No Cash For Terror

World governments give the Palestinians millions in aid every year.

The Palestinian government uses its funds to pay terrorists for their crimes.


A senior Palestinian official has rejected the demand that his government stop paying a salary to terrorists and their families as “insane.”

No, paying a salary to terrorists that murder innocents is insane. Even more insane is tax-paying citizens all over the world paying for it.

The U.S. government has given the Palestinian Authority about $300 million a year. According to the PA’s online budget, it pays the same amount to terrorists and their families as a reward for their crimes. 

This includes terrorists who murder Americans, like the terrorist who killed West Point graduate and Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Taylor Force in Tel Aviv last year.

Our thoughts are with the victims of terror and their families. We will never stop fighting until terrorists are no longer paid to cause such unimaginable pain.

Join us and tell world governments to demand the Palestinians stop paying terrorists.

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