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The Daily TIP: Experts: New Hamas Policy Document Similar to Old Charter

Posted by Tip Staff - May 02, 2017

Experts: New Hamas Policy Document Similar to Old Charter
Fmr. Mideast Envoy Dennis Ross: Trump Must Urge Abbas to Stop Paying Terrorists
Texas Gov. "Proud" to Honor Israel's Independence Day by Signing Anti-Boycott Bill
Israeli Doctors Use Robots to Perform Revolutionary Spinal Surgery

Experts: New Hamas Policy Document Similar to Old Charter

A new document outlining the principles of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas "is unlikely to represent any profound change in Hamas’s true position toward Israel," The New York Times reported Monday, citing unnamed experts.

The Times noted that in addition to recently selecting "hardliner" Yahya Sinwar to head the group in Gaza, Hamas "has still in no way recognized Israel or renounced violence."

While the document speaks of accepting a provisional Palestinian state based on the 1949 armistice lines, it plainly rejects "any alternative to the full and complete liberation of Palestine, from the river to the sea," CNN reported.  It also calls for "resistance to occupation, by all means and methods," describing it as "a legitimate right guaranteed by divine laws, customs and international laws."

Matthew Levitt and Maxine Rich of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy described the document as an attempt by Hamas "at widening its international appeal at a time when the group faces multiple challenges."

While the paper "distances Hamas from the Muslim Brotherhood, and may include some acknowledgment of the 1967 armistice lines for the Six Day War as the basis for a deal with Israel," it "still includes less friendly sections, including a rededication to armed resistance to liberate all of Palestine, 'from the Jordan River eastward to the Mediterranean Sea in the west,'" Levitt and Rich noted.

Fmr. Mideast Envoy Dennis Ross: Trump Must Urge Abbas to Stop Paying Terrorists

A former Middle East negotiator who served both Democratic and Republican administrations said that President Donald Trump must urge Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during their meeting on Wednesday to stop paying salaries to convicted terrorists.

In a conference call organized by The Israel Project, Dennis Ross said that as long as the PA continues to provide a financial incentive for terrorism, "it's very hard to say that there's a serious interest in actually negotiating peace; more than that, living in peace and co-existence."

Ross explained that although Trump acknowledges that there are differences between Israel and the Palestinians that hamper reconciliation efforts, he believes "that ultimately those differences shouldn't prevent a deal."

However, for there to be progress in peace talks, "it can't be that only Israel is the one to take steps that are hard," Ross asserted. Towards that end, he said that Trump should use his leverage with Abbas to ask "him to take steps that will be difficult for him as well."

Rather than publicly demanding that Abbas end the practice, Ross called on Trump to frame it as a compromise necessary to prove Abbas' willingness "to move towards finalizing an end to this conflict."


Texas Gov. "Proud" to Honor Israel's Independence Day by Signing Anti-Boycott Bill

The governor of Texas said that he was "proud" to honor Israel's 69th Independence Day on Tuesday by signing a bill that would prevent state agencies from doing business with companies that discriminate against the Jewish state.

Gov. Greg Abbott said in a statement that he was "proud to have commemorated Israel’s Independence Day by signing into law Anti-[Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions] legislation." The law was approved unanimously by the Texas House of Representatives on April 21, and passed the state's Senate with a 25 to 4 vote last week.

"As Israel's number one trading partner in the United States, Texas is proud to reaffirm its support for the people of Israel and we will continue to build on our historic partnership. Anti-Israel policies are anti-Texas policies, and we will not tolerate such actions against an important ally. I would like to thank Rep. Phil King and Sen. Brandon Creighton for their work and commitment in authoring this important legislation," Abbott said.

Charles Kaufman, the head of B’nai B’rith’s International Center for Human Rights and Public Policy, testified on behalf of the legislation and told The Jerusalem Post: "Advocates of BDS would do well to learn from the robust business relationship Texas enjoys with the State of Israel. The path to peace is not through hatred, false narratives, boycotts or terrorism. States like Texas won't fall for such nonsense. It is only fitting that this bill becomes law in the same week that the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce has arranged for Israeli experts to present a forum at Texas State University on how the state can leverage Israeli water technology to meet future water challenges in Texas."

Israeli Doctors Use Robots to Perform Revolutionary Spinal Surgery

Factory worker Aharon Schwartz, 42, broke his leg in two places and broke six spinal vertebrae in a work accident in Jerusalem. Now, after undergoing the world’s first-of-its-kind dual robotic surgery to fix his leg and back, doctors at Hadassah Hospital are saying he should be able to walk again soon.

The revolutionary dual robotic surgery assisted in the repair of a severe spinal fracture Schwartz suffered after being injured when a steel object pinned him to the ground while at work.

National President Ellen Hershkin of Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America (HWZOA), said the procedure on April 23 at Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, was the world’s first-of-its-kind dual robotic surgery ever performed.

“Two robots, Siemens’ Artis Zeego and the Mazor Robotics’ Renaissance® Guidance System, were involved in the surgery. Artis Zeego, overseen by Dr. Amal Khouri, director of HMO’s Orthopedic Hospitalization Center, provided real-time 3-dimensional imaging during the surgical procedure, which eliminated the need for pre-surgery CT scans and post-surgery X-rays,” said Dr. Meir Liebergall, chairman of the Hadassah Medical Organization’s (HMO) Orthopedic Department and head of HMO’s Musculo-Skeletal Medicine Division.

According to Liebergall, the Renaissance® Guidance System allowed a second surgeon, HMO Sr. Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Josh Schroeder, to place surgical pins into the patient's spine with precision. Liebergall said Schwartz should completely recover from the surgery and be walking again very shortly.

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