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The Daily TIP: French President Macron: Anti-Zionism is "Reinvention of Anti-Semitism"

Posted by Tip Staff - July 17, 2017

French President Macron: Anti-Zionism is "Reinvention of Anti-Semitism"
As Violent Anti-Semitic Crimes Surge in UK, Prosecutions Decline
White House Strongly Supports Israeli Security Measures After Attack on Temple Mount
U.S., Israeli Firms Sign Agreement to Cooperate on Developing Cannabis-Based Therapies

French President Macron: Anti-Zionism is "Reinvention of Anti-Semitism"

At a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the Nazi deportation of Jews from Paris on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron vowed, "We will not surrender to anti-Zionism, because it is a reinvention of anti-Semitism."

Macron, who recognized the French government's complicity in the deportation of 13,000 French Jews on July 16, 1942, promised to "never surrender to the messages of hate," The Washington Post reported.

In 1995, President Jacques Chirac became the first French head of state to recognize his government's complicity in Nazi plans. “France, on that day, committed the irreparable. Breaking its word, it handed those who were under its protection over to their executioners," Chirac said at the time.

Macron echoed his predecessor's remarks on Sunday, acknowledging, “It was indeed France that organized the roundup, the deportation, and thus, for almost all, death.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who arrived in France for talks on Sunday, also attended the ceremony.

Macron's remarks echo those of former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who said in a 2014 commemoration of a terror attack on a Jewish school, "Criticism of Israel that is based on anti-Zionism---that’s anti-Semitism today, this is the refuge of those who do not accept the State of Israel."

Diverse public figures including former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, Pope Francis, and Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres have also denounced anti-Zionism---the denial of the Jewish people's right to self-determination---as a form of modern anti-Semitism.

As Violent Anti-Semitic Crimes Surge in UK, Prosecutions Decline

The United Kingdom-based Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) reported Sunday that anti-Semitic hate crimes in the country have surged 44% since 2014, making 2016 the worst year on record. However, in only 1.4% of cases was the attack followed by prosecution---just 15 cases last year.

One in 10 anti-Semitic crimes were of a violent nature, but only one crime involving violence was prosecuted by authorities in 2016.

CAA’s data shows that the rate of anti-Semitic crimes has escalated for the third year running and become a sad reality for British Jewry. In 2016, anti-Semitic crimes rose by 14.9% against 2015, or 44.5% against 2014. In 2016 alone, 1,078 hate crimes targeting Jews took place in the UK.

Despite promises from authorities to show zero-tolerance for anti-Semitism, the number of anti-Semitic crimes charged in 2016 dropped drastically again, with prosecutions falling by 30.5% compared to 2015, or 35.5% against 2014. Last year, only 89 anti-Semitic crimes resulted in charges against the perpetrators, meaning that only 8.3% of hate crimes against Jews resulted in prosecution.

“The failure of police forces and the Crown Prosecution Service to protect British Jews is a betrayal. The solutions are simple, but whilst the right promises are being made, little has been implemented,” said Gideon Falter, the chairman of CAA.

A complementary report of Community Security Trust issued earlier this year, working from independently compiled data, also found a sharp increase in anti-Semitic crimes during 2016.

White House Strongly Supports Israeli Security Measures After Attack on Temple Mount

Following Friday's deadly terror attack on the Temple Mount, in which two Israeli police officers were killed, the White House issued a statement of support of Israeli actions to secure the holy site.

The statement, attributed to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, said that the administration "strongly condemns the terror attack" and declared itself heartbroken "that terrorists brutally gunned down two Israeli police officers." The White House offered sympathy to the families men who died while protecting the site---the holiest in Judaism and the third holiest in Islam.

"There must be zero tolerance for terrorism," the administration added. "It is incompatible with achieving peace and we must condemn it in the strongest terms, defeat it, and eradicate it."

The White House also expressed its support for Israel's decision to temporarily close the Temple Mount to worshipers (the site has since been reopened), and stated that Israel was not seeking to change the status quo in the area, a decision it "applauds and welcomes."

"We urge all leaders and people of good faith to be understanding as this process proceeds and reaches its conclusion," the statement concluded.

U.S., Israeli Firms Sign Agreement to Cooperate on Developing Cannabis-Based Therapies

Therapix Biosciences of Tel Aviv, a specialty clinical-stage pharmaceutical company developing cannabinoid-based drugs, last week signed a memorandum of understanding with California-based CURE Pharmaceutical to enter into a research collaboration with Israel’s Assuta Medical Centers.

The two biopharma companies will jointly advance, research, develop and commercialize potential therapeutic products in the fields of personalized medicine and cannabinoids. Assuta will support the early research and development of potential projects at its eight hospitals and medical centers.

Robert Davidson, CEO of CURE Pharmaceutical, noted that Israel “is at the forefront of cannabinoid-based research in the world” and therefore is “the perfect place to start the development of these products.”

“As CURE focuses on targeting unmet needs in traditional pharmaceutical markets that could be disrupted by cannabinoid-based options, we are continuously looking to help bring new therapeutic cannabinoid-based products to market and further efforts toward the creation of personalized medicine,” Davidson said.

Therapix Biosciences’ lead compound, THX-TS01, is currently in Phase 2 clinical trials for Tourette’s syndrome. The company intends to initiate a Phase 1 clinical study of another compound, THX-ULD01, for the treatment of mild cognitive impairment, for which no FDA-approved therapies currently exist. Approvals for these indications may lead to other applications including pain, cancer, anti-inflammatory, dermatology, and psychiatric disorders.

Therapix also is developing unique cannabinoid delivery technologies to improve drug administration, including nasal and sublingual delivery methods for THC, with formulations designed to increase efficacy compared with standard oral administration.

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