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Looking ahead to President Obama's trip to Israel: Perspectives from Israel and the United States

The Israel Project held a briefing with Israel’s Ambassador to the United State Michael Oren in preparation for President Obama’s trip to Israel. Several prominent journalists were on hand to hear his Excellency cover U.S.-Israel relations, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Palestinians and the relationship between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli Embassy released two on-record quotes attributable to Oren from the briefing: 

On Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons: 

"Think of the Iranian nuclear weapons program as a horse race: Now, when the bell goes off, a single horse might be able to gallop out of the gate and run a full track in front of spectators. The Iranian regime, though, wants to unleash 20 horses out of the gate, at the same time, running a shorter track that is invisible because it is underground." 

On the President's interview on Israeli television: 

"We appreciate the president's reaffirmed commitment to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and to keeping all options on the table. The United States and Israel see many of the same facts about the Iranian nuclear program and draw many similar conclusions. I'll just recall what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the United Nations General Assembly last September--the key question is not when Iran will have a bomb but only when we can no longer prevent Iran from having a bomb."

March 15, 2013 at 12pm - 2pm

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