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The development of the 24/7 news cycle and social media platforms has changed the way the world consumes information. Every year, more and more Americans get their news from social media. Competition is no longer about beating other news stories – to get noticed in the public conversation it’s all about going viral.

To break through the noise, The Israel Project has developed a cutting edge production shop to inform the 21st century media and public conversation. Using videos, memes, infographics and other original productions – TIP is ensuring social media users know the truth about Israel and the Middle East.

Future Media Project

Our initial launch of the Future Media Project occurred in April, 2016 with the Facebook page Cup of Jane. Serving the young women’s community, it has built up over 450,000 followers in that short time.

Check it out at Cup Of Jane

Since then, we have launched multiple communities including HistoryBites for history fans, This Explains That for news junkies and We Only Have One Earth for environmentally-minded folks

The Future Media Project hopes to learn from the rapidly changing social media environment and pursue new ways to engage with different communities.

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