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The Daily TIP: Baby Delivered after Mother Critically Wounded, 6 Others Injured in West Bank Terror Attack

Posted by Tip Staff - December 10, 2018

Baby Delivered after Mother Critically Wounded, 6 Others Injured in West Bank Terror Attack
Netanyahu Tells Diplomats that Israeli Planes Will Be Allowed To Overfly Oman, Sudan
IDF Uncovers Third Hezbollah Tunnel, Fires at Suspected Infiltrators
Israel Represented by Four of Ten Finalists in First UN Travel Tech Competition

Baby Delivered after Mother Critically Wounded, 6 Others Injured in West Bank Terror Attack

Doctors delivered a baby whose mother was critically wounded in a terror attack outside of the Jewish community of Ofra in the West Bank, The Jerusalem Post reported Monday. Six others, including the woman's husband, were also injured in the attack.

The 21-year-old mother is reported to be in stable condition but unconscious, after the baby was delivered two months early.

The mother and six other people were injured, when someone in a car opened fire on a crowd waiting at a hitchhiking post and bus stop outside of Ofra on Israel's Route 60, following a celebration of the last night of the holiday of Channukah. The car escaped the scene even though soldiers fired at it. Later, it was reportedly found abandoned.

Of the remaining six victims, two were reported to be moderately injured, and four were said to have light injuries, including two 16-year-old girls. The injured are being treated at Jerusalem-area hospitals, including Shaarei Tzedek and Haddassah.

"I am very grateful to God that nothing happened to [my daughter], a huge miracle happened to us on Hanukkah. We will not solve the problem with fear. On the contrary, it is symbolic that they stood right next to the place where the Maccabees fought, near Ofra. A lot of heroism was shown there,” the mother of one of the teenagers, identified as Chen Antebi, told the Israeli media.

Hamas, the terrorist organization that maintains complete military and political control over the Gaza Strip, praised the terror attack.

The attack comes just days after the United Nations defeated a motion to condemn Hamas terror. At the time, Hamas spokesman Moussa Abu Marzouk said that the UN vote "represents a slap to the US administration and confirmation of the legitimacy of the resistance.”

"@UN this is what you defended last week when you failed to condemn Hamas," U.S. Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt tweeted. "Hamas praises yet another terror attack. You had the ability to help fight against terror. Is this what the UN wants its legacy to be?"

Netanyahu Tells Diplomats that Israeli Planes Will Be Allowed To Overfly Oman, Sudan

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that Israeli airliners have been given permission to fly over Sudan and Oman, as part of Israel's drive to improve ties with the Muslim world, The Times of Israel reported.

“At this time, we can overfly Egypt. We can overfly Chad, that has already been set. And to all appearances, we can also overfly this corner of Sudan,” Netanyahu told Israeli diplomats in Jerusalem, pointing at a map. The Muslim-majority nation in northern Africa currently has no official diplomatic ties with Israel.

The prime minister added that, “When I was in Oman, Sultan Qaboos [bin Said] confirmed to me right away that El Al can fly over Oman.” As a result, Netanyahu explained, “only one small thing remains for us to do,” pointing to Saudi Arabia. “We need to get that El Al can fly over this, and that’s it — we open new markets.”

In October, Netanyahu paid a historic visit to Oman, after which the sultanate called on the Muslim Arab world to recognize Israel as a sovereign state. Israel is also said to be working toward normalization with other countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

“We are flying with Air India every day across Saudi Arabia, and soon we’re going to fly to Mumbai,” Netanyahu said. “Tel Aviv-Mumbai is fewer hours than Tel-Aviv London.” The Times of Israel reported on Saturday that the prime minister was hoping to formalize relations with Saudi Arabia before the next Israeli general election, which is scheduled for November 2019.

While important diplomatically, the change will have limited practical impact unless El Al is also allowed to fly over Saudi Arabia. In February 2018, the kingdom granted permission to Air India to use its airspace flying to and from Israel, but has yet to grant similar permission to Israeli carriers.

IDF Uncovers Third Hezbollah Tunnel, Fires at Suspected Infiltrators

The IDF announced the discovery of a third terror tunnel built by Hezbollah from Lebanon into Israel, and fired shots at suspected infiltrators, The Jerusalem Post reported Saturday.

On Tuesday of last week, Israel announced the start of Operation Northern Shield, an effort to locate the many tunnels Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed terrorist group, had built that extend into Israel from Lebanon. Israeli authorities suspect that the purpose of the tunnels was to allow Hezbollah to send in troops to capture Israeli territory and start a war.

The discovery of the second tunnel was announced on Thursday, starting in the southern Lebanese village of Ramyeh.

After the announcement of the third tunnel on Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "The IDF and the security establishment are continuing to operate in the north with great success. They are systematically and decisively eliminating Hezbollah's tunnels weapon.”

The prime minister also made clear that the operation to identify and destroy all of the tunnels is likely to take a long time. "This operation is just beginning; equanimity and patience are required. We will continue to work until it is completed; this is what we will do,” Netanyahu said.

While the IDF said that Hezbollah had been working on the tunnel just prior to its discovery, it posed no immediate threat to the communities in northern Israel.

“Whoever enters the tunnel from the Lebanese side risks his life,” IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Ronen Manelis warned.

On Saturday, the IDF also detected three figures approaching the area where it was excavating a tunnel. Manelis said, "The troops opened fire on the suspects as per the rules of engagement." He explained that the men had used the cover of bad weather to attempt stealing IDF equipment.

Israel Represented by Four of Ten Finalists in First UN Travel Tech Competition

Israeli startups Refundit, Pruvo, SeeVoov and Howazit captured four of the 10 finalist slots in the inaugural United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) startup competition. They bested 3,000 other applicants from 132 countries.

“This is a significant achievement for companies in the field of tourism technology in Israel, which position Israel as a global leader in the domain,” said Economy Minister Eli Cohen.

Run in partnership with Spain’s largest tourism corporation, Globalia, the competition aims to identify startups that will lead the transformation of the tourism sector.

The winner will design a pilot project with Globalia and its major brands, which include AirEuropa, Be Live and Travelplan. All 10 finalists will receive sponsored participation and networking opportunities at FITUR, the International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid on January 23-27, 2019.

Refundit of Tel Aviv (cofounded by Uri Levine of Waze fame) makes an app that makes it easy to file VAT refund requests before leaving a foreign country. It is being piloted in Belgium.

Pruvo of Haifa alerts users of lower prices for hotel bookings they’ve already made, and rebooks if they so choose.

SeeVoov of Omer is an interactive video travel-planning app that uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to create a video of places of interest and has a portal to make reservations.

Herzliya-based Howazit helps tourism businesses communicate better with customers with the goal of improving satisfaction, loyalty, engagement and sales.

(via Israel21c)

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