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ISIS praises terror attacks, joining Palestinian Authority in inciting violence

Posted by Albert Gersh - October 20, 2015


Some observers are beginning to call the latest upsurge in violence “the ISIS uprising,” according to Newsweek, as ISIS released a series of propaganda videos on Sunday praising the latest terror attacks and calling for more. The videos urge Palestinians to “return terror to the Jews” and to use any means at their disposal to carry out attacks, including knives, vehicles, poison and explosives. The terrorist responsible for the attack on Sunday at the Beersheba central bus station that killed an IDF soldier and injured 11 people was inspired by ISIS. The title of one of the videos released by ISIS is “Project Behead the Jews” and in another video, the speaker says “we will not enjoy our lives or take pleasure with a lavish abode until we liberate Al-Aqsa from the defilement of the sons of apes and pigs.”

Rhetoric comparing Jews to apes and pigs has also appeared in Palestinian Authority media outlets.  The official social media accounts of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ political party, Fatah, glorify martyrdom and terror. On its Facebook page, Fatah posted an image with burning tires, a kufiya-clad youth throwing rocks, and a knife with the phrase “#third intifada.” During Abbas’ speech last Thursday, he exalted “the martyrs” and accused Israel of engaging in terrorism and executing Palestinian children. The PA has also spread rumors that Israel plans to change the status quo on the Temple Mount and undermine the al-Aqsa mosque, and these falsehoods have fueled the violence. Abbas has refused to condemn terror attacks against Israelis, with the exception of the arson attack on Joseph’s Tomb. On Saturday, the deputy secretary-general of Fatah’s Central Committee Jibril Rajoub openly praised the terror attacks, including one on a Jerusalem bus last week, as “heroic, characterized by self-control and a value system.”


Bedouin leaders have condemned the “despicable” terrorist attack committed on Sunday by a young Bedouin man at the Beersheba bus station.The Times of Israel reported more:

“Following [Sunday’s] terrorist attack at the Beersheba central bus station in which two innocent people lost their lives, we utterly and unreservedly condemn this despicable act and reject violence of any sort,” Hura Mayor Mohammed Alnabari said in a statement as community leaders gathered for an urgent meeting.

“Although, contrary to reports in the media, the terrorist is not a resident of Hura, we condemn this act on behalf of the entire Bedouin society and wish to make clear that you cannot be both a terrorist and a citizen of the country; the two are inherently contradictory,” he continued.

“We call upon all the residents of the Negev, Arabs and Jews, to preserve and protect the relations between the two peoples for the benefit of us all. We pray for better and quieter days in which all the citizens of the country live together in peace.”

Although 21-year-old assailant Muhanad Alukabi told a co-worker that he was a strong believer in the Islamic State terrorist group, his father Khalil disassociated himself from his son’s actions. “This is an individual act carried out by my son on his own accord,” he said. “We are against violence.”

Nuri Alukabi, another relative of the terrorist, indicated that the family had grievances toward the state, “but that does not justify violence.”

“His family is not known as a family that encourages acts of terrorism,” Talal al-Krenawi, the mayor of the nearby Bedouin town of Rahat, told Channel 2. “The head of their family, Sheikh Alukabi, helped establish this state. This is why we are even more shocked; we really cannot comprehend it.” The Bedouin community opposes terror, al-Krenawi said, adding that “We live in the Negev, Bedouins and Jews, as brothers.”

In contrast to the Bedouin leaders, Palestinian Football Association chairman and possible Palestinian Authority presidential successor Jibril Rajoub called the terror attack an “act of heroism.” (via TheTower.org)

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