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The Daily TIP: German Security Officials: Iran Still Seeking Nuclear, Missile Technology

Posted by Tip Staff - October 18, 2017

German Security Officials: Iran Still Seeking Nuclear, Missile Technology
Challenging Capture of Kirkuk Necessary to Counter Iran
Former Foreign Minister Testifies in Argentinian Terror Cover-Up Probe
Video of Monkey Adopting Baby Chicken at Israeli Zoo Goes Viral

German Security Officials: Iran Still Seeking Nuclear, Missile Technology

German security sources say that despite the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran has still been pursuing the acquisition of illicit nuclear and missile technology in that nation, Benjamin Weinthal of The Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday.

Weinthal cited a report by correspondent Frank Jansen in the Berlin daily paper, Der Tagesspiegel, which stated that according to security sources that "despite the nuclear agreement [reached with world powers in July 2015], Iran has not given up its illegal activities in Germany. The mullah regime also made efforts this year to obtain material from [German] firms for its nuclear program and the construction of missiles."

According to Jansen's report the technology most sought by Iran is technology that would allow it to extend the range of its ballistic missiles. While German security agencies noted a decrease of efforts by Iran to acquire illicit technology - from 141 in 2015 to 32 in 2016 - officials attributed to a disagreement in Iran's government on how aggressively to pursue its nuclear program.

German annual intelligence reports for 2015, while nuclear negotiations were ongoing, and 2016, when the deal was actually implemented, showed that Iran was still seeking nuclear technology. According to the latter report “there is no evidence of a complete about-face in Iran’s atomic polices in 2016."

On Friday last week President Donald Trump announced a reformulation of United States policy towards Iran. He said that his goal was to strengthen the deal to ensure “Iran never — and I mean never — acquires a nuclear weapon.”

Challenging Capture of Kirkuk Necessary to Counter Iran

On Sunday, one of the Middle East’s most feared operators traveled to northern Iraq. Qassem Soleimani, the commander of the elite Quds force---the foreign wing of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps---was on a mission: to destroy the Kurdish dream of independence.

Things began to unravel quickly. In the early hours of Monday morning, I was woken up by a call from the frontline in Kirkuk. “We are under fire,” my source said. “They are shooting at our troops.”

My source was a Peshmerga, a soldier fighting with the army of the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq. With “they” he meant the Iranian Quds-backed Iraqi armed forces and the Shiite umbrella militia Hashd al-Shaabi.

The two factions advanced on Kurdish controlled areas from several fronts, using advanced weapons supplied to them by coalition partners in the fight against Isil, including United States Abrams tanks and Humvees, with the intent to gain control of Kirkuk’s strategic oilfields and the K1 military base.

The previous day, Soleimani had met in Sulaimaniya with the leaders of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, or P.U.K., one of the two main Kurdish political parties led by the relatives of the late Jalal Talabani, the first (and only) Kurdish president of Iraq.

It is unknown what message the notorious enforcer of the clerical regime in Tehran carried. But within hours of meeting with Soleimani, P.U.K. troops withdrew from their positions in and around Kirkuk and gave way to invading forces.

Please read the complete essay here.

Former Foreign Minister Testifies in Argentinian Terror Cover-Up Probe

The former Argentinian foreign minister Hector Timerman testified in court on Tuesday under the allegations that Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s administration conspired with Iran to hide the Islamic Republic’s role in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.

The judicial investigation is based on the complaint of the late Argentinian prosecutor Alberto Nisman that Kirchner sought a secret deal with Iran in connection with the 1994 bombing. Nisman accused Kirchner and former foreign minister Hector Timerman, along with others in Kirchner’s administration of covering up Iran’s role in the bombing through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tehran. Nisman was found dead in his Buenos Aires apartment hours before he was due to present his findings to Congress. A recent report determined that Nisman was most likely murdered.

Clarin, a major Argentinian newspaper reported that as part of his defense strategy, Timerman gave Judge Claudio Bonadio, a 160 page written statement in which he denied all accusations. In this document, Timerman also alleged that Nisman endorsed the MoU. This was contradicted (Spanish link) by the testimony of Nisman’s secretary, Soledad Castro, who stated that Nisman never endorsed the agreement.

According to reports, Timerman abstained (Spanish link) from mentioning Kirchner, highlighted multiple times that he never betrayed his country, and denied (Spanish link) any secret meetings in Aleppo with Iranian counterpart Ali Akbar Salehi in 2012 to negotiate the agreement.

Despite previously agreeing to answer questions, Timerman was escorted out of court and later hospitalized.

Video of Monkey Adopting Baby Chicken at Israeli Zoo Goes Viral

Niv, a four-year-old female black macaque, “adopted” a chick recently at the Zoological Center of Tel Aviv (popularly known as the Ramat Gan Safari). The video of the monkey and the chicken has captured the hearts of many around the world.

According to Safari officials, Niv had tried before to bring the chick into her enclosure but zoo staff separated them because they feared for the chick’s safety. However, the chick apparently liked her monkey mom and came back to Niv on her own two days later.

“This time we could see clearly that Niv was walking around with him, hugging him, and every time she was a little far away from him, the chick not only didn’t try to get out of the yard but came closer to Niv,” zookeepers posted on Facebook.

“The chick can leave the yard at any moment, but chooses to stay with her inside.”

When something frightens the chick, Niv runs to soothe and protect her. If Niv senses that the other macaques are bothering her chick, she picks him up.

Every night, Niv takes her chick into her little house and comes out with him in the morning, grooms him like a good monkey mother and carries him around. Niv even feeds the chick from her own portion of food, just as if he were her actual son. “Such a brave love story is not seen every day, even in the safari,” the zookeepers commented.

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