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PHOTOS: HUJI Election Debate

- January 09, 2013

With two weeks left until Israelis go to the polls, The Israel Project (TIP), in conjunction with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI), hosted a foreign policy debate on January 8th with representatives from major political parties. Some 300 members of the foreign media, diplomatic community and HUJI student body braved stormy weather conditions to pack the Truman Hall for the first English-language U.S. presidential-style election debate, during which time candidates presented their parties’ positions on foreign policy initiatives, including the threat of a nuclear Iran, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the U.S.-Israel relationship and Israel's role in a changing Middle East. Moderated by TIP’s Israel Director Marcus Sheff, the four senior candidates representing the parties making the headlines were: Yitzhak Herzog (Labor); Naftali Bennett (Habayit Hayehudi – Jewish Home); Tzachi Hanegbi (Likud-Beiteinu) and Yaakov Peri (Yesh Atid). Only Amram Mitzna (Hatnua) was a casualty of the weather.

View Video Excerpts:

HUJI Election Debate: Peace Process

HUJI Election Debate: Middle East Region

HUJI Election Debate: Iran

For more information about the substance discussed during the debate: TIP Election Debate: Candidates Emphasize Global Iran Threat

Yaakov Peri, Yesh Atid
8362086330_dc759ed60b_z Tzachi Hanegbi, Likud - Yisrael Beitenu
8361984768_2d62d02c72_z Isaac Herzog, Labor
8361984600_e722b88167_z Naftali Bennet, Habayit Hayehudi
8360537145_27ea29afaa_z Senior representatives of Israel’s major political parties
addressing journalists and diplomats at The Israel Project’s
pre-election foreign-policy debate.

TIP's Collection from the HUJI Election Debate

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