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The Daily TIP: German Music and Arts Festival Defies Boycotters, Accepts Sponsorship by Israeli Embassy

Posted by Tip Staff - August 17, 2018

German Music and Arts Festival Defies Boycotters, Accepts Sponsorship by Israeli Embassy
Pompeo Announces Formation of Group to Coordinate Iran Policy
Israeli Hospital to Start Treating Tumors by Freezing Them
First-Responders to Benefit from Two Jointly-Developed American-Israeli Technologies

German Music and Arts Festival Defies Boycotters, Accepts Sponsorship by Israeli Embassy

Organizers of a major music and arts festival in Berlin defied pressure from the anti-Semitic boycotts movement, which protested the event’s sponsorship by the Israeli Embassy in Germany, as the three-day event opened on Wednesday, Ben Cohen reported in The Algemeiner.

The organizers of the Pop-Kultur Festival said in a statement they would not be “intimidated” by the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaign that advocates for the total destruction of the Jewish State.

“This type of cooperation is common practice at festivals, exhibitions and events of all genres in international cultural exchange,” the festival said. It stressed the “festival’s role in overcoming boundaries and creating room for dialogue.”

Six artists announced in July that they would not travel to the festival, after the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) — a group formed in 2004 to oppose “Israel’s colonial oppression of the Palestinian people…based on Zionist ideology” —called for a boycott of the event. The Israeli embassy had awarded three Israeli artists $1,370 to cover their travel and accommodation costs for the festival.

Germany’s newly-appointed federal commissioner to combat anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, strongly condemned attempts by the boycotts movement to politicize the event. “The BDS movement is anti-Semitic in its actions and goals,” Klein told the Jüdische Allgemeine weekly. “The activists are trying to isolate Israel and to defame it as an alleged apartheid state.”

Pompeo Announces Formation of Group to Coordinate Iran Policy

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the formation of a task force to coordinate the Trump administration's response to Iran, CNN reported Thursday.

In his statement Pompeo explained, "We are committed to a whole-of-government effort to change the Iranian regime’s behavior, and the Iran Action Group will ensure that the Department of State remains closely synchronized with our interagency partners."

He also introduced Brian Hook, who had been Director of Policy Planning of the State Department since February of 2017, to lead the task force, called the Iran Action Group (IAG). Hook will take on the title of Special Representative for Iran. 

Mark Dubowitz, CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies told CNN that the formation of the IAG "is further evidence that the Trump administration sees Iran as one of its top foreign policy and national security priorities." He added, "The group will be empowered to leverage all instruments of national power to squeeze the regime in Iran."

In a press briefing following his introduction, Hook confirmed that the goal of the administration is to change Iran's behavior.

Hook explained further that the purpose of the renewed sanctions was to deprive Iran of the means to finance terror, "when you look at the kind of money that Iran provides to Assad and to Shia militias, to Lebanese Hizballah, it’s billions and billions of dollars. And we need to get at drying up those revenue streams. And so that is the purpose of our maximum economic pressure campaign."

Israeli Hospital to Start Treating Tumors by Freezing Them

A private Israeli hospital in Haifa will start implementing IceCure Medical Ltd's tumor freezing technology within the next few months for eliminating benign breast tumors and cancerous kidney tumors by freezing them without the need for surgery, Globes reported Wednesday.

The medical device company was founded in 2006 and uses the ProSense system developed at the Elisha Private Hospital in Haifa. Commercial distribution in Israel will be carried out by Duke Medical Solutions.

Treatment is performed using ultrasound or CT imaging to insert a thin hollow needle into the tumor. The ProSense system then uses liquid nitrogen to create extremely cold temperatures to destroy the tumor, while protecting the healthy tissues surrounding the tumor and eradicating the entire affected cell.

The procedure lasts 20-40 minutes, without surgery or hospitalization, and allows for a quick return to day-to-day activities of the patient.

The procedure joins the “successful commercial treatment that has already been performed with our technology in Japan, the US, Hong Kong and Europe for various indications including breast, lung, bone, kidney and liver cancers,” said IceCure’s CEO Eyal Shamir.

The company said a recent large trial showed promising results for breast cancer, with a very low percentage of recurrence of cancer after treatment with ProSense in which out of 146 patients, only one showed recurrence of cancer.

The start of commercial treatment in Israel “represents acknowledgement by the medical establishment in Israel that our technology is an alternative that makes unnecessary the need for surgery and cutting open the breast,” Shamir added.

First-Responders to Benefit from Two Jointly-Developed American-Israeli Technologies

Two homeland security technologies will be developed jointly by American and Israeli companies to increase the safety and efficiency of first-responders (law enforcement, firefighters and emergency medical services) after getting funding from the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation.

ELTA Systems (Ashdod, Israel), a group and subsidiary of Israel Aircraft Industries, and TLC Solutions (St. Augustine, Florida) will develop an advanced drone-mounted search-and-rescue system for locating victims under ruins and in disaster areas by accurate location of their cellular phones.

HiRiseTech (Petah Tikva, Israel) and Allstate Sprinkler (Bronx, New York) will develop a first-responder emergency radio repeater system for existing high-rise buildings.

These projects were selected by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate and the Israeli Ministry of Public Security. In addition to the BIRD grants, the two projects will access private sector funding, boosting their total value to approximately $4.5 million.

“Our interactions with the First Responder communities in the U.S. and Israel have revealed a critical need for innovation and affordable technology that can be used in the field,” said BIRD Foundation Executive Director Eitan Yudilevich.

The BIRD Foundation works to encourage and facilitate cooperation between US and Israeli companies in a wide range of technology sectors and offers funding to selected projects. BIRD has approved 967 projects over its 41-year history.

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