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In Israel, Yazidi Survivor Expresses Admiration of Jews, Asks for Recognition of Genocide

Posted by Tip Staff - July 25, 2017

In Israel, Yazidi Survivor Expresses Admiration of Jews, Asks for Recognition of Genocide
Hezbollah, Backed by Lebanese Military, Claims Advances Near Syrian Border
Getting Away With Murder: Palestinian Terrorism and the Culpability of the Int'l Community Innovative Israeli Youth Group Includes Special Needs Children

In Israel, Yazidi Survivor Expresses Admiration of Jews, Asks for Recognition of Genocide

Nadia Murad, a Yazidi survivor of Islamic State captivity and UN goodwill ambassador, visited the Israeli Knesset on Monday to raise awareness for the plight of her people and explain how it relates to Jewish suffering during the Holocaust.

“My visit here today is to ask you to recognize the genocide being committed against my people, in light of our peoples’ common history of genocide," Murad told a gathering at the Israeli parliament, The Times of Israel reported.

She also expressed her admiration of Jewish resilience in the face of annihilation. “The Jews and the Yazidis share a common history of genocide that has shaped the identity of our peoples, but we must transform our pain into action,” she said, adding “I respect how you rebuilt a global Jewish community in the wake of genocide. This is a journey that lies ahead of my community.”

In August 2014, Murad was captured in her village of Kocho in northern Iraq by Islamic State fighters. Before she was sold and abused as a slave, she saw six of her brothers killed and her mother executed for being too old to serve as a slave. Islamic State propaganda refers to the indigenous Yazidi people as “devil worshippers” and “unbelievers” unworthy of life.

"Before this genocide, I had little information on the Jewish community because we don't have many Jewish people in Iraq," Murad told The Jerusalem Post.

Hezbollah, Backed by Lebanese Military, Claims Advances Near Syrian Border

The Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah recently claimed several victories against Sunni jihadists in the Lebanon-Syria border region, with the help of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF).

Since launching its offensive on Friday, the Iranian proxy shared multiple videos documenting its advances, the Long War Journal reported. In one clip, its fighters are seen capturing a hill outside the northeastern Lebanese town of Arsal. In another, Hezbollah fighters and Syrian troops are seen beating back Sunni jihadists in Syria's western Qalamoun district.

Hezbollah also claimed to have captured the Syrian town of Fleita and surrounding areas with the Syrian army.

While the group released several infographics showing its progress, these don't show the positions of the LAF. However, an English translation of one graph by the Beirut-based The Daily Star does mark LAF positions.

Despite denials by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who is in Washington asking the United States to maintain its funding of the LAF, evidence shows that "the LAF is coordinating its efforts near Arsal with the Hezbollah-led offensive on the border," which includes the regime of Bashar al Assad, the Long War Journal noted.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun, an ally of Hezbollah, said in an interview earlier this year that “As long as the Lebanese army is not strong enough to battle Israel … we feel the need for [Hezbollah’s] existence." He added that Hezbollah “has a complementary role to the Lebanese army.”

Getting Away With Murder: Palestinian Terrorism and the Culpability of the Int'l Community

The metal detectors have come down. Since this was never about metal detectors, it comes as no surprise that tensions have yet to subside.

Muslim leaders have instructed worshippers to continue to stay away from the Temple Mount. The Waqf, the Islamic Trust that governs the compound, says it will ‘conduct a study’ about restarting visits, with Sheikh Raed Dana saying, “We as Waqf listen to the street. The street says yes and we say yes; if the street says no, we will say no.”

And what of the political leadership? President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party called for a day of rage and two days later a terrorist broke in the Salomon family home in Halamish and brutally murdered three members of the family. Afterwards, Fatah praised the attack, and issued a statement declaring, “[The] campaign for Jerusalem has effectively begun, and will not stop until a Palestinian victory and the release of the holy sites from Israeli occupation.”

Campaign for Jerusalem? Jerusalem and the Temple Mount are free. In fact, they are far freer to Muslims than to Jews. Any person of any religion can visit the Temple Mount, but only Muslims are permitted to pray atop the site.

These inconvenient truths have been conveniently overlooked by international organizations, like Human Rights Watch that have written tomes condemning Israel for purported human rights violations, but have yet to utter a word of condemnation about the Salomon massacre.

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Innovative Israeli Youth Group Includes Special Needs Children

A single mother in Ashkelon brought her child to the local branch of Krembo Wings, a unique Israeli youth movement run by kids for kids with special needs. But unlike the other parents, she didn’t leave after dropping off her daughter.

“I asked her, ‘Why are you still here? Go have coffee with your friends,’” relates Merav Boaz, senior vice president of Krembo Wings.

“My daughter is 11 years old and I’ve never been apart from her,” the woman told Boaz. “I don’t remember what I used to do. All my friends are gone; they don’t understand what I’m going through. I am all alone.”

Boaz introduced her to a mother in a similar situation in the nearby city of Ashdod. The two became friends, as did their daughters. Now the moms enjoy a few hours together once a week while the girls are at their respective Krembo Wings meetings.

Founded in 2002, Krembo Wings is the only inclusive youth movement in Israel for children and teens with and without disabilities.

Today, Krembo Wings has 63 branches across Israel with about 6,000 members aged 7 to 21 from all cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. Two-thirds of that number is counselors – each child gets two counselors — who wear the same uniform and pay the same membership fee as the kids they lead.

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