Our Mission

Founded in 2002, The Israel Project (TIP) is a non-partisan American educational organization dedicated to informing the media and public conversation about Israel and the Middle East.

TIP is the only organization dedicated to changing people’s minds about Israel through cutting-edge strategic communications. We don’t attack the media, we become a trusted partner and resource – bringing integrity and facts to the coverage using proven strategies like building relationships, testing messages and giving journalists everything they need to get the story right.

TIP changes the way thousands of media reports appear every year.

As the way people consume news has changed, we’ve changed with it – adding platforms of our own to get people talking and take command of the conversation. It’s working. Our messages were seen more than 2 BILLION times on Facebook alone last year.

Our_mission_inside.jpgA one-stop source for detailed and accurate information, TIP provides facts to press, policymakers and the public on issues affecting Israel and the Middle East, the Jewish people and America’s interests in the Middle East. TIP does not lobby and is not connected to any government. TIP informs, providing access to experts and keen analysis. We offer real-time background information, images, maps, audio, video, graphics and direct access to newsmakers. TIP organizes press briefings and speaker tours, conference calls and educational trips, supports non-profit journalism, conducts public affairs research and adheres to the highest possible standards of accuracy and reliability.

TheTower.org is the official website of The Tower and The Tower Magazine, The Israel Project’s publishing platform. Readers of the TheTower.org get the benefit of daily fact-based reporting and analysis from our reporters and writers based in the Middle East and Washington D.C., along with the monthly in-depth content of The Tower Magazine. Each weekday, TheTower.org features reporting and analysis of geopolitical, security, economic, social and other events and trends affecting the Middle East and America’s interests in the region.

Newsweek/Daily Beast calls TheTower.org “an indispensable new English-language source on Israel and the Middle East.” The Tower: You Can See The Whole Middle East From Here. 

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