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Palestinian Terrorist Attempts Attack on Tel Aviv Nightclub

- August 29, 2011

Jerusalem, Aug. 29 – A knife-wielding Palestinian man from the West Bank, targeting more than 2,000 teens at a Tel Aviv nightclub early Monday morning, crashed a stolen taxi into a barrier outside the facility and inured eight Israeli border police securing the area. One officer was seriously wounded and two others moderately by the time police subdued the perpetrator.

The incident occurred just after 1:30 a.m. local time in the southern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Florentine. The attacker, a 20-year-old from Nablus, was treated for light injuries and taken into custody for questioning. Police have determined the attack was premeditated; no group has claimed responsibility.

Before attempting to carry out the attack on the nightclub, the man stabbed a taxi driver in the hand and stole the driver’s car. As he began his stabbing rampage in front of the nightclub, he shouted AllahuAkbar (Arabic for “God is great”).

“We are discovering that he planned the act in advance," Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino said."Tonight's event gives us additional proof that that terrorists are still motivated to carry out attacks.”

The incident was the second terrorist attack in a month that also has been filled with barrages of rocket attacks emanating from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. On Aug. 18, eight people were killed in a coordinated series of gun and missile attacks on Israelis traveling just north of the Israeli resort town of Eilat near the Egyptian border.

Two days later, rocket strikes killed two Israelis in Beersheba, Israel’s southern capital of 200,000. In one strike, terrorists mistakenly hit a town in Egypt, injuring an Egyptian woman. According to a count by The Israel Project, terrorists in Gaza have launched about 520 rockets, missiles and mortars at Israel since January, well over twice the number during all of 2010.

The attacks have occurred despite two ceasefires declared by Gaza-based Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Terrorists violated the first ceasefire, which they announced Aug. 21, by firing a barrage of rockets and mortars at Israel. The second ceasefire, which Palestinian Islamic Jihad declared Aug. 26, was broken the same day by terrorists launching two rockets at Israel and three more since then.

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