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Netanyahu: Nuclear Iran is Bad for All

- November 01, 2011

Jerusalem, Nov. 1 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the regional instability caused by the Arab Spring was increasing the threats posed by Iran.

Speaking at the start of the new winter parliament session, Netanyahu said Iran would try to exploit emerging new Arab regimes, which are being dominated by extremist Islamist groups.

“A nuclear Iran would pose a terrible threat on the Middle East and on the entire world.  And of course, it poses a great, direct threat on [Israel] too,” said Netanyahu.

The Israeli daily Haaretz reported Tuesday that Israel sent a classified Israeli cable to ambassadors serving in dozens of Western countries saying that Iran had made significant progress in uranium enrichment.

"The Iranian program is military, and in light of International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] reports, there is an increased fear that the Iranians are developing a nuclear warhead for ballistic missiles,” the cable stated.

The Israeli diplomatic alert comes ahead of an IAEA report expected to be released on November 8 that will reveal “new details about the scope of Iran’s nuclear program,” Haaretz added.

The United Nations passed several rounds of economic and arms sanctions against Iran, because of Tehran’s failure to comply with U.N. resolutions to halt its nuclear program. The new IAEA report may prove that Iran is indeed trying to build nuclear bombs.

The news also comes on the heels of an alleged Iranian plot to murder the Saudi Arabian ambassador in Washington, DC and to blow up the Saudi and Israeli embassies there.

Iranian leaders have stated that Israel needs to be “wiped” from the map. Iran also funds Gaza terror organizations including Hamas and Islamic Jihad; the latter said it fired dozens of rockets at Israeli towns this week.

In Jerusalem, United States Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro said the U.S. shared in “the determination to prevent Iran from determining nuclear weapons.”

Shapiro said the Iranian threats were not just nuclear, but also included “the smuggling of weapons into Gaza by Hamas and other terrorist organizations for use against Israeli civilians.”

Earlier this year the New York Times reported that for the first time the IAEA stated that it “possesses evidence that Tehran has conducted work on a highly sophisticated nuclear triggering technology that experts said could be used for only one purpose: setting off a nuclear weapon.”

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