, geographical region, year, date range, university, and three types of incident categories. Incidents flagged by the group include the targeting of Jewish students and staff, anti-Semitic expression, and activity supporting the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement, which advocates for the destruction of the Jewish State.

The database also keeps a list of anti-Zionist campus groups, of incidents involving disruptions and swastikas, and of faculty members who have committed to supporting academic boycotts of Israel. Users can also examine the results of BDS votes on various campuses, as well as testimony from students subjected to anti-Jewish prejudice.

AMCHA was founded in 2011 and has long warned of rising levels of anti-Semitism on American college campuses. The group said in a report released last month that anti-Semitic acts involving Israel were “far more likely” to create a hostile climate for Jewish students than “classic” anti-Semitic abuse, and increasingly led to boycotts of individual students. This is consistent with a 2016 AMCHA study that found a strong correlation between anti-Israel boycott activity and on campus anti-Semitic incidents.

Israel Building Wall to Prevent Hezbollah Infiltration of Northern Border

Israel unveiled an 11 kilometer (7.5 miles), 9 meter (29.5 feet) high wall that it has erected along its border with Lebanon as part of its efforts to prevent terrorist infiltrations by the Iranian-backed terrorist group, Hezbollah, from the north, The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

A senior military officer, who briefed reporters, added a warning to Hezbollah saying that any terrorist who infiltrated into Israel "will not come back alive."

Israel is preparing to defend itself against a Hezbollah unit, Radwan, which was formed about seven year ago with the specific purpose of infiltrating into Israel and carrying out terror attacks there. The goal wouldn't just be the actual destruction the unit would cause, but also the symbolism of having terrorists carry out attacks inside Israel.

Hezbollah's chief, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, in May of last year, spoke of attacking Israel "within its territory.”

Another challenge facing the IDF on Israel's northern border is differentiating between Hezbollah and members of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF). “We see them working together, traveling in the same jeeps,” the officer said. “Sometimes we see Hezbollah soldiers in LAF vests.”

The goal of the fence being built is to prevent snipers from targeting Israelis from Lebanon, as well as to prevent infiltrations. The wall is outfitted with sophisticated cameras and sensors to detect any attempts to cross the border.

Pro-Boycott Group Defaces London Bus Stops with Anti-Israel Posters

In the wake of the Labour Party's reluctant acceptance of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism, a group advocating boycotts of Israel defaced six London bus stops with signs calling Israel a "racist endeavor," — violating one of the provisions of the IHRA definition — The Times of Israel reported Thursday.

The signs were put up by a group called London Palestine Action, which promotes the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, at bus stops located in Westminster, near Parliament, at Elephant and Castle, Bloomsbury, and Waterloo Bridge.

Officials with both London's transportation system and the ad agency that sells the space said that the posters were unauthorized and constituted "vandalism." London's metropolitan police force said that it would remove the offensive material, and that it was investigating the incident. London Mayor Sadiq Khan condemned the vandalism and demanded that the posters be taken down.

The phrase on the poster violates one of the provisions of the IHRA formulation, which states that "Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination," constitutes anti-Semitism. The example for this provision is "by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor."

The Times also reported that Corbyn has a long history of equating Israel with racism, noting that in the 1980s he reportedly belonged to Labour Movement Campaign for Palestine, which had a platform that declared its “opposition to the Zionist state as racist, exclusivist, expansionist and a direct agency of imperialism.”

Three Israeli Universities Make List of Top-50 Entrepreneurial Schools in the World

Tel Aviv University, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have pride of place in the newly released 2018-2019 edition of PitchBook Universities, a compendium of the 50 universities producing the most VC-backed entrepreneurs between January 2016 and June 2018.

While the list for undergraduate programs was topped by Stanford University, Harvard, UC-Berkeley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tel Aviv University ranked No. 8 with 640 graduates who founded 532 companies that raised $7.91 billion.

Technion came in at No. 14, with 468 graduates who founded 395 startups that raised $7.2 billion. Hebrew University was in 35th place with 304 graduates who founded 268 startups that raised $4.31 billion.

Tel Aviv University was the only non-US university in the top 10 for undergraduate programs and the only Israeli university on the companion list of top 25 MBA programs, ranked No. 13; 233 MBA graduates have started 221 companies that raised $3.78. Among these are Houzz; BlueVine, ironSource, Stratoscale and Gigya.

On the list of universities whose MBA graduates founded unicorn companies (valued at $1 billion or more), Tel Aviv University tied for ninth place with China International Business School, UCLA, Pepperdine, Northwestern and Washington.

A ranking of universities by number of exits accomplished by graduates put TAU in eighth place (118 graduates had 99 exits totaling $7.28b) for undergraduate programs and 11th for MBA programs (39 graduates, 38 exits, $2.88b). Technion came in 11th on the undergraduate exits lists (91 graduates had 75 exits totaling $5.77b).

PitchBook is a financial data and software company with offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

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