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The Daily TIP: At Mideast Conference in Warsaw, Netanyahu Meets Omani Foreign Minister

Posted by Tip Staff - February 13, 2019

At Mideast Conference in Warsaw, Netanyahu Meets Omani Foreign Minister
Precedent Setting UK Conviction for Spreading Holocaust Denial on the Internet Upheld
Venezuela's Interim Leader Guaido Seeks to Restore Ties with Israel
Finalist Kobi Marimi Sings "Let It Be" to Become Israel's Eurovision Representative

At Mideast Conference in Warsaw, Netanyahu Meets Omani Foreign Minister

As the United States- and Poland-sponsored conference on the Middle East started in Warsaw, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met publicly with Omani Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Netanyahu greeted bin Alawi and recalled his trip the Gulf nation last October, saying, "The courageous decision of Sultan Qaboos to invite me to Oman is changing the world. It’s pointing the way for many others to do what you said, not to be stuck in the past, but to seize the future."

The prime minister expressed his belief that "many are following this lead, and may I say, including in this conference."

The foreign minister responded, "This is an important and new vision for the future. People of the Middle East have suffered a lot because they are stuck to the past. This is a new era for the future and for prosperity for every nation."

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz announced earlier this week that, in addition to Israel, other Middle Eastern nations to be represented at the conference will include Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Tunisia.

Dore Gold, the former director-general of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained the significance of the Warsaw conference and how it would highlight the threat of Iran to the region.

“It’s not Israel in the front row, and Arab states secretly promoting an agenda to get Iran out of Syria,” Gold told The New York Times. “It’s overt, public, and only strengthens the case that Israel’s been making over the last year.”

An adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas dismissed the conference, characterizing it as "a huge American conspiracy against our people and their cause."

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Precedent Setting UK Conviction for Spreading Holocaust Denial on the Internet Upheld

An anti-Semitic amateur musician, who compared Auschwitz to a “theme park” and called the “gassing zone a proven hoax,” lost her court appeal on Wednesday against a criminal conviction she received in 2018 for spreading Holocaust denial on social media, The Daily Mail reported.

Judge Christopher Hehir, assisted by a lay magistrate, upheld the conviction over three songs in which Alison Chabloz denounced a supposed Jewish conspiracy to control the government and mocked the Holocaust.

This is the first conviction in Britain over Holocaust denial on the internet and sets a new precedent in British law.

Last year, Westminster Magistrates’ Court sentenced Chabloz to a 20-week suspended prison sentence, 180 hours of unpaid community service, and an order banning her from social media for 12 months. She was also ordered to pay a £115 ($148) victim surcharge and court costs of £600 ($771).

Alison Chabloz arrived at Southwark Crown Court on Wednesday wearing a “white pride” badge associated with neo-Nazi groups and the Ku Klux Klan.

When asked during the appeal if she thinks Jews are responsible for their own persecution, Chabloz charged that a “certain amount of evidence occurred throughout history” to support that view. She also described herself as a “revisionist,” and claimed Jewish deaths during the Holocaust were wildly exaggerated.

“Jews were deported, sent to camps but they were prisoner camps,” she said. “There’s no evidence of gas chambers. Gas chambers were used for disinfection purposes, as life-saving devices.” Chabloz also claimed that the Jewish community has disproportionate power and influence, saying that “Jews are over-represented in banking, finance, the media. There’s information that’s out there. 8% in the Houses of Parliament.”

Judge Hehir, in return, described Chabloz as “a Holocaust denier...she is manifestly antisemitic and obsessed with the wrongdoing of Jews.” He added that on the subject of the Holocaust, “she has lost all sense of perspective.”

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Venezuela's Interim Leader Guaido Seeks to Restore Ties with Israel

Venezuela's interim leader, Juan Guaido, said he's working to restore ties with Israel a decade after the country severed relations with the Jewish State in solidarity with the Palestinians, Reuters reported on Tuesday.

In an exclusive interview with Israel Hayom newspaper, Guaido said: "I am very happy to report that the process of stabilising relations with Israel is at its height,” adding, "First we'll restore the relations, then we'll announce the appointment of an ambassador to Israel, and we very much hope an envoy will come here from Israel.”

Guaido said he was also weighing whether to relocate Venezuela's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. "I will declare the resumption of ties and the site of the embassy at the proper time," he explained.

The announcement earned immediate praise from United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, who hailed the Jewish State for “standing with the people of Venezuela and the forces of freedom and democracy.”

Last month, Israel joined the U.S., Canada, and other nations in South America and Europe in recognizing Guaido as Venezuela’s interim leader. In a carefully worded statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared in a video, saying, “Israel joins the United States, Canada, most of the countries of Latin America and countries in Europe in recognizing the new leadership in Venezuela.”

Guaido's comments mark a sharp shift in Venezuelan foreign policy. Socialist President Nicolas Maduro, under whom the country has sunk into mass poverty, is a vitriolic critic of Israel. Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s former president, broke off ties with the Jewish State over its 2008-2009 war in Gaza and fostered ties with the Palestinians, as well as with Israel’s arch-enemy Iran.

Addressing the Jewish community’s reluctance to publicly endorse him, Guaido noted: “I have no doubt the Jews are afraid. Many in the military are similarly afraid to voice their opinion. This regime has no respect for the most basic right: the right to live."

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Finalist Kobi Marimi Sings "Let It Be" to Become Israel's Eurovision Representative

A stirring rendition of The Beatles’ “Let It Be” clinched the vote for 27-year-old Kobi Marimi Tuesday night as the Israeli representative at the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

Auditions have been taking place since November on the TV show “Rising Star for Eurovision.” The last show featured the final four hopefuls: Ketreyah Fouch, Shefita (Rotem Shefi), Maya Buskila and Marimi.

Marimi won most of the celebrity jury votes as well as the popular vote of the studio audience and home viewers.

He admitted afterward to some trepidation at the start of the process, “but the audience I was so afraid of at the end turned out to be the most loving and embracing thing in the world. So I learned to dare.”

Marimi had been eliminated during the quarter-finals but won a second chance after a knockout performance of Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

The Tel Aviv resident will be competing on his home turf. Israel is hostingthe 64th annual song contest by virtue of last year’s win by Netta Barzilaiwith the song “Toy.” Barzilai said Marimi was her favorite early on in the audition process.

Although Israel hosted the show two other times, in 1979 and 1999, this will be the first time it will be held outside Jerusalem. Between May 8 and 12, two semifinals and the final live broadcast will take place at the EXPO Tel Aviv International Convention Center.

Born and raised in the Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat Gan, Marimi began singing at the age of 13 and has appeared in several plays as well as with the Israeli Opera.

The other songs he performed in the Eurovision auditions were “Sweet Dreams,” “Jar of Hearts,” “Mad World,” “Fuego,” “Circle of Life,” “Diamonds,” “This Is Me,” “Russian Roulette” and “Always.”

The song Marimi will perform at the Eurovision Song Contest will be revealed during the Israeli TV Academy Awards ceremony on March 10. Israel has participated 41 times in Eurovision and won four times.

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