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The Daily TIP: At Med School Talk, Linda Sarsour Condemns Israel, Says Precious Little About Health

Posted by Tip Staff - February 25, 2019

At Med School Talk, Linda Sarsour Condemns Israel, Says Precious Little About Health
Report Finds that Corbyn Aide, Milne, Has Ties to Hamas
British Government Set to Outlaw All of Hezbollah, Including Its So-Called Political Wing
Israeli Peanut Snack, Bamba, Set to Sell Across the Globe

At Med School Talk, Linda Sarsour Condemns Israel, Says Precious Little About Health

Anti-Israel activist and Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour gave the keynote address at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Minority Health Conference on February 22. Many community members were baffled that the UNC Minority Health Conference extended an invitation to Sarsour to give the keynote address. As one UNC graduate student told me, “One would expect an academic conference on public health to focus on public health.”

During the second of two question and answer periods, Sarsour brought up Israel, stating, “One of the areas where we don’t agree with some of our friends in the Jewish community is on Israel-Palestine. And I’m Palestinian. And I believe and I support the boycott, divestment, sanctions movement, aka BDS…I do not believe that critiquing a state or a government is akin to anti-Semitism.”

In an attempt to rationalize this singling out of Israel, Sarsour said she often critiques the United States, as well. The moderator did not ask Sarsour if she was boycotting the United States or any other country besides Israel. Sarsour’s comments targeting Israel went unchallenged.

This gets to the heart of why so many view Sarsour as anti-Semitic. Sarsour publicly says she rejects anti-Semitism. She said so at UNC. And then she promotes boycotting Israel – the only Jewish-majority country on the planet. Sarsour’s feminism and intersectionality is obsessed with demonizing Israel. Sarsour has even declared that Zionists cannot be feminists, alienating many Jewish women. To put it simply, Sarsour holds Israel to a different standard – she treats Israel and supporters of Israel differently than everyone else.

During her keynote, Sarsour discussed the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, saying, “We rounded up our fellow Americans and put them into concentration camps on this U.S. soil.”

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Report Finds that Corbyn Aide, Milne, Has Ties to Hamas

An explosive investigative report from Britain’s Mail on Sunday has unearthed long-standing ties between a senior aide to the Labour Party’s embattled leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and terrorist organizations committed to the destruction of Israel.

The report details how Seumas Milne, the party’s head of strategy and communications, has for decades supported the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group which exercises complete political and military control over Gaza and aims to bring down the Jewish State.

Milne, the Mail claims, first met with members of the PLO on a trip to the Middle East when he was a student at Oxford University in 1977. In his writings, the former Guardian journalist has since expressed support for Palestinian terrorist organizations – the PLO and, more recently, Hamas.

The senior Labour aide, together with Corbyn, visited Hamas terror leaders during a 2010 trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories. Corbyn broke British parliamentary rules by failing to disclose the trip and later gushed over having had “a takeaway dinner” with Hamas chief Khaled Mashal in the parliament building in Gaza.

Asked about his senior aide’s links to the terrorist organization, which calls for the destruction of Israel by force, Corbyn said: “I don’t think it is appropriate for me to be quizzed on his individual views. He is a man of immense intellect and a scholar.”

Meanwhile, a prominent Jewish Labour MP, who spoke on condition for anonymity for fear of “death threats” by Corbyn supporters, told the Mail: “I think it’s evident to anyone who has been in the Parliamentary Labour Party for the past three years that Seumas Milne has an undue influence on events. It’s not just concerning – it’s appalling, especially over the issue of anti-Semitism.”

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British Government Set to Outlaw All of Hezbollah, Including Its So-Called Political Wing

Britain said on Monday it would ban the Iranian-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah in its entirety after Home Secretary Sajid Javid says authorities can no longer distinguish between the group's military and political wings, Reuters reported.

Hezbollah’s leaders have said on numerous occasions that while some Western governments separate between the two fractions of the group, the organization explicitly rejects such distinction.

“Hezbollah is continuing in its attempts to destabilise the fragile situation in the Middle East – and we are no longer able to distinguish between their already banned military wing and the political party,” Home Secretary (interior minister) Sajid Javid said.

“Because of this, I have taken the decision to proscribe the group in its entirety,” he added in a statement.

Javid, a staunch ally of the Jewish community, is acting upon an assessment by the Home Office, which says Hezbollah “is committed to armed resistance to the state of Israel and aims to seize all Palestinian territories and Jerusalem from Israel.” The Home Secretary is believed to also have received support for his decision from Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. The minister labeled Hezbollah an “outrageous, disgusting” organization.

Britain proscribed Hezbollah's external security unit and its military wing in 2001 and 2008, respectively, but fell short of outlawing the entire organization. The false distinction has allowed protesters at anti-Israel and pro-Iran rallies around Britain to wave the rifle-emblazoned yellow Hezbollah flag openly.

In an op-ed published in the Tower after the 2017 annual Al Quds March in London, TIP Senior Fellow, Julie Lenarz, wrote: “While Hezbollah sympathizers marched through the streets without interruption, police demanded that anti-terrorist protesters move out of the way. The extremists were rewarded. The terrified public punished. Evidence of a truly broken moral compass.”

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Israeli Peanut Snack, Bamba, Set to Sell Across the Globe

Israeli snack-food empire Osem has doubled production of Bamba, its bestselling crunchy peanut snack, making it available in major overseas retailers such as Walmart.

Consumer surveys show that Bamba already is found in virtually every Israeli home. And it has been sold for years in kosher markets and specialty shops abroad through Osem USA and Osem UK.

Now the snack is sold at Walmart in the United States, announced Osem Group CEO Avi Ben-Assayag at the grand opening of the third Bamba production facility – a $55 million, 16,000-square-meter factory in Kiryat Gat.

“Thanks to the factory we are inaugurating today, we will be able to double production capacity and provide for demand in Israel and the increasing demand for Bamba in the US,” Ben-Assayag said.

Additional US and European retail chains will stock Bamba in the coming months, he added.

“When we invented Bamba 55 years ago, we never thought it would become the best-selling snack in Israel or that it would attract such interest abroad as well,” said Osem Group Chairman Dan Propper.

Actually, Bamba was first produced in 1964 with a cheese flavor but within two years the cheese was replaced with peanut butter – the winning flavor that has made Bamba part of Israeli culture.

Peanuts comprise 50 percent of the savory snack (it also contains corn, salt, oil, vitamins and minerals) largely credited with making Israeli kids impervious to peanut allergies. Two years ago, the US National Institutes of Health recommended giving Bamba to babies with allergic tendencies as preventative measure.

The Bamba product line also includes chocolate nougat and halva filled, sweet strawberry, and gluten-free varieties.

(via Israel21c)

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