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Hamas is stealing any chance Israel and the Palestinians have at peace. 

In Gaza, Hamas is sending human shields to die for its "Right of Return" riot while launching rockets at Israeli families and firebombing Israeli farms across the border. 

Hamas terrorists have tried to invade Israel because Hamas rejects peace and rejects Israel's right to exist. The media calls it a "protest" – but Hamas leaders said the plan was to “tear down that border and tear out (Israeli's) hearts from their bodies.”

Ten years ago, Hamas took over Gaza in a bloody coup. In ten years, Hamas has:

  • Shot thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians
  • Provoked 3 wars
  • Stolen BILLIONS in foreign aid from Gaza’s people to line the pockets of Hamas leaders and build terror tunnels to attack Israel.

The biggest victims are Palestinian children. Hamas controls Gaza schools – and uses them as terror training camps to brainwash the next generation and destroy any chance at peace. At Kindergarten graduations, children dress up as terrorists and pledge to “kill Jews”. 

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince has called on Palestinian leaders to make peace. The US is readying a new peace plan. The world wants peace – but Hamas refuses to accept a two-state solution and refuses to accept any future where Israel exists.

After a decade of Hamas terror rockets, kidnappings, and slaughter, it’s time the international community stand up and say “Enough blood. Enough with Hamas." 

Don’t let Hamas steal the chance for peace.

Add your name to demand the international community give Israel a chance at peace and free the Palestinian people from Hamas. 

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