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The Daily TIP: Fmr. Deputy IAEA Director: Agency Must Reopen Inquiry Into Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Research

Posted by Tip Staff - June 28, 2017

Fmr. Deputy IAEA Director: Agency Must Reopen Inquiry Into Iran's Nuclear Weapons Research
TIP CEO: Peter Beinart Sanitized Capitol Hill Anti-Israel Hatefest
Shin Bet Chief: Israel Successfully Combating Cyber-Terror, “Lone Wolf” Attacks
IKEA in Israel to Recruit Startups for Entrepreneurial Boot Camp

Fmr. Deputy IAEA Director: Agency Must Reopen Inquiry Into Iran's Nuclear Weapons Research

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has sufficient cause to reopen its investigation into the possible military dimensions (PMD) of Iran's nuclear research, the agency's former deputy director told Fox News on Sunday.

Although the IAEA made a "political" decision in December 2015 to end its investigation into the PMD of Iran's nuclear research, unresolved issues and new revelations---including fresh allegations that Iran is working with North Korea on its ballistic missile program---provide sufficient reasons for the IAEA to reopen the PMD investigation, Olli Heinonen told Fox's James Rosen.

Heinonen's remarks echoed the assessment he shared in a recently published research memo (.pdf).

In the memo, Heinonen explained that the PMD investigation ended in 2015 "in order to proceed to the JCPOA’s Implementation Day, which occurred on January 16, 2016,” before ascertaining that Iran’s nuclear program was peaceful.

Under the terms of the nuclear deal, key restrictions on the Islamic Republic, including on its missile development program and its arm trade, will expire once the IAEA reaches a "broader conclusion" that its nuclear program is peaceful.

"With the current terms of the JCPOA that ultimately allows Iran to develop and deploy a more sophisticated nuclear program down the road," Heinonen concluded, "a premature broader conclusion drawn along with an unsatisfactory PMD outcome is both dangerous and irresponsible in creating unwarranted complacency on the nature of Tehran’s nuclear program."

TIP CEO: Peter Beinart Sanitized Capitol Hill Anti-Israel Hatefest

When journalist Peter Beinart criticized a video that The Israel Project produced of a recently-held anti-Israel event on Capitol Hill, he failed to mention that every speaker opposed Israel's existence, and instead misleadingly directed his criticism at the group that exposed the speakers' inflammatory rhetoric, the CEO and president of The Israel Project wrote in an op-ed published Tuesday in The Forward.

The event in question took place in early June under the sponsorship of Defense for Children International — Palestine (DCI-P) and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), both of which support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel, Josh Block observed. The BDS campaign seeks to delegitimize and isolate Israel, according to its founders and supporters, in an effort to bring about the end of the Jewish state.

Each speaker, including Jennifer Bing of AFSC, Brad Parker of DCI-P, Omar Shakir of Human Rights Watch, and Nadia Ben-Youssef of Adalah, supported the BDS campaign through their organization or as individuals.

Another speaker at the event, Yazan Meqbil, is a Palestinian student attending college in the United States whose Twitter timeline reflects clear support for BDS.

Ben-Youssef was explicit in her attack on the Jewish state, arguing that Israel's very founding was illegitimate. “Nakba. Remember that name, say that name. It means catastrophe in Arabic, and it refers to the founding of the State of Israel in 1948," she said.

Defending an event where all speakers support a movement that aims to bring about Israel's destruction hardly comports with Beinart's claim that "it’s important to have one country on earth that assumes a special obligation to protect Jewish life," Block argued.

Three audience members who attended the event on behalf of The Israel Project observed in an op-ed published Tuesday that the panel failed to consider the responsibility that both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority shoulder in limiting the opportunities available to Palestinian children and endangering their lives.

Shin Bet Chief: Israel Successfully Combating Cyber-Terror, “Lone Wolf” Attacks

The head of Israel’s internal security service has revealed that Israel is successfully fighting back against cyberterrorism and prevented thousands of potential so-called “lone wolf” attacks with the aid of technology, Haaretz reported Tuesday.

Speaking at a cybersecurity conference in Tel Aviv, Shin Bet chief Nadav Argaman said that “hackers around the world working to harm Israel often experience unexpected mishaps.

"Just as we aren’t satisfied with passive defense in the real world but find terrorists in their place – the same goes for cyberdefense," he added. “We study our adversary’s modus operandi and learn how to defeat them in a variety of ways." He said that Shin Bet successfully cooperates with other partners in the intelligence and defense communities, but also emphasized the importance of staying alert.

The Shin Bet head also revealed that Israel used technological and intelligence methods to identify and prevent over 2,000 potential “lone wolf” attacks since the beginning of 2016.

“Lone wolves” are individuals that act alone and perform an act of terror separate from any named group. Argaman added that 400 would-be terrorists were arrested.

While terrorists who are characterized as "lone wolves" don't operate in a formal structure, there are often other indicators that they are threats. In The Myth of the “Lone Wolf” Terrorist, which was published in the June-July 2017 issue of The Tower Magazine, Julie Lenarz outlined the challenges of combating this form of terror.

IKEA in Israel to Recruit Startups for Entrepreneurial Boot Camp

If the idea of Sweden in the winter warms your creative juices and you’re part of an early-stage startup, a new entrepreneurial boot camp sponsored by IKEA may be just your cup of glogg.

IKEA is looking for 10 startups with two to six cofounders or team members to join them in Almhult, Sweden for three months starting in September. While the program is open to startups worldwide, representatives from IKEA will be in Tel Aviv this week to hear pitches.

Those that attend IKEA’s “Head Start” event on Thursday “will have a higher chance of getting selected for the program as they will be able to impress the panel in person,” Pernille Spang Lyndegaard, the marketing lead for IKEA Bootcamp, tells ISRAEL21c.

To run the bootcamp, IKEA is working with Rainmaking, a global cooperative of more than 400 entrepreneurs who run similar innovation programs as well as their own startups across 40 countries.

IKEA is not taking any equity but will be “looking for possibilities to co-create with the startups.” After the program, IKEA may become a customer of the startup, license its technology or even invest further.

The IKEA Bootcamp is not focused exclusively on high-tech companies but on startups that can address accessibility, sustainability and affordability, from disruptive technologies and design to sustainability and food innovation.

(via Israel21c)

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